keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011

Rempattu elokuvamuseo


Quite a nice view from the 3rd floor balcony of


They have renovated the whole building.

I kind of miss the old, spooky film sets where you could see yourself ...

of course there is today also the green wall - go and try!

Well, now there are at least two real Oscars in showcases.

This is the other one, the other one YOU have to find when visiting the museum!

In the lobby there is this amazing space.

With a video installation.

Get to know all famous German actors!

JIM RAKETE took pics of all of them. Almost.

Jim Rakete is the favorite portrait photographer

of the pantheon of contemporary German showbusiness.

In his new book he presents young and old film heroes

posing with typical props from their movie classics.



I went in twice and did not hear anything.

Maybe they burnt the tape like the sled ... ha haa!


A clip of Aki Kaurismäki's film "Ariel" can also be seen & heard

in the 2nd floor's movie show,

in the category of "famous film songs".

PPS. 1.9.11

Yesterday I visited the exhibition,

tonite watched a report in hr tv (Hessische Rundfunk)

about the exhibition, including interview with Jim Rakete.


(posted 01.09.11 22:59 hrs)

maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

Sommer zu Ende

Schon Herbst? Erntezeit: die ersten Tomaten!

This very romantic place can be found in Höchst,
next to Bolongaro Palast.
Friends of our had their wedding ceremony there on Saturday at noon.

Cute little sculptures guiding the way.
After the wedding reception, and a couple of glasses of sparkling wine ...
... it was time to start the WINE TASTING TOUR in Rheingau!

At the Wine Estate BARTH they produce sparkling wine by
méthode champenoise

Bei der klassischen Flaschengärung, auch Méthode champenoise,
Méthode traditionnelle oder Champagnermethode genannt,
findet die zweite Gärung in der Sektflasche statt.
Dieses Verfahren ist für die Herstellung von
Champagner, Crémant und Cava zwingend vorgeschrieben.
Auch in Deutschland werden hochwertige Schaumweine, vornehmlich Winzersekt,
zunehmend nach der Champagnermethode erzeugt. (Wikipedia)

"Der Sekt verbessert sich nach der Gärung durch längeres Reifen auf der Hefe,
die ein feines Aroma abgibt und eine sehr feine Perlage erzeugt.
Umso länger, umso besser!"

Find all the essential things here:

The bottle in the background was shaken for show.

Heavy metal taking over.

Those wooden ones look so pretty.

Grapes at the end of August.

Grapes in the afternoon sun.

"Royal" grapes ... this was early evening ...

Touring the Georg-Müller-Stiftung.
They've got a really cool art exhibition in their cellar.

Moving stones.

Ever tasted a soup with grapes?
Kind of a nice idea!
Just have to finish your wine first...

Check the assortment.

The more exclusive the bottles, the dustier the shelves ...


Finnisch-Deutsche Handelsgilde enjoyed the tour.

Alf is the Gutsverwalter. Professional wine guy.

In the evening we enjoyed our last wines at the river Rhine.

At the river Main in Frankfurt: Museumsuferfest!
"Museum Embankment Festival".
Tourists form Petterweil seen next to Städel.

Major Main action: Dragon boat racing.

Isi and I had to buy these funny camera lenses ...

... and take foolish pics.

Annie & Isi.

Lense art.

More lense art.

Funny, there was no line in front of the HESSISTER stand.
Next time they should put the half naked boys in front of the shop!

torstai 25. elokuuta 2011

Hoffest indoors

Es hätte ja soooo schön sein können,
unser Jahrestreffen in Sachsenhausen.

Grillen auf dem Balkon geht doch auch.

Und Kinderarztpraxis kann auch gemütlich sein.
Wenn die Teelichter leuchten.

Grillzeug wartet im Warteraum.

sunnuntai 21. elokuuta 2011


The sunniest Saturday this summer!
Time for outdoor dining.

Creative cooking.

August reflections.

Kitchen personnel direct from bella Roma! Costi & Cesti.

My hubby's newst kitchen gadget, very versatile!

Spaghetti carbonara, jezzzz, we're lovin it. Grazie ragazze!

Spaghetti alla carbonara (Spaghetti nach Köhlerart)
sind ein einfaches Nudelgericht aus Spaghettimit Speck, Ei und Käse
aus der italienischen Region Latium.
Heute gehört es zu den Klassikern der italienischen Küche.

Tunnettu carbonara-ruokalaji on Miilunpolttajan spagetti eli Spaghetti alla Carbonara.

Apples as dessert, apple as after dinner entertainment.

Sommerwerft theatre festival at the river Main in Ostend.
Young action art.

We were there on Sunday participating the FLOWmarkt flea market,
sun came out just on time, what great afternoon .... next year again!

torstai 18. elokuuta 2011


Mosque at the beach. This is multiculti integration ... os something similar.
Seen in Gündogan.

Evening in Gümüslük.

Dinner time in Gümüslük.

Sunset in Gümüslük.

I'd call this holiday bedding.

New design for the Turkish national SCHNAPS!
Wondering if I can get these nice designs for the big S-party in Nov ...?

Holiday temperatures ... hmmm ... don't we like it?

Sunrise in Gündogan.
Hubby taking pics before his jogging tour.

Yes, we tried it, the conex via Kos.
Direct flight from FRA to Kos. Nice.
Time to check Kos sights. Nice.
An hours' boat ride from Greece to Turkey vice versa. Nice.

An hours' passport control line at both ends ... NOT NICE.
But on holidays you have time, and patience.

Greek rider.

Turkish rider.

BANANA plant.

Finnisch für Anfänger:
BANAANI = Banane/banana.

Where is the ODEon?

Ode on ODEON in Kos.

Bye bye Mediterranean seas!

At home my first own olive is welcoming us.

And the pinky pinky flowers facing the morning sun. OMG!

This Swedish "Züchtung" is really awesome.
Huge. Huge flowers.