sunnuntai 28. helmikuuta 2010


Hochwasser, ja, steigt langsam.
Schlimmer ist der Sturm.

Autobahnen sind gesperrt, Dutzende Flüge gestrichen, der Bahnverkehr ist teilweise eingestellt: Sturmtief "Xynthia" hat Deutschland erreicht - und bereits zwei Todesopfer gefordert. Meteorologen warnen vor heftigen Orkanböen mit Geschwindigkeiten von bis zu 130 Kilometern pro Stunde.

Rauhallista Kalevalanpäivän iltaa vaan kaikille.
"Mieleni minun tekevi, aivoni ajattelevi."
Ainakin joskus ...

lauantai 27. helmikuuta 2010


Tervetuloa kevät!
The very first crocus in our garden, spring time is here.

We had snow, and now it's melting. Can River Main take it?

Country water flooding into the city.

Let's see how high it will come.

We had a great sunny Saturday today.

lauantai 20. helmikuuta 2010

Finally Hongkong

Bye bye New Zealand, the center of universe down under!

11 hours' flight from Auckland.

Not only glitter and glamour but authentic living.

View from Hongkong Island to Kowloon.
The newest skyscraper:
ICC Tower = The International Commerce Centre
484 meters high - still under construction?

Every evening at 8pm: lasershow!
Seen from our hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.
In the left the officially highest building in HKG:
2IFC = Two International Finance Centre, 415 meters.

"Pets are for life. Think before you have one."
A huge campaign.

Seems to be an important topic in mainland, too.

Eileen wishes us a prosperous Chinese New Year!

The year of the TIGER.
In all variations ... in gold ...

... in Valentine Day's diamond mood ...

... and again in gold but funnier ...

... seen at the Chinese New Year's Market ...

... where many of this stuff is sold for charity ...

... more tigers ...

... and happy tiger promoters!

The Chinese New Year market in Victoria Park.
Note the traffic signs, one way streets for pedestrians.

Chinese New Year decoration at the waterfront.

Well, well, what can you eat in Hongkong?
Ask me rather what is not meant to be eaten ...!

Typical hot pot dinner.
If I ever got the chance to live in China,
I'd live on western junk food or ... I finally had to learn how to cook.

It was kind of tasty.

Time to say good-bye.

Hongkong's amazing bridge with actual news:
New Year's fireworks to come.

keskiviikko 17. helmikuuta 2010

The Little Big Country NZ


How do you know there is a German around?
GARTENZWERGE auf der Terrasse!
Welcome to New Zealand!

We Finns love this country:
here we can eat the Swedes.

I just learned last xmas that this vegetable is called rutabaga in English.
We eat them at xmas time.
I wonder what the other eatable root vegetables are? Norwegians? Danes? Russians?

Welcome to New Zealand, to the little big country.
It seems so little next to Australia, but in fact it is as big as Finland.
And that is BIG.
NZ population is less than in Finland, so far,
let's wait how fast the Asian invasion will increase the number of NZ inhabitants.

Weren't we lucky, got a glimpse of Mount Taranaki already in the first evening.

Opunaki is the town where we stayed with our friends.
Here the main street, famous for its decorated walls.

Get inspired by Opunaki art.

Get active in Opunake sports!

Opunake means the prow of a canoe. It is the place where the canoe touches the beach.
And boy, beaches are everywhere, just the canoes were missing.
Holiday season just stopped, so we had the beaches just for ourselves.

The Taranaki area is very vulcanic.
Seen from the car.

I wish I knew the name of this plant ...
Our Kiwis call them Aggies,
officially AGAPANTHUS.
They are absolutely gorgeous.

Beach to the left ...

... beach to the right.
What a dream come true.

Opunake is famous for its beaches and of the view to the Mount Taranaki.

Believe me!


The famous mountain very often hides itself behind clouds.
Very often.

This guy alone made such a noise in the garden. Wow.
And he had friends in the neighbouring bushes, we could not hear the ocean anymore!

These guys take care of the golf course in Opunake.
They eat the grass, and, yes, they also leave their little souvenirs behind,
so if your golf ball happens to land on sheepshit, you exceptionally are allowed to move it by hand. But use a glove, or something, pleez....!

Another amusing NZ factor:
what is polluting the air more, the cars or the cows?
YES! The cows! Unbelievable.
But when you see how many hundreds of cows there everywhere,
you can believe it.
But we could not smell it ...

Auckland is the biggest city on the Northern Island.
Big highways through the city ...
I think they should seriously rethink their city planning before it is too late.

Great location at the waterfront.

Pretty view from the water, seen from the ferry on our way to Devonport.

Not only do I love the truly friendly and laid back people in NZ,
but also the news that they publish!
Cheers to you Kiwis!
Thanks L & D for your hospitality.