sunnuntai 27. helmikuuta 2011


SISU-radio heute: Suvi & Technik-Martin
in neuem Studio 1

LIVE dabei: Kristina und Thomas von BÄNDI,
mit Nachwuchs Noah.
Warum heisst der Kleine nicht Unto, Olavi oder Taisto?
Bändi liebt doch finnische Tangos!

BÄNDI spielt demnächst in Wiesbaden, in Walhalla, am 30.4.
"Tanz in den Mai"
Ode & Riitta als DJanes for after gig tango disco.
Wird bestimmt lustig!

Leute, günstig brunchen in Frankfurt:
Schöne Aussicht, Fahrgasse 3.
Brunch Buffet nur € 8.00 ohne Getränke.
Lecker - aber bitte vorher Tisch reservieren:
Tel : 069 25 49 37 97

Tulpen verlieren nichts wenn die etwas verwelkt sind.
Rupsahtaneissa tulpissa on samaa viehätystä kuin Venetsian keskustassa.
Sääli heittää roskiin.

torstai 24. helmikuuta 2011

Invisible snow

Another boring garden posting ...

It's been snowing the whole day ...

... you can find some snow if look very carefully.

Like underneath the hortensia.

Let's just trust: SPRING must be on her way.

Finnisch für Anfänger:
KEVÄT = Frühling/spring

lauantai 19. helmikuuta 2011

High in Shanghai

Facts, figures, faces, places....
seen in one week in Shanghai.

The smoking fact: you can still smoke everywhere.
That is what they say.
Shangri-La just changed their policy when we were there,
and they lost one customer, Timo.

Brand new sculpture park in Jing'an,
the neighbourhood where our hosts live.
Walking distance to city center, cool.

Elevator with a view in Jing'an.

Chinese have it with the numbers.
They avoid 4 ... and 13, too.

They also believe that these coin things bring prosperity.

All that and much more to be found at the "antique" market.

Now I start to get used to these elevated highways in the city.

Shanghai winter can be warm but this decoration proves
that the temperatures really are the same as in Frankfurt ...!

Violets decorate the parks, too.
In the background the highest house in Shanghai ca. 20 years ago,
the dark art deco brick building.
How funny is that. How fast builders are the Chinese nowadays.

This is the mixture of buildings in Jing'an.

Old town, Yuyuan Garden, this is where we had our tee ceremony 5 years ago.

My favourite high riser in the French Concession.

Sunday brunch smoking lounge.

Bund, the famous promenade.
Seen from our Sunday brunch table.

The highest ones, seen from Shangri-La,
Jinmao Tower, like an art-deco pagoda
constructed truly to Chines belief in the good fortune of number 8.

... the building's proportions revolve around the number 8,
associated with prosperity in Chinese culture.
The 88floors (93 if the spire floors are counted) are divided into 16 segments,
each of which is 1/8th shorter than the 16-storey base.
The tower is built around an octagon-shapedconcrete shear wall core
surrounded by 8 exterior composite supercolumns and 8 exterior steel columns.
Three sets of 8 two-story high outrigger trusses connect the columns
to the core at six of the floors to provide additional support. (Wikipedia)

Behind it the new Shanghai World Financial Center,
also known as the "bottle opener".

Love it or hate it, but this THE landmark of Shanghai,
the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

And here we are in the 91st floor of the "bottle-opener" bar 100 Century Avenue.

EXPO 2010. Missed it, too bad.
PS. Check the traffic sign for "no horns".
You see them everywhere but still the cars are noisier than ever!

It was a major World Expo in the tradition of international fairs and expositions,
the first since 1992. The theme of the exposition was
"Better City – Better Life"
and signifies Shanghai's new status in the 21st century
as the "next great world city". (Wikipedia)

The Chinese Pavilion is still open to public.

This is the most valuable thing to see ...
... at least the line was the longest!

Tivoli here we come! Well, not a spooky train,
can't really figure out what was the tour for...

Yes, a sunny day, a perfect washing day!
Walking to the M50, the ART modern art center in the city.

Typical busy crossing, next to the Jade Tempel.

Jade Tempel, no fotos inside. Walking distance to our pad.

Let these laughing buddhas lighten up your day!

Chinese for beginners:
笑佛 = Laughing Buddha

Have another foot massage!

Be happy!

Let your dreams fly ...

... and don't worry about the rain, you are sitting in a comfy car.

Here in the new sculpture park in Jing'an we end of our Shanghai tour this time.
Thanx so much to our hosts Qipa and T Mou.

perjantai 18. helmikuuta 2011

China culinaria

What can be better after a long flight than a foot massage ...
take a sip of tea, enjoy your mandarines.

Sweet Valentine.

The best dumplings in town: Yang's Fry Dumplings.

Korean beef. Yammy.

Timo knows how to cut the stuff suitable for chopsticks.
Actually you put these in a lettuce leaf, meaning, you eat with your fingers.

Seriously to be recommended!

Excellent Chinese food.

Hmmmm ... maggots ... still alive... actually, this is for birds.
Seen in the cat park.

Saturdaynite steaks in Le Bistro de l'Ouest.
The tiny house in Hunan Lu (Street) in the French Concession West.

Sunday brunch. Pretty cool, you can choose your warm food
in the kitchen - of course, there is somebody to carry your plate to your table.

Sunday brunch caviar & co.

Sunday brunch oysters.

This Pudong Shangri-La Sunday champagne brunch
makes your world go upside down.
Great food, great views. Reasonable price.

Why not taste the different kinds of oysters next door
at the World Financial Centerl in Park Hyatt Hotel's 91st floor?

Or go shopping to the local market hall and get some ... whatever ...
they are still alive and swimming wildly.

All Chinese love chicken feet!
We have not yet tried any. Not yet.

Eating at home, also tasty. Relaxing.

What do the lions eat?

Birdie stuff, all kinds of parts and pieces.

Green vegetables.

Not really the typical expat eatery.

Fast family food?

Slow expat food from Yunnanese kitchen "Lost Heaven".
Actually Dai and Miao folk cuisine from China's southwest.
"Remote and ethnically infused" says lonely planet encounter guide.

This is how we prefer our fruit in future. Always.