sunnuntai 29. maaliskuuta 2009

Weekend action

Little Finnland is the shop in Friedrichsdorf-Köppern, where you can buy all kinds of stuff from Finland and Scandinavia. It's pretty cute.
I just sometimes wonder why many of these international businesses combine in their names several languages, like this Little (english) Finnland (german), or Noridsch-Art (german-english). That is also a finn owned shop in Bad Homburg selling scandinavian design, there was a fashion show last week.

Little Finnland organized a spring happening,
which unfortunately suffered of rainy and very cold weather.

SISU-radio was playing background music to keep the customers happy.

How do you entertain visitors nowadays?
... well ... surfing and googling people of which you just heard a good gossip!
* * *

Marko Karvo is THE magician in Tigerpalast variety show!

I had him in my SISU-radio show today, YEZZZZZ!
* * *

keskiviikko 25. maaliskuuta 2009

Finnland Tag


Finnish employees of Lufthansa passenger services were presenting
Finland to their colleagues yesterday!
Yes, we finns are everywhere, watch out!

Esko the Performer
"Oi maamme Suomi synnyinmaa
soi sana kultainen
ei laaksoa ei kukkulaa
ei vettä rantaa rakkaampaa..."
National Anthem of Finland

Virva & Tutu in traditional costumes.

Mariