tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2012

Top of the world

One of the oldest holiday resorts in the world:

"St. Moritz owes its original fame to its therapeutic springs,
which have been known for almost 3,500 years and were first recorded in 1466 BC.
The resort was visited by summer spa guests as early as the Middle Ages.
In 1519, Pope Leo X actually granted total absolution to every religious St. Moritz spa guest.
Unbelievable but true: in 1830 St. Moritz had only 200 inhabitants."

"The delightful harmony of the Upper Engadin landscape with around 90 mountain lakes,
the famous "champagne climate" and the strong Engadin sun
are the assets that really create the St. Moritz appeal."

Corner of the famous Palace hotel.
Just google and read the stories ... amazing.

Katolische Kirche.
We are very close to Italy. Parlano italiano!

Cute bus stops!

This is St. Moritz, too.

The idyllic village of Champfèr.
View from "our" flat.

Buddhist decoration at the church square of Champfèr.

Perfect timing: St. Moritz Gourmet Festival just now,
one of the participating restaurants is in Champfèr!
With CHF 1655 package price for three days you can join the festival ...
check more in:

What does a desperate housewife do here?
Go cross country skiing, there are nice slopes.

maanantai 30. tammikuuta 2012

Sport ...

* * * * *
Skiing can be soooooo exhausting ...

sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

St. Moritz

Impressions of our first three skiing days.

St. Moritz Dorf to be seen down in the valley.
Polo World Cup on Snow ... cancelled? Postponed?
The ice on the lake is too thin, winter has been too warm until now.

Kein Bock? Dooooch ... skiiiiii fuahren ....!

Good timing, not many people, no waiting lines, lovely slopes.

Perfect weather conditions.

Awesome sceneries.

One more week to enjoy!

keskiviikko 25. tammikuuta 2012


FB:stä löytää joskus tosi hassunhauskoja juttuja.
Meinasin ensin pyyhkiä noi vastaukset vex, mutta ... en sittenkään.

tiistai 24. tammikuuta 2012

Bubbly days

Bubbly times this week,
Paola, Costi, Hubby, Jüüsche, Lizzie

lauantai 21. tammikuuta 2012

Berlin ist immer eine Reise wert

Whatever reasons you have when you travel to Berlin,
try to explore the streets outside the hip areas.
Like the Karl-Marx-Allee. Coolest DDR-architecture.

The famous Moscow building.

The MOSKAU is listed in the National Register of Historic Places
at the East Berlin Karl- Marx-Allee and is now event- and meeting location
in the style of the GDR Modernism in the 60s.
Its very central location near to Alexanderplatz
allows a very comfortable reachability for all guests.

One of the most famous Finnish designers J Rintala had his show here.
Nur für Fachbesucher.
Oderazzi this time incognito in town - no entrance.
Next time we'll be there with presse-id's!

Not rellay. Tourist crap at Brandenburger Tor.

No crap at all,
this is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.
... a place for remembrance and commemoration of six million victims.

Orte der Erinnerung.

Berlin Wall memorial ...

... covered with chewing gum!

So many Berlin restaurants have this French appeal,
big windows showing the elegant interior.

This is the "Geheimtipp" number one,
if you like to enjoy local food in local ambiance.

What a great shop!
It is actually a book shop .... Dussmann Kulturhaus.
Great collection of everything.
To be found round the corner of the FINNLAND INSTITUT.

Check Kreuzberg!

Luin netti-Hesaria juuri sopoivasti Berliinin-päivän vikana aamuna:

"Performanssitaiteilijan boheemi Neukölln"
Tiistaisin ja perjantaisin Maybachufer-katu
täyttyy turkkilaisista kangas- ja vihanneskauppiaista.
Markkinat ovat Kreutzbergiä ja Neuköllniä erottavan kanavan varrella,
Neuköllnin puolella.
Täällä metri kangasta maksaa kaksi euroa ja vihanneksia saa pikkurahalla.

Seen in the DDR-Museum!

PS. PÖLLÖ beer in Berlin ... on it's way to Frankfurt 2014.

Suomenkielisiltä sivuilta selviää esimerkiksi
milloin Pöllöä saa taas Hesassa Syystoberilla:

sunnuntai 15. tammikuuta 2012

Frankfurt ist Ansichtssache

Den tollen Titel habe ich von einem facebook Freund geklaut,
er fotografiert Frankfurt aus aussergewöhnlichen Blickwinkeln.
Ich habe ganz gewöhnliche Ecken verewigt.

Frankfurt skyline on Thursday by iPhone,
unfortunately did not have my bigger camera with me,
the blue hour was kind of cool.

On Friday afternoon then biking at Main with our big Canon.

Frankfurter Fassaden Nummer 1: Hotel Interconti.

Frankfurter Fassaden Nummer 2: Äppler Hochhaus,
von Schneider & Schumacher, check exhibition in architecture museum:

Frankfurter Fassaden Nummer 3a: Zentralbank mit Commerz.

Frankfurter Fassaden Nummer 3b: EZB Neubau wird glasiert!

Frankfurter Fassaden Nummer 9999999 ... at river Main.
Was isses? Keene Aahnung.

Nr 4 is kind of a boat, on the lower right hand side.

Good nite.

perjantai 13. tammikuuta 2012


Die ersten 13 Krokusse zeigen sich am Freitag den 13en!

Schnee, jetzt brauchst du nicht mehr zu kommen.
Wir sagen auf Wiedersehen Winter,
erst im nächsten Jahr bringst du den Schnee nach FRA.

torstai 12. tammikuuta 2012


Lady of leisure, desperate hairwife ...!
Well, somehow I got that mess staigthened ...
... was invited to the lunch meeting of IWF

International Women's Club of Frankfurt
and what an honourable seat I had: at the table of the President


and next to the Institutsleiterin des Finnland Instituts, Berlin,
who held an amazing speech.
Thanks Tiina for your kind invitation.

Important part of the programme was the MARIMEKKO fashion show
where IWC members did a great job on the catwalk.

Tasaraita rules ... even today, it did rule Finnland when I started school.
It does not rule my life anymore.

Finnisch für Anfänger:
TASA/TASAINEN = eben/even
RAITA = Streife/stripe

I prefer more organic patterns, like these.
Seeds waiting for spring to start!

lauantai 7. tammikuuta 2012

Bye bye xmas

Thank you / Danke / Kiitos
for all the Christmas cards you sent us this year, 30 it was.
Thank you also for the e-greetings.
And sorry if this year my card/greeting did not reach you on time.
Or at all. Nothing personal.

The best self-made card, again, from Toivio family, kiitos,
and the best colour matching card from Murtsis.

"Ja hyvä, lämmin, hellä on mieli jokaisen.
Oi jospa ihmisellä ois joulu ainainen,
oi jospa ihmisellä ois joulu ainainen."

This Finnish Christmas carol ends with the wish
that Christmas would stay forever.
Fare enough, but people, please,
let's do some quality check on the xmas decoration:
would you really want to look at these trees 12 months ...? Really?
Seen in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen this week.

tiistai 3. tammikuuta 2012

Weg von LH

Und ihr fragt noch warum ich gekündigt habe!
Ich glaube an Werbung. Diesen Satz finde ich in unserer Strasse, na toll.

Na ja.

Aber noch eine Frage:
wo hält er seine Hand ...???
Ojeeee ... Werbung kann lustig sein!
Enjoy life!

Auf wiedersehen .... moido!