sunnuntai 28. maaliskuuta 2010

SISU music

SISU DJ's working lot in Köppern!

The Finnish shop celebrated Kevätjuhla with real Finnish spring weather
... rain, sun, rain, more rain, pouring rain, some sun...

Nevertheless, you could enjoy Finnish specialities,
like smoked salmon "loimulohi".
Aina iloinen isäntä Jouni.


Too bad, so much rain.

If you are looking for special Finnish products,
or, maybe, want to sell Finnish products in Germany, click:

Finland alone does not sell, therefore, this website?

Rauhallista pääsiäisenalusviikkoa:

keskiviikko 24. maaliskuuta 2010


Kommando zurück: keine Kanickel im Garten,
sonder die Amsel !!! lieben Krokusse, besonders die leckeren Blüten.
Die kompetenten Jungs in Samen-Andreas in der Töngesgasse
wussten gleich die richtige Antwort. Der beste Gartenladen in City am Main.

Entschuldigung an Familie Hase & Co.

Today ... at 17 hours ...

Everything is blossoming ... everything, even my bike!

As you know my artistic talents I decorated my "velo" in the sun.
Painting? Stickers!

tiistai 23. maaliskuuta 2010


Last weekend I was in Helsinki and in Espoo, in Finland.

Finnisch für Anfänger:
talvi = Winter/winter
matka = Reise/trip

Winterreise ist ein Liederzyklus, bestehend aus 24 Liedern für Singstimme und Klavier,
den Franz Schubert im Herbst 1827, ein Jahr vor seinem Tod, vollendete.

„Fremd bin ich eingezogen, fremd zieh’ ich wieder aus“ – mit diesen Versen beginnt die „Winterreise“,
einer der bekanntesten Liederzyklen der Romantik,
mit dem Schubert eine Darstellung des existentiellen Schmerzes des Menschen gelang.
Im Verlauf des Zyklus wird der Hörer immer mehr zum Begleiter des Wanderers,
der zentralen Figur der Winterreise. (Wikipedia)

My winterly trip started in Rosebud bookshop in Kruunuhaka, Mariankatu.

In Rosebud they not only sell books but these absolutely genius buttons!
Our China-Timo should have one saying: Wake me up in Karjaa,
(he did end up in Turku once, past midnite, could have saved €150).

Helsinki, Kruunuhaka, on March 18th.
It was snowing, this pic is taken with flash.

The same view without flash.
We were on our way to the private KIRJACLUB.
Meeting point for smokers.

Next morning I woke up ... yes I did, but in nowhere dangerous.
These guys are standing in Kruunuhaka next to the War Museum ,
which is just next to my friends' flat.

Make the best of the ice, snow and water on the streets.

Look for interesting motives.

Until you have to cross the street ... ojeeee....

Wintergames in the city center, Ateneum Art Museum and curling.

Snow is white and beautiful.
City snow collected month after month can be ... dark.

Ms E came to Finland for a year from Australia.
Returning back? What a stupid question indeed.
With a new profession.

After work garlics ... this is what the Turkish restaurants serve in Helsinki.

So far have we gone: wine from the tap. In a very good, city center bar.

Enough of clubbing, time for more spiritual program.

Confirmation of my nephew.
First wine? Maybe.

Family business.

Yes, Monday morning snow can be white.

Enough of white.
Back to my green River Main garden. Yesterday these crocuses were blooming.
Today they were gone, I guess it is time for some rabbit chase tonite.
But spring is here, jihuuuu!

lauantai 20. maaliskuuta 2010

Pashmina Night

one night in Ostend

It looks Indian ... yes, it is Indian ...

It looks like PASHMINA, yes, it is a modern pashmina with "diamonds".

And these are the silks.
ALL colours available.

And this is something very valuable. Touch it now.

This, too. Touch it!

If you touch it, you pay for it .... HA HAAA!
Only if you buy it.

Thank you so much, Rekha, for showing us all those wonderful Indian "jewels"!
We enjoyed the pashmina night enormously.

Thanks also for bringing samosas, pakoras and papadoms.
I also got compliments for my cooking, thanks folks,
but won't happen that often :)

lauantai 13. maaliskuuta 2010


Here is the reason I am up 7:30 on a Saturday morning
and have been already out at the river:
Wilma is staying with us for the weekend.
Lucky us. Lucky her.

torstai 11. maaliskuuta 2010


The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain ... (1956 My Fair Lady)
And the snow? Stays mainly outside of the capital.
But you can see it. And you can feel the winter, the cold wind in the city.

My second trip to Madrid and I did find funny things.
Look carefully at these walls.

Un trampantojo!
Trompe l'oeil.
"täusche das Auge"
Silkkaa silmänlumetta.

A warm colour and it makes the (future?) building site look ... warm!

Se llama grafiti (palabra plural tomada del italiano graffiti, graffire) o pintada a varias formas de inscripción o pintura, generalmente sobre mobiliario urbano.

Graffiti on julkisesti näkyvään paikkaan tehty kirjoitus tai maalaus. Graffiteja on tehty kautta aikojen erilaisilla sopivilla piirtimillä, nykyisin yleensä tussilla tai spraymaalilla. Graffiti voi olla usean neliömetrin kokoinen maalaus tai pieni kirjoitus esimerkiksi vessan seinässä, joita yleisimmin kutsutaan "tägeiksi". Usein graffiti tehdään ilman lupaa, mutta myös laillisia graffitin maalauspaikkoja on joissain kaupungeissa. Sana graffiti on johdos italian kielen verbistä graffiare (raaputtaa), joka edelleen on laina kreikan kielen verbistä γραφειν (graphein) eli kirjoittaa.

The Barber of Seville ... ? No, just a hairdresser in Madrid!

This is one of the cosy wine bars close to Plaza Ana, in Barrio de las Letras,
these traditional tile decorations you find everywhere.

Los Rotos ...
ROOSTERS! Guess whose sign this is in the Chinese horoscope!

More animals: Lion guards the farmacy.

"Grand elefant dret" Miquel Barcelò.
This acrobatic elephant is attracting tourists in front of the CaixaForum.

Pablo Picasso's sculpture in Reina Sofia.
Not only Guernica is worth seeing in this huge art museum.

Huge retrospective of Thomas Schütte. Who?
A German artist, born 1954 in Oldenburg.
Very versatile. Very colourful. Very ... everything. A mix of many materials.
But if I leave a bunch of colourful panels in a corner of a room, would anybody call it art?
Maybe, if there was nothing else in the room.

More animals in the Plaza Mayor ... hmmm ...

Goodbye Madrid, see you again!

Yes, I managed to avoid the snow storms, the pilots strike, xynthia ...
but got stuck in MAD for three hours -
apparently a lot of wind and an emergency case in FRA.
Well, finished my Stieg Larsson, the third book. Finally can watch the movies.