keskiviikko 30. toukokuuta 2012



Sommertime ...
and living is easy ...
Time for boring garden pics.



Flowers are gone but the beauty stays.


Heckenschere, elektrisch, jeaaaah.

Roses along our street?

Yes, a lot of roses.

Rosy it is, indeed!

art exhibition in Kassel will start on 1.6.
Let's start planning.
Like let's understand these statements ...

dOCUMENTA has pretty cool internet page:

tiistai 29. toukokuuta 2012

Mönchberg rocks!


Hi guys, Yoschie's RED HOT BEFFY PEPPERS 
Chili con Carne is ready,
Würsteln brutzeln auch,
welcome to the celebration!

Yoschie's fantastic birthday party
took place in his hometown Mönchberg.

Yes, it was a great nite with a lot of music.
Schmitt Kids in Black Eyed Peas action. 

Birthday boy on stage! Super performance.

Rockin' Trio.

Mustang Sally the ultimative party song!
Tuija gets the crowds singing, too.

Third band at midnite ... 
... Oderazzi missed disco dancing and the police.

Thanx again Yoschie!

lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2012

Ode's Kitchen

What's cooking in Ode's kitchen ...?
Well, this time it were the old LP's.

Bowling? NO, bowls.
Handmade. Handburned.

In Ode's kitchen no cooking, but creative working.

All you need is old records from the garbage,
a glass vase and a hot air gun.

Kind of cool collection of bowls.
Or, whatever you call them.

Music from the past.

perjantai 25. toukokuuta 2012



Es ist jetzt Pfingstrosen- und Hortensienzeit.
Wish I could create such nice table decorations!

Classy event location in Frankfurt-Nordend-Ost:

Durch die Lage am Günthersburgpark ist die ‘Orangerie’ 
eine Art Kleinod mitten in der Stadt. 
1855 von Mayer Carl von Rothschild erbaut, 
diente diese als Schutzhütte für exotische Pflanzen und Bäume. 
Nach aufwändiger Sanierung im Jahr 2004 erstrahlt diese nun wieder 
in Ihrem ursprünglichen Glanz. 
Die Orangerie bietet einen ganz eigenen und besonderen Rahmen 
für außergewöhnliche und hochwertige Events. 
In dem ca. 200 m² großen Raum können Veranstaltungen 
vielfältigster Art duchgeführt werden - vom Business-Breakfast 
oder Get-together bis hin zu kleineren Gala-Veranstaltungen 
mit gesetztem Essen bis 100 Personen.

There is also a stage, in between we were entertained
by singer Ingrid El Sigai and pianist Markus Neumeyer.

Orangerie kind of looks like ... a church ... hm ... Wikipedia says: 

Die zuvor erhaltengebliebene Rothschildsche Orangerie 
erhielt im Zweiten Weltkrieg bei Luftangriffen auf Frankfurt schwere Schäden, 
wurde nach dem Krieg jedoch wiederhergestellt und diente ab 1950 
unter dem Namen Gnadenkirche als Gotteshaus. 

Last nite ACATIS celebrated there 15 years of success!
Was one of my housewife duty nites, survived best behind the camera ...

Just in front of the Orangerie people play boule/petanque.
Get the French flair in Frankfurt, get your bones to Günthersburgpark!
Enjoy summer.

keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

Hot Jazz


Testing ... my roses.

Posting this close to midnite,
the weather is mellow, the city has calmed down, the river is like a mirror.
After a cool jazz concert what a landing.

maanantai 21. toukokuuta 2012

Rosy times

Here again some boring garden pics.

Orangerie of Moet Chandon, the one with the dots above the e.
Avenue de la Champagne, Epernay.

Did you know why they plant roses next to wine?
I didn't but now I know.
Reisen bildet.

Reims tram culture.
No roses but green stuff, very nice.

Pretty green also the view from our room.

It's still May, some trees are still pretty bald.

In my garden climbing rose has started to bloom.

As well as the English rose.

Pretty as usual.

This rhodo survived the cold winter.

And now it's hunting time: 
there is a little baby rabbit running around in our garden.
Anybody for bunnyrunning?

sunnuntai 20. toukokuuta 2012



Champagne - bubbly business.

Champagne - cute bed and breakfast possibilities!
Ours in Chassins:

Nicely decorated. But why did they forget doors for the bathrooms?

Cute bath accessoires!

Great room service!

In the small village of Dormans even croque madame toast is served with class.

Get this capsule collecting!

Capsules in all designs.

Capusules in all materials, like chocolate.

Capsules in a box.
Our cave visit day in Epernay, Capital of Champagne started with Mercier,
where you travel by a little train through the caves.

Sexy promoter Scarlett Johansen for Moet and Chandon,
e with the dots.

 We did a guided tour there, too.

In the famous Avenue de la Champagne the next degustation.

Champagne is business in all areas.

Village of Dormans in the Marne Valley.

Champagne tasting at noon ...

Not forgetting the capsules.

Champagne corks ... well, chocolate pralines.

Reims - the champagne city with THE cathedral.
Worth visiting. 

Champagne landscape in May. 

Personalize your champagne!

Bubbly business.

This book was our inspiration for the girls' tour,
as fas as I know only published in Finnish.

Merci beaucoup Sirpa!