maanantai 30. marraskuuta 2009

Advent, Advent

Seen at the x-mas bazar of the Finnish Church ...

Karjalanpiirakat = Karelische Piroggen / Karelian pastries

Schinken- und Lachsbrote.

Weihnachtssternchen / Xmas-stars

Korvapuusteja ja voisilmäpullia
Hefeteiggebäck / Cinnamon buns

Vor Weihnachten müssen alle Kinder aufpassen,
weil die kleine Helfer vom Weihnachtsmann schauen ob die Kinder brav sind!
TONTTU = Wichtelmännchen/gnome

Wanna get some of these fantastic figurines?
Contact me and I'll contact the Finnish lady in Mühlheim who makes them.

Wanna contact this guy?
Contact Korvatunturi, Lapland, that is where he'll be busy until Christmas eve!

Joulupukki, joulupukki, valkoparta vanha ukki
Eikö taakka paina selkää? Käypä tänne emme pelkää:
Oothan meille vanha tuttu, puuhkalakki, karvanuttu.
Tääll' on myöskin kiltit lapset, kirkassilmät, silkohapset.
(P.J. Hannikainen 1854-1924)

lauantai 28. marraskuuta 2009

Happy thanksadventsbazar

THANKSGIVING time was on Thursday,
our turkey dinner took place in Berlin on Friday.

Traditionally S & T invited a group of old friends together.

Traditionally little turkeys in the soup.

And the big bird, traditional.

Meaty business.
Of course, all the stuffing
and sweet potatoes
and mashed potatoes
and green beens and carrots and and and ...
... and Maria's pies!

Traditional digestion disco!

FINNISCHER WEIHNACHTSBAZAR auch noch morgen, 29.11.
in Dornbusch, Carl-Goerdeler-Strasse.
Bücherflohmarkt mit freundlichen Verkäuferinnen
unterstützt die FINNISCHE Bibliothek.

Weihnachtsstimmung ... ? Wo? In Dornbusch nicht wirklich ...

Traditionelle Weihnachtsstimmung am Römer,

Es riecht und schmeckt nach Weihnachten.
Schöne Adventszeit!

torstai 26. marraskuuta 2009

November Birthday Girls

November may be a dull month, but lucky us, we have birthdays to celebrate!
Four of us "girls" were born in November. Does it make us dull? NOT AT ALL!

Thanks to Eija, for cooking for us again. The BEST present.

This book everybody wants to read.
Thanks "girls" for the nice November evening!

By the way, November can be sunny, too, like this week!

lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2009

Thanks Peps for being such a nice cat with us all these past 14 years.
Now we wish you happy time times up in your cat heaven,
loads of tasty mice and chicks.

torstai 19. marraskuuta 2009

Skating again!

Iceskating season has been officially opened today.
Opening night included one hour ( do not exaggerate at first nite)
skating outdoors, one hour eating (and only one beer) indoors at Janis Sports Bar.
Lecker Gyros!
Let's do this again - all iceskaters interested plz contact Oderazzi.

Who claims November is gray and dull?
Not at Mainufer!

keskiviikko 18. marraskuuta 2009


In the old town Plaka we had our modern hotel.

The teracce of our hotel offered a great view over the whole city,
and, of course, direction Acropolis.
Acropolis, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.

There is a cute walking path up to Acropolis.

Behind the Dionisos Ancient Theater
you can see the modern building of the

To the other direction there is another world wonder ...
the swedish furniture shop in YELLEW AND BLUE!
In the white city of Athens ... helllooooo...?!

Monastiraki Square, THE meeting point,
next to the Tsisdaraki Mosque,
at the end of Ermou shopping street, at the Monastiraki metro station,
in the background nothing else than Acropolis!

Cute really old churches can be found everywhere.

Athens is pretty tightly built, this church can be seen from the teracce of our hotel.
It was basicly in front of our window, too,
and those two schools as well.

Panathinaiko Stadio.
Also known as Kallimarmaro, because it is built entirely of white marble!

2004 Athen hosted the last Olympic games.

Cats, for sure. Everywhere.

But dogs also. No, they are not dead, they just enjoy the sun!

Really everywhere, also on Acropolis.

More animals to be seen in the market hall.

Very decorative bunnies!

Miss Piggy ... or ... das alte Schwein? Who can tell?

See the elegant movement. Changing of the guards at the Parliament.

Those traditional costumes look funny.

Seen in the Benaki Museum, Boeotian figurines from the 6th B.C.
Anybody remember my copies in our old flat?
Yes, I did have a few selfmade versions, which I threw away two years ago.
Could have purchased new ones at the museum shop in Athens for €40!

Let's get to the culinary side of Athens.
Even the monks love gyros.


Finnisch für Anfänger:
SEESAMI = Sesam/sesame
RINKELI = Ringel/Pretzel
KAUPPIAS = Verkäufer/salesman

What a funny fast food place in Kolonaki area:
no plates! But tasty food.

Traditional taverna food. Perfect.

Also traditional: spoon dessert ... syruped fruits.

Have an ouzo, or enjoy a liqueur, all flavours available in the bar Vrettos.
Have you tried Mastic already?

Pistacia lentiscus (Greek:μαστίχα) (Mastic) is an evergreen shrub or small tree of the Pistacio family growing up to 4 m (13 ft) tall which is cultivated for its aromatic resin, mainly on the Greek island of Chios.[1] It is native throughout theMediterranean region, from Morocco and Iberia in the west through southern France and Turkey to Iraq and Iran in the east. It is also native to the Canary Islands.[2] The word mastic derives either from the Greek verb mastichein ("to gnash the teeth", origin of the English word masticate) or massein ("to chew"). (Wikipedia)