maanantai 29. kesäkuuta 2009



Posti kulkee kun Kusti polkee...
got mail today! 
A real, oldfashioned letter, handwritten 
and carrying first day edition stamps 
featuring Finnish SAUNA. How cool can that be.
On Saturday night there was a 24-hours' swimming happening in Hanau: 
Heinrich-Fischer-Bad was organizing a charity night for handicapped kids. 
What a great idea. In the Finnish sauna there was a real finn doing the LÖYLY thing, 
in German they call it Aufguss, in English there is NO specific word ... 
(heittää ~ä) to throw water on the sauna stove's stones in order to increase the temperature of the sauna.
Water is the most important thing in the Finnish sauna.
The second important thing is, of course, beer.
Contact your local FINN for further details.

After the sauna your appetite just screams for these Finnish specialities:
Poroleipä, lohileipä and Karelian pies.
Little-Finnland is the shop where you can buy this stuff for your parties.

In the older days nobody used any cosmetics in the sauna, 
cheapest traditional soap smelling of pinewood was used for washing everything, 
including your hair.
Nowadays Finns do heavy business i.e. with peeling products.
If you need any of these in the pic, just contact me and I'll try to earn some provision.

sunnuntai 28. kesäkuuta 2009

Barcelona design or what


Promised to post pics from Barcelona, here they come.

A room with a view. A centrally but quietly located design hotel.
Called 987. Try to explain to the taxi driver ... no, no, no,
the street is called Mallorca and the house number is 288 and the name is Barcelona 987 ...
finally we got there.

Design is nice to look at but seldom functional ...

TAPAS. Almost daily.

Check the wall paper!

Check the lights in the staircase of our hotel.

Cat art down town.
and a tourist...

Had a break at the beach ...

... beach design. Or art?

The ugly entrance of Sagrada Familia. I prefer the indoors.

Kind of repetition after Levi, took a gondola ... 
no, a gondel, or whatever these cabins are called, up to the Montjuic hill.
Great views over the city and ...

... over the harbour! Awesome!

In Levi we slid down, here we took the funicolare train.

Refreshment in the famous market hall at Ramblas, la Bouqeria.

This is the newer market hall Santa Caterina with a colourful designroof.

And the prices of the famous ham have been designed as well. Sort of.

Gaudi Gaudi Gaudi. Kind of funny design.
Always worth visiting, those amasing houses.

Park Güell is Gaudi's handwriting as well,
and ALL tourists want to see it, to feel it, 
to make pics of the stupid dinosaurus waterfalls.

Sagrada Familia, the never ending story, still missing a real roof.

One of the must design places in town: VINCONS design house.
Decoration. Only. But truly cool.

Mies van der Rohe pavillion. Cool as cool can be.

Miro Foundation half way on the hill of Montjuic.
I find it a pity that Miro's art has been disgraded as Mcdoof deco.
He actually did some cool stuff.

Nothing else? Well, just a pair of sandals and flip flops.
And a lazy dress. And a blouse. And a bag for the MAC.
Spent more money on food and bikes!

Finnish design in Barcelona.
Cool, maybe a tick too cool nowadays.
But the ROUTA-boys can cook.

Lobby of our design hotel, check our bikes ...!

torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2009

HOT summer

at noon

Niin että sit muistetaan syksyllä, että oli niitä lämpimiäkin päiviä.

Terveisiä vaan Suomen saaristoon!

tiistai 23. kesäkuuta 2009

More of Lapland

In Sodankylä you can visit the oldest wooden church in Finland, built 1689.

"Vuonna 1689 rakennettu Sodankylän vanha hirsikirkko on tyypiltään suorakaiteen muotoinen pohjalainen tukipilarikirkko. Kirkon vesikatto on tehty pitkittäisten vuoliaisten varaan ilman kattotuolirakenteita. Vesikatteen erimuotoiset paanut muodostavat kattoon koristeellisen kolmiokuvioinnin. Lisäksi runkohuoneen katonharjalla on harjakampa, siksak-aiheinen koristelauta, sekä kolme koristeellista viiritankoa. Kirkkosalia kattaa laudoitettu tynnyriholvi vuodelta 1703. Sisätilan kaikki pinnat ja kiinteä sisustus huolellisesti veistettyine yksityiskohtineen ovat ajan patinoimaa, maalaamatonta puuta. Alttari ja saarnastuoli ovat säilyneet alkuperäisessä asussaan."

Mid June and you still can see snow, in Sodankylä, where else?!

After five days of Midnitesun Filmfestival it was time to pack the Rosebud books 
and the exhausted  book seller, and head towards south.

We actually moved towards west, 100 km along this typical "busy" road.

And here we are: in Levi.
One of the busiest skiing resort in Lapland. In winter season.

Our humble home, a real "kelohonka" cottage.
Of course with all facilities: tv, dishwasher ...

Sunday was the only rainy day...

Next morning the greatest sunny views!

The Levi fell is 531 meters above sea level. 
There are 48 skiing slopes (15 of which are floodlit) and 26 skiing lifts in Levi. 
Levi is another of the two sites of gondola lifts in Finland.

Fun action! Sliding down the "tunturi", jihuuuuuu!

Who said skiing resorts are boring in the summer?

One more poro ...

Five days before midsummer bonfires were prepared.

In Helsinki it kept on raining ... so we continued our holiday to:

More pics to follow.

sunnuntai 21. kesäkuuta 2009





Juhannusaattona nautimme gourmetruokaa Barcelonassa:

If you fancy gourmet dinners go ahead to Barcelona! 
Nordic nouvelle cuisine.
Maybe we needed it after four "grillimakkara" days in Sodankylä!

Finnisch für Anfänger:
grilli = Grill/barbecue
makkara = Wurst/sausage