sunnuntai 26. kesäkuuta 2011

Heat is back

The boring garden news:
blossoming flox.

See the coulds in the spritz glas ...?!

Watch soccer the next weeks.
WM in Deutschland.
Public viewing am Main.
EVERYBODY loves it.

lauantai 25. kesäkuuta 2011


Welcome to the vernissage!
Gloria's Brasilian pics.
Grand Operning of Exhibition in the Brasilian Consulate, where else?
She's never been in Brasil, but in July the first trip will take place.
I do envy her. I cannot take any days off.

Garden of Gloria's Malschule at Eschersheimer Landstrasse.
Frankfurt Nordend.
Wouldn't you love to paint in this environment?
On Friday nite we just partied.

And the ceramics.
Pots and plates are there to be choosen,
decorate/paint them yourself!
How creative can you get?

PS: My pics by handy are getting better, each time ...

perjantai 24. kesäkuuta 2011

Summer Jazz


... and we had actually good seats, thnx to RR.
On stage R-R Hübners Universum. Very free jazz, indeed.

And as every summer, also some funny opera to come,
this year ZAUBERFLÖTE:

keskiviikko 22. kesäkuuta 2011

UNTO Tango

Oper Frankfurt Holzfoyer 21.6.2011
Finnischer Tango.
Absolutely professional musicians, read more:

Johanna Juhola shows how fun music making can be!
Next time this band should be given a larger stage.
Maybe also a dance floor should be installed ...

PS. This was the last tango event for this season.
Finally the jazz concerts start in Palmengarten and Liebieghaus!

tiistai 21. kesäkuuta 2011

Boca Tango

Quinteto Negro la Boca
Landungsbrücken Frankfurt 17.6.2011

Tanzcafe Tango organised, people came and enjoyed!

Quinteto (hm ... six people ...)

Quinteto Negro La Boca esta integrado por:
2 bandoneones • Guitarra acústica • Piano • Contrabajo • Cantor

Esta formación no es común en un quinteto,
lo que cual le da una personalidad propia al grupo.
Los dos bandoneones brindan una fuerza armónica y sonora
no habitual en los quintetos,
y el toque de la guitarra al mejor estilo Roberto Grela
crea un clima de intimidad tanguera que contrasta
con los clusters y “marcatos” del piano y del contrabajo.

Learn more about this Argentinian band:

Thanx Torsten for being such a professional DJ!

sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2011


Local Sunday newspaper comments on the upcoming event!

We celebrated friend's 70th birthday,
was a cosy evening next to Goethe Turm.

Down in Sachsenhausen party time:

perjantai 17. kesäkuuta 2011

Hot Hel

Vai vesi- ja kusilätäköiden täplittämä kyläpahanen?
Maailman elinkelpoisin kaupunki.
Viime viikonloppuna yksi Euroopan aurinkoisimmista cityistä.

Fotoupdate is here, better later than never.
My data is too big. My days are too short.

EL's round birthday, such a GREAT party
in Villa Störsvik, Finland.

Waterloo! ABBA!
Girls just wanna have fuuuun!

PS. If you feel like wearing these costumes, just contact ODERAZZI.
I'll make you a nice prize.

Drinks at the seaside.
Later some mosquitos, too, must admit.

Sunday in sunny Suomenlinna!
Syringas, huge syringas blossoming.
German tourists Marie & Joe enjoying.

Suomenlinna, until 1918 Viapori (Finnish), or Sveaborg (Swedish),
is an inhabited seafortress built on six islands
(Kustaanmiekka, Susisaari, Iso-Mustasaari, Pikku-Mustasaari,
Länsi-Mustasaari and Långören),
and which now forms part of the city of Helsinki,
the capital of Finland.
Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage site. (Wikipedia)

Wrong wrong wrong.
Not in Helsinki.
In Frankfurt.
Summer has arrived here as well.

keskiviikko 8. kesäkuuta 2011


Why do they say the quality of the fotos
taken by mobile phones is super?
Or was it me ... hands shaking in front of the famous
Finnish composer Sallinen.
He gave me a great interview for SISU radio
after the charming chamber concert on Monday nite.
Thnx Aulis. Earliest broadcasting on 19.6.

The place to recover from all the cultural experiences.
Digest the heavy opera of Sunday, cut some lavender.

My private lavender field. Get the Mediterranean feeling.

The true colours of Southern France.

Inhale the magic scent of lavender.
Provence so close.

Olive tree blossoms.

Chives are done. Seeds ready to be spread around.

Lovage blossoming, too.
Liebstöckel. Lipstikka.

This unnamed beauty grew up from the bulb
I bought in Luxembourg earlier this spring.

maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2011

Ode oli oopperassa

Kullervo made it to Frankfurt.
We made it to the end.
It was kind of a hard way. Tough way.
Very dark, very slow, very ... pessimistic way. Unhappy end.
Finnish story telling, indeed.
But we made it.
Let's see how the critics will find this...

sunnuntai 5. kesäkuuta 2011

K wie Kullervo, Kalevala ...


