sunnuntai 31. lokakuuta 2010


Saturday nite in Landungsbrücken Frankfurt:
SAIMAA played and our neighbours danced.
Not only tango.

Thomas from the band BÄNDI helps Anna-Katariina from the band SAIMAA.

lauantai 30. lokakuuta 2010

Happy Halloween!

Scary creatures in Frankfurt Niederrad ...
Thanks Tarek for a great birthday party!

How exciting is this?
Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb gives interview to SISU-radio Frankfurt.
Why? He is participating Frankfurt Marathon tomorrow.
Esa and Suvi were well prepared, the show is on tomorrow at 11 German time.
Stay tuned!

live streaming

Radio X? NEW DIGI STUDIO is there!
Finally. Soon SISU will be broadcasted from the new studio.
Today open doors fro everybody.

It's like Christmas.
Well, these lights are from the new studio ... come and see where!

tiistai 26. lokakuuta 2010


Dies ist keine Fotomontage, NEIN.
The trees are finally coming to Ostend!

Not only trees, all kinds of green stuff.
Nw we are just waiting ... where will this end up?

And there are several sorts of trees.
How exciting.

Oskar-von-Miller-Strasse 25.10. at 18 hours,
of course first they planted the street which is closer to the future ECB.

Even bulbs for the spring.
But were they really left there just like that over the night ..?
And how many were left ... ?

maanantai 25. lokakuuta 2010


Sonntagabend, Tatort-Zeit in Deutschland.
Action in Frankfurt: Konzert in der alten Diamantenbörse.

Used to be a fancy design furniture shop.
Will be modifyed by Mr Goldman ...
... but in between check all underground actions going on.
During the weekend there was a fotoexhibit
showing works of students at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in OF.

Tonite BÄNDI playing Finnish tangos ...

Prof Liebscher was dragged to the dancefloor by Prof Kekäräinen.
How hilarious is that. On a Sunday nite in Germany...

"Seit Sommer 2010 unterhält die HfG auf Einladung des Immoblienentwicklers
Ardi Goldman zwei Atelieretagen in der ehemaligen Diamantenbörse
in der Frankfurter Innenstadt. Im Gebäude befinden sich weiterhin Studios
der Städelschule und von Basis Frankfurt. Eine große Ausstellungsfläche
im Erdgeschoss bietet die Möglichkeit für Veranstaltungen und Ausstellungen.
Im Februar 2011 beginnt der Umbau der Liegenschaft
in ein Wohn- und Geschäftshaus nach Entwürfen
des Frankfurter Architekten Christoph Mäkler."

sunnuntai 24. lokakuuta 2010

Kiki and Diki got married

Der singender Standesbeamter in Bergisch-Gladbach,
Villa Zanders.
Which song? Hallelujah / Leonard Cohen!

Hochzeitsfeier in Diepeschrather Mühle.
Very elegant, modern location and delicious food.

Happy couple? Absolutely happy couple!

Sealed with a ring - no, two rings, of course!

tiistai 19. lokakuuta 2010

Hauska ITE-taide

Foto: Dirk Hülstrunk

This work of art is called
Yes, a tiny mermaid sitting on a spoon!

This ITE-Artist is called Vesa Väänänen,
for whom the names of his sculptures play a very important role.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

SILMÄNRUOKAA = Augenschmaus/eye candy
SILMÄ = Auge/eye
RUOKA = Essen/food

Last nite we heard a presentation in Cafe Jannis in Nurmi-Verein
by soundpoet, autor, radiotalent Dirk Hülstrunk:
he was showing his newest fotos of Finnish ITE-Art
after his last trip to Lahti - Heinola - Mikkeli.

In Finland ITE art is considered as outsider art,
and most of these outsiders are elderly people,
who after retiring start producing art.
Unfortunately the common attitude refers outsider art as art of insane people ...
Who draws the line in between insanity and health?

Actual exhibition in Frankfurt Schirn Kunsthalle:

ODERAZZI recommends: Forget the shitty weather, escape into the art!

sunnuntai 17. lokakuuta 2010


Gartenpflegetour in Bayern.
My favourite hobby, cutting, cutting, cutting.
Not the kid, the trees next to her.
Her mum took the pic, pretty artistic with my simple camera!

