perjantai 28. joulukuuta 2012

Weisse Weihnacht


Finally my RAHAPUU is blossoming!

Outdoors the Christrose is also going on strong.

Helleborus niger, commonly called Christmas rose or black hellebore, 
is an evergreen perennial flowering plant in the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae
It is poisonous.

Although the flowers resemble wild roses (and despite its common name), 
Christmas rose does not belong to the rose family (Rosaceae).

Weisse Weihnacht' auch auf der Strasse ...

Kind of artistic as well, this street art in front of our building.

Probably flown down from this building site over the hoidays.
Soon we're gonna have a supermarket just opposite.

Thanks friends for your beautiful Christmas cards and warm greetings!
My this year's favourite card came from Helsinki,
not sure if always busy Kaisu really made it herself but the idea is good.

Porsaita äidin oomme kaikki, oomme kaikki, oomme kaikki
Porsaita äidin oomme kaikki, oomme kaikki, kaikki
Sinä ja minä, sinä ja minä!

Mum's little piggies all together, a
ll together, all together
Mum's little piggies all together, a
ll together, the lot.
That's you, and me, too
That's you, and me, too.

torstai 27. joulukuuta 2012

Skiing in Swizzera


Home made cooking. Gruss nach Roma!

Cosy decoration in a Corvatsch lunch place.

Cosy advertisement .. don't worry! Wow.

A cosy German tv-team found us ... well, EL found them in the gondola.
Check Mittagsmagazin in the beginning of January ...

On cosy Corvatsch hill we gave fluent interviews.

Even the 7 years old Nintsukka was interviewed.

Only when Hanna-Maaria, our singer girl spoke
the extra light was brought into the game ... hm ...

Check more of Hanna-Maaria:

Tasty raclette lunch.

Pretty high up!

Food. Later.
MURTARÖL is the name of the fish place.

Check the tanks full of lobsters and co.!

I would not eat this pretty thing.

Neither this beauty, raw fish on red onions ... yammy!

Some wind on top of the Diavolezza.

Great views, empty slopes. 
Go skiing just beofre xmas holidays, good conditions guaranteed.

On Xmas day some funny clouds appeared in Corviglia.

Above the clouds nice, sunny slopes.

Ice art in Pontresina village.

Besuchen Sie den Skulpturenpark beim Hotel Walther. 
Neun Klein- skulpturen, geschaffen von Pontresiner Kindern 
unter Anleitung der KünstlerInnen.

Aha, the Hotel Kronenhof, now found the crown.

Bird feeding.


Lucky swiss cows!

Main street in St. Moritz.

On Boxing day it finally snowed.

But only until noon.

That train trip through the alpine landscape is really fascinating.

And versatile.


Such great views.

perjantai 21. joulukuuta 2012

End of the Maya-World in the Alps


Modern architecture in Pontresina. 

Some clouds during the first skiing day.

So the lake on the right side of the pic is the lake St. Moritz.
On the left hand side, in front of the mountains
there is the Pontresina town.

Second day of skiing was just full of sunshine!

My skiing partners Hade and Fade were happy!

The two spots almost in the middle of the pic
are Hade and Fade, Hade walking up a few meters ...
I managed to cross the little "river" just in time and got to the other side.
Perfect foto spot.

How more sunny can it get ...?

Lunch break outdoors.

BTW: raclette cheese!

Combined train and bus tour to Italy!

Huge out door shopping mall ... well. Outdoor, definitely.
Mall, hm ....

Livigno enjoys a special tax status as a duty-free area. Italian VAT (Value Added Tax) is not paid. 

But kind of cute.

Did we check beforehand that there is siesta even in the mountains?
Did we ... no.
All shops closed between 1:30 and 3 p.m.

In the late afternoon the action started, shopping!
Livigno has also done a lot xmas decoration.

Like this is the town hall, in daytime pretty boring but look at this!
All lighted up!

Back to Switzerland, steady wooden xmas deco as seen at Zernez station.

Back to Switzerland with new stuff!

Maya-World-End day ... more clouds and snowfall.

Lunch break in the Paradiso.

Even the "tuuliviiri" is designed.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

TUULIVIIRI = Wetterfahne /weathercock

Inside nice design - but empty.

Outside red carpets.
And they do, really, guide you to the toilets!
Well, what else would you expect of St. Moritz?