In FR schreibt Stefan Schickhaus witzig über die finnische Oper, Sallinen
und die Verwendung der K-Worte.

Kullervo, Kalevala, Kimmo, Kantelinen und Kantele.
Oper Kullervo basiert auf dem finnischen nationalepos Kalevala.
Es geht um einen etwas verzwickten Brudertwist, der blutig ausgetragen wird.
Kullervos Mitstreiter heisst Kimmo.

Frau Kantelinen wird am 23.Juni das Instrument Kantele zupfen.
Nomen est omen oder doch Künstlername?

Am 21.6. spielt in Frankfurt
die schönsten finnischen Tangomelodien.

Unto war der Bruder von Kullervo.
Danke FR.

Konkurrenz FAZ schreibt u.a.:

„Sallinen ist als Komponist ein ausgesprochenes Operntalent
und gerade deshalb in der Wahl seiner Mittel nicht zu streng“,
denn es gehe ihm darum, mit zuweilen drastischen Mitteln
die Handlung zu untermalen. Also keine Dodekaphonie,
sondern eine tonale, oft auch bitonale Klangstruktur.
Das Orchester ist relativ groß besetzt, auffallend das ziemliche umfangreiche Schlagzeug.
Auch ein Synthesizer wird benötigt.
Dies führe jedoch nicht zu einer derartigen Komplexität,
dass der Opernbesucher etwa Mühe habe, dem Gang der Handlung zu folgen.
(Harald Budweg,

für Tickets und Details:

Mein Komponist-Freund Hartikainen in Berlin erinnerte mich ...
... Sallinens Opernwerke werden auch als Karvalakkiooppera genannt.

"Karvalakkiooppera on alun alkaen pilkallinen Korvat auki -yhdistyksen
piirissä syntynyt termi, jolla tarkoitettiin erityisesti
Aulis Sallisen ja Joonas Kokkosen säveltämien oopperoiden
aihevalintoja ja ajan modernistien paheksumaa varsin perinteistä sävelkieltä.
Termi viittasi alun perin takapajuisuuteen, karuuteen, metsäläisyyteen,
maalaismaisuuteen ja tyylilliseen konservatiivisuuteen:
tonaalisuuteen ja yksinkertaisuuteen erityisesti vastakohtana
ajan modernistisille eurooppalaisille avant-garde-suuntauksille.
Myöhemmin termiin on liitetty myös positiivisia mielikuvia kuten
alkuperäisyys, aitous, luonnollisuus, tuoreus, maanläheisyys.
Esimerkkejä karvalakkioopperoista ovat
Viimeiset kiusaukset ja Punainen viiva." (Wikipedia)

Finnisch für Anfänäger:

KARVALAKKI = Pelzmütze/furhat
KARVA = Haar/hair
LAKKI, HATTU = Hut / hat

lauantai 4. kesäkuuta 2011

Another design day

marimekko shop.
brand new. New interior design.
Go and see in Alt Schönhäuserstrasse 42.

What do the designers want to say?

How do they want to build Helsinki?

For "avantouimarit" there is always some space.

Finnisch für Anfänger:
AVANTO = Eisloch/ Icehole
UIMARI = Schwimmer / swimmer

Traditional Finnish food was also lectured in DMY.

Here we go again ... Finnisch für Anfänger:
KALA = Fisch/fish
KUKKO = Huhn/rooster

But: there is fish and pork inside the bread...

(Spanish) tomato giving a lecture to German couliflower:
Eat vegetables.
Today the question in Germany is: which ONES???

Who cares about vegetables.
Check Chairs.
Check Alvar Aalto chairs.
If you own some you'll be weathy in .. let's say ... in 30 years.
Message: invest in Finnish design!

Advantage in DMY: fashion show in the middle of nowhere.
Well, outside of the Aalto university container
fashion from Hong Kong ... or so.

perjantai 3. kesäkuuta 2011

Design Festival in Berlin

Once upon a time it was an airport in Berlin.
West. Thnx Tilli.

Now it serves as exhibition center.

Interesting views around ...
two minarets.
Wie viele Einwohner hat Berlin? Ca. 3,4 mio
Wie viele Türken? Hm. Viele. Ca. 100000.
Tnhx Tilli.

This year the Design Festival focusses on Finland.
Finns focus on Helsinki Design Capital 2012.

VIP delegation gathering for the opening,
including my friend Marion from Finnland Institut Berlin.

Finland's brand new ambassador Päivi Luostarinen
held her very first public speech.

All Finnish stands are marked with white balloons.

What a creative way to fix the balls.

AALTO University offers studies for design minded people.

Another container introducing Helsinki's future plans.

Traditional Finnish design with new materials.
Originals were made of birchbark.

There are sooooo many interesting, funny, curious things to be seen,
here just a few examples.
Finnish lamps.

Rearranging design.
Asian design idea.

Love to read ...?

Lamp shades of packing material, cardboard.

The goal in modern offices is paperless,
so here a hint how to recycle the old folders.

DMY still until Sunday: