torstai 29. lokakuuta 2009


Finnisch für Anfänger: SYYSSUMU
SUMU = Nebel / fog
SYKSY = Herbst / autumn
SYYS = SYKSY poetisch (SYYSKUU = September)
SYKSYINEN = herbstlich / autumnal

All airliners would say fog = delay. Fog = delayed arrivals, delayed passengers, delayed departures, lost connections, long waiting lines, stressed airliners.

In aviation, fog normally prevents aircraft from taking off or landing at airports other than those equipped with an Instrument Landing System. Fog can be especially deceptive for light aircraft because often they will overfly the airfield to assess the surface conditions before landing. When the pilot is looking straight down at the field, he will usually be looking through only about 100 or 200 meters of fog. If the fog is thin enough, the pilot will be able to see the runway with a minimal amount of interference. However, when the pilot lines up for the final approach phase, instead of looking vertically through the fog, he will be looking through it at an angle, thus increasing the amount of haze he has to see through, often completely obscuring the runway. This presents a hazard, because the pilot may think that the visibility is (or soon will be) suitable for landing when it is not. (Wikipedia)

And after the foggy season is gone the snowy season will come.

sunnuntai 25. lokakuuta 2009


We urban people spent this weekend in Switzerland, Altendorf.
For us these romantic former farmer houses are amazing places.
Great views over the green fields. Spectacular.
How lucky we are to have friends to invite us to their new country home.

It's definitely good every now and then to have a deeper look through the fence.
Or so.

Bambi got some training by her Finnish owner Kate.
Yes, we finns can be found everywhere in the world, like in the village called Hirzel.

I was amazed of all those animals.
Running free around the yard.

Or just standing around.

Typical swiss ...? Might become! At least the hairstyle ...

Horsemanship is not only an elegant show, it's rough work.

Typical swiss scenery if you travel by car.

View from our friends' house towards Zürichsee.
Thanx U & M for the great weekend!

Oktoberfest in Pfäffikon EventDome!!!

Typical ... bayrisch, passt schooo.

Die fliegenden Bretzl.

Auch männliche Bedienung - gibt's die auch auf den Wiesn???

Massbier YEZZZZZ.

Originelle Instrumente.

Manche Bänke hielten die Party nicht durch ...

For further info about the Zürichsee Oktoberfest click:

lauantai 17. lokakuuta 2009


Wagner is the HIT.

What a cool thing, young people giving you a massage in a BAR!
Pay as much as you want/feel.

perjantai 16. lokakuuta 2009



KIRJAmessut / Frankfurt Bookfair

Finnisch für Anfänger: KIRJA = Buch / book messut = Messe / fair

Die Welt steht auf Kopf ...
This is how the people in New Zealand really see our planet!

This is how we see Frankfurt until Sunday evening.

Chinese action!

Chinese exhibition ... it's all about printing books.

Finnish literature getting ready for hosting the Frankfurt fair in the year 2014!

Aida, catalan book fair visitor from Berlin, cooked for us yesterday,
thanx a million Martin!
Aida seems to be an active woman, look at this invitation for Berlin!

keskiviikko 14. lokakuuta 2009

Boulbon creative


And your chinese horoscope ...?
First creative exercises ... (none by me)
first you draw the rooster and then you get your booster ...

Also the goats must be drawn upside down and with your left hand
and only after those steps you may finish your art work "normally".
Kind of funny, because it was relaxing!
Artwork: KK.

Olivenhein ... in the middle of olive trees ...
where did the needles come to the drawing ...?
Well, that one is mine.

Yes, we tried etching, what a great experience. KK.

Our dear turtles will be THE xmas present!

Boulbon bambus. KK.


Art from Veronique's kitchen!
Börek francaisese ... o la laa!

Sculpture? Yes, but natural, some plants in Boulbon.

The art of etching ... messy business.

But clean results! KK.

Also colourful.

Man at work in Boulbon ... ! Mr A.

Souvenir from Boulbon city.

Vincent was here, too!

Natural colours, go for the ocher! KK.

More souvenirs from Boulbon. Blackforest design ( Mrs. C).


Veronique's kitchen ... yammiiii!

Even the lavendel can be etched. Baatzi did it!

And Ingo's goats scetched!

Back to the basics upside down. Ms M.

Stones ... anybody interested in these pics, pleez contact me,
I make a fare price, happen to know the bavarian artist Mr. W.

Books or Aix, let's see what will appear here tomorrow ...
Welcome to FRA dear ROSEBUDs!