Halloween is getting closer.

And then the turkey feast ... Thanksgiving next month.
In romantic Bavaria we saw this guy.

Wondering if this birdie is aware of his future in November.
Wondering what they do with his pretty feathers ... ?

sunnuntai 10. lokakuuta 2010


Schnapszahl: 10.10.10
Happy Birthday Maria!
Thnx for the great party last nite.

Oktoberfest in Petterweil!

Finissage der Wiesnsaison, gemütlich daheim.

Bier, ja klar!

Tanz, ja sicher!

Zwei Schlösser, ein Rad ...?
Well, how annoying is this: my hubby's red bike was stolen in the night.

So sieht ein Fahrradloses Fahrradschloss aus.
Wahrscheinlich mit Hammer gehauen.
Das schöne, rote Hollandrad ist weg.

lauantai 9. lokakuuta 2010



Hei kaikki sienitietäjät, mitsä nämä sitten ovatkaan?
Kotinurmelta kerättyjä.

Alle Pilzkenner, was wächst in Ostend?

tiistai 5. lokakuuta 2010


Cornelia Funke was THE autor at the press conference this morning.
Cornelia who ...?
Very famous ... if you have kids ...!

check Wikipedia:

Argentina is the guest of honour this year.
SISU- Kirsi wants to dance the TANGO,
not read about it!

Official opening of the Frankfurter Book Fair
was this afternoon at 17 hours... I did not attend.

We Finns are looking to the future: 2014.
Finland will be the Guest of Honour!

These organisations will push Finland to the front page of the world map of books.
Origami swans showing the direction or ... ?

Mark you calenders: October 2014 / Frankfurt Bookfair / FINLAND!
And we'll definitely have more to offer than tango ...

PS: Finnish publishers to be found in the hall 6, level 0,
just next to Greenland pics of Markus Lanz, German tv-star ...

sunnuntai 3. lokakuuta 2010


Yes, it was worth!
Leonard Cohen, in his age of 76 years
presented a flawless show, almost four hours long.
Forget the moaning folk singer ...
Cohen sings deeper, he does not show one sign of tiredness,
those old songs have been rearranged perfectly,
the absolutely professional mucisians produced lively sound:

Webb Sisters (vocals, acrobatics, harp, guitar)
Roscoe Beck (bass, vocals),
Neil Larsen (keyboards & Hammond B3 accordion),
Bob Metzger (electric, acoustic & pedal steel guitar),
Javier Mas (bandurria, laud, archilaud, 12 string acoustic guitar),
Rafael Gayol (drums, percussion),
Dino Soldo (sax, clarinet dobro - keys)

Stuttgart audience just loved it!

Vom Essen in der Kunst: EAT ART.
Worth visiting!

In this room with this rotating kitchen
you kind of have to like the smell of curry ...
And there is another room dedicated to chocolate, too ....!

Stuttgart Schlossgarten.
Orange action trying to distract people from demonstrating ... ?

Big issue: Stuttgart21!
According to German Stern magazine secret files reveal dishonest plans ...
Read: Stern Nr 40 page 108-115.

Or go and see how the people of Stuttgart fight for their trees!
It is not dangerous, at least during the day.

You can also support the action by bringing warm clothing
for the people who have moved to the treehouses.

Demonstrating can be learned,
go to Stuttgart and join the classes!


Seit dem 28. Juli 2010 wird der Begriff
auch für eine Protestaktion gegen Stuttgart 21 verwendet.
Alle, die sich am Schwabenstreich beteiligen, sollen jeweils
Mittwochs um 19:00 Uhr,
wo immer sie sich auch gerade befinden, für eine Minute „infernalisch laut sein“.

Let's pray for peaceful future
with this half Romanian, half British Stuttgarter Chestnutbagguru Miss L !

perjantai 1. lokakuuta 2010

Sincerely L Cohen


in Stuttgart
in the action city ... let's see how we get through the demonstrations...