maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2011


My Sunday excursion to Bergama.
By bus less than two hours North of Izmir.

Bergama, Akropol.
This city used to be called PERGAMON
in the old times, and now we are talking of really old times,
times like 300 before and after Christ
when this city was like the IN place to be!

Germans started the first excavations already in 1878.
Today the best place to look at remains of Pergamon
is the Pergamon Museum in Berlin,
quite many pieces actually were smuggled out of Turkey.
Also visit Louvre and the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul.

PS. Did you know that Marcus Antonius transferred
200.000 books from the Pergamon Library to Alexandra, Egypt
as a wedding present to Cleopatra!
My Cleopatra costume of Saturday wasn't a bad choice at all!

Temple of Trajaneum.
Germans are still continuing their excavations,
and there are a few bits and pieces, or should I say stones and gravel ...
to be admired in Pergamon Akropolis.

Here a scetch of the city as it used to be.

In this amazing theater 10.000 people could be seated.
It had the steepest seating in the ancient world.

This Asian tourist wearing high heels
did not have any fears with the depth,
she was deeply concentrating in taking pics
with her orange covered iPad, matching her handbag ...

Nowadays it's so easy to get up to the Akropol,
jump into the gondola lift!
Yes, you can take it down as well.

Was guckst du?
Was wohl. Die Braut har gerade getantzt ...

The whole neighbourhood was dancing,
or somehow participating a wedding.
This was on the way from Akropol to downtown Bergama.

I was even cordially invited to make pictures
of the newly weds in their house!
Turks love to stand in front of a camera.
How exciting was that!
Yes, please do ask why the rest of the crowd is not dressed up.

Bergama still has it's charm.

It is not a dog. It is a ... Ziegenbock.

And these are "freilaufende Ziegenböcke".
Sorry, but I have to show this.
I do think that there still is a big problem with the garbage in this area.
In the city things are organized, but ...
get to the countryside and wonder where all that plastic comes from.

sunnuntai 30. lokakuuta 2011


THE sight in Izmir: Lighthouse.

One of those amazing sunsets in this very sunny city.

Western life as seen in the shopping street in Karşıyaka.

So many begging pelicans - begging from the fisherboats.

Fish. Of course.

Meat. Naturally.

Köfte? Probably. Minced meat.

Isn't it lovable how the Turkish language has adopted some French words!

This is also one of the most popular sights in Izmir,
but also used as background for wedding pics.
On Saturday I saw three couples ...

With this one I was lucky enough to take the "asansör" up!

There is a quarter called Basmane, where so many small hotels can be found.
If they can be lived-in as well, I cannot say ...

If you want to start a new career as hotelier, go ahead, this one is for sale.

I'd propose movie maker Kaurismäki to find
some colourful inspiration from Izmir for his next film.

Turks do not really celebrate Halloween.
But there was a party, kind of costume party.
My fellow student Jen and her host Den.

keskiviikko 26. lokakuuta 2011


There is no translation to this world in any other language
because this a truly German invention.
Wikipedia explains:

"Bildungsurlaub ist eine besondere Form des Urlaubs,
die der beruflichen oder politischen Weiterbildung dient.
Er wird oft auch Bildungsfreistellung genannt,

um den Eindruck eines Erholungsurlaubs zu vermeiden."

So, Bildung in Izmir.

The city is situated at waterfront.
I tried to find some nice sights ...

The classic pic, with fishermen.

Highway to hell ... or maybe to heaven?

This monument carries Willy Brandt's name.
Until now could not find any exact info why.
Too busy doing my homework.

Typical ferryboat between Izmir center and Karşıyaka suburb,
my neighbourhood for these coming weeks.

Turks love to hang around. Sit down and relax. Or rest, maybe.

Brand new train system boasts with modern architecture.

Wednesdays in Karşıyaka a huge market
seems to be the meeting place for everybody.

Here you can buy anything from veggies to ...

... socks.
He is not the only sockseller who decorated himself this way!

Must have: fake leather cover for your water cooler.

This IS a city of cats. Small but cool cats.
They do get fed by people,
but spend a lot of quality time finding their own treasures ...

More to follow!

sunnuntai 23. lokakuuta 2011


Forget "Finnisch für Anfänger", Türkish it is,
the following two weeks we do it the Turkish way.

lauantai 22. lokakuuta 2011


It's 22nd today

only a few days to the 11th of 11 ...!

Geheimtipp in Ostend:

Should you see my hubby at the corner table in the next following weeks,
do not worry, he is only continuing his testing tour.
Testing we started tonite.
New Italian place in Ostend, worth testing for everybody.
BUT : psssst ... do not tell anybody ...

Rather DO tell:

Tuija's Workshop on the 13th of November here in FRA


on Friday the 18th of November
Interkulturelle Bühne "days of respect"
Frankfurt Bornheim

with BÄNDI playing Finnish tangos
Oderazzi's foto exhibition showing pics of legendary Finnish TARZAN!

Finnish circus artist many years ago,
now living in FRA.

Yes, Tarzan will be there, in Bornheim!

Come and join the greatest Finnish evening in Frankfurt!
Pana of "Cafe Jannis" will make some karjalanpiirakka & korvapuusti ...
SISU-radio will organize some Finnish beer and cider.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KARJALANPIIRAKKA = karelische Pirogge/ Carelian pie
KORVAPUUSTI = Ohrfeige/coff on the air (cinnamon roll)

keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2011

Bookfair survived

Welcome to the book show!

Seven years of age and no fears of anything!

So ist die Jugend heute ... new Finnisch comic strip book "Mummo".

Finnisch für Anfänger:
MUMMO = Oma / Granny

This is no comic, these guys produce books
with help of twitters and internet!
Very cool guys, and two of them came to my radio show SISU on Sunday!

Finnisch für Anfänger:
ROISTO = Gauner / crook

Thursday nite, Finnish party nite ... Oderazzi spotting important people ...

Tiina of FILI and läänintaiteilija Marjo Heiskanen.

Aleksi Siltala/SILTALA ja Iida Simes/ROSEBUD.

French-Norwegian Arabella ja Touko Siltala/SILTALA.

ECB is growing in Ostend.
The last summerly Sunday this autumn.

Checked some page 11's, mostly no stories yet. Here very creative layout.

Books by Juha Virkki, about wine and cooking daddies*.
Pages 11.

*Psst, naiset! Tämän kirjan avulla voitte muuttaa naimanne sohvaperunan
toimeliaaksi keittiön sieluksi ja saada itsellenne lisää vapaa-aikaa.
Mutta älkää kertoko salajuonta hänelle!

Marjoja ja maskaraa.
Page 111.

Fiksut ruoat, ekot meikit!
Huippusuosittua Kemikaalicocktail-blogia pitävä Noora Shingler
valottaa napakoin esimerkein päivittäisiä ruoka- ja kosmetiikkavalintojamme.

These books and some 40 more newcomers can be found
in the library of the Finnish church in Dornbusch.
Yes, Oderazzi does it in the library as well.