keskiviikko 27. huhtikuuta 2011


Some kind of cactus, seen in Turkey.

Some kind of road side flowers, seen in Southern Turkey.

Some blossoming tree, seen next to our house in Turkey, where else.

Some garden plants, called BEGONVIL in Turkish language,
seen in one of those road side garned shops. Everywhere in Turkey.

Some pelargoniums, seen guess where? In Turkey!

Some papavers, called Haşhaş in Turkish language.

One hibiskus next to our terrace in Gündogan.

One blossom, looks like apple tree but could be anything,
seen in our street in Turkey.

Some amazing wild blossoms in Bodrum peninsula.

Wild blossoms along the roads ... Turkish roads.

Tulip time in Frankfurt is definitely over.

In front of our kitchen window - in Ostend!

Enjoy spring!

tiistai 26. huhtikuuta 2011

Turkish Easter

Getting to know Bodrum penisula.
Got there by car from Istanbul, not a bad ride at all.
Landscapes partly are comparable with the Provence!

Easter in Turkey? Not really.
But there was Tulip Festival in Istanbul. And lousy weather.

Searching for Easter Eggs ... not really.

Searching for Easter Eggs ... not really!

No trace of Easter in Bodrum either, city is under heavy construction works,
all main streets will be covered with marble.

At least some easterly colours among all the blossoming bushes and trees.

Tourist season in Bodrum area officially starts only in May.

So now I know the reason his fur hat ... the wind can be really chilly in April.
The whole country was decorated with national flags on the 23th:

23 Nisan (deutsch: 23. April) ist ein offizieller Feiertag für die Kinder in der Türkei,
der im Jahr 1920 von Staatsgründer Mustafa Kemal Atatürk eingeführt wurde.
Er soll Brüderlichkeit, Liebe und Freundschaft zwischen den Kindern fördern
und hat das Motto Çocuklarımız geleceğimizdir
(Unsere Kinder sind unsere Zukunft). (Wikipedia)

Hot tip from ODERAZZI for all lovers of modern architecture:

Bodrum Houses by Richard Meier

Designed by the renowned architect Richard Meier
and consisting of 23 luxury homes, Bodrum Houses development
is located in Yalıkavak, the premium residential area in the Bodrum Peninsula
with spectacular views of the Aegean.
There are 5 different house types,
each having a garden of 5,000 sqm and a living area of 1,000 sqm.
Construction of the show house has started in September 2010
and will be completed during summer2011.

The building site is in the picture in the lower left corner.

This is the view from our roof terrace in Gündogan.

lauantai 16. huhtikuuta 2011

April things

Yea, I am a member of the German Biking Club.
I get their magazine Radwelt regurarly, in today's copy two stories about FINLAND!
Why on earth do they start the tour in Varkaus .... ?
Maybe on order to get rid of that town as soon as possible!

Ja ja ja, Mücken. Ja.
Saunagang üben ... forget it. Nix üben. Enjoy it!
SISU. Yes, you need it through your life.

On Friday we did the TANGO DINNER nite in Landungsbrücken.
This was DJane Ode's position.

These were DJane Ode's cd's.

These were the people ... and, of course, many more, just not in the foto.

This weekend we have the funniest people from Luxembourg as guests.
Mr. Piron Jr. preparing "flambierte Bananen".
Yammy yammy.

maanantai 11. huhtikuuta 2011

Weekend update

° ° °
Would love to update the pashima nite and the family weekend but ...
... my pc with most pcs is on its way from Saarland to Hessen.
Let's keep all our fingers crossed that it will reach us soon.

El & An trying out the great art of pottery in Homburg.

keskiviikko 6. huhtikuuta 2011

Pashmina time

Now it is the time of the year, when you have to be careful of what you wear.
Days are sunny and bright, but the winds can be cold, so fight!

Der perfekte Begleiter, would the Germans say,
the perfect companion for the spring weather moods is a pashmina,
feather light, easy to carry with you everywhere, warms you up nite and day.
Is elegant in design and can be found in all colours.
Let yourself be seduced by the Indian feeling ...
... join our pashmina nite on Friday, 8.4.

A Touch of Heaven - Made on Earth.

sunnuntai 3. huhtikuuta 2011

Vihree soosi

Preparing green sauce.
Poet Goethe's favourite dish.
Ask any Frankfurter what is typical for the region and the answer is:
Grüne Soße.

Grie Soß

The Frankfurt-style is made from hard-boiled eggs, oil, vinegar, salt, and
generous amount of seven fresh herbs,
namely borage, sorrel, cress, chervil, chives, parsley, and salad burnet.
Variants, often due to seasonal availability include dill, lovage,
lemon balm and even spinach .
In more frugal times, daisy leaves, broad plantain leaves,
and dandelion leaves were also used.
Different from the way mayonnaise is prepared, in Grüne Soße,
cooked complete eggs are used together with sour cream as creamy base of the sauce.
Some variations use buttermilk or quark, or yogurt.

Auf Deutsch genau sieben Kräuter:

In die Frankfurter Grüne Sauce (mundartlich Grie Soß)
gehören traditionell sieben Kräuter:

Borretsch, Kerbel, Kresse, Petersilie, Pimpinelle, Sauerampfer und Schnittlauch.

Seltener wird Dill zugegeben. Varianten aus Notzeiten enthielten auch
Blätter von beispielsweise Gänseblümchen, Löwenzahn oder Breitwegerich.

Here it is. Not really that green ...
... but now that the greens won the elections ...
the whole world is turning green!

PS. My posting on 1st of April was again an April fool thing.

And here some more boring garden pics!

Thanxs Claudia, we Finns know them as traditional Mothers' Day's bloomers.
Nice to see them already in April.

perjantai 1. huhtikuuta 2011


Since today ... lady of leisure, vapaa taiteilija.
Ain't that cool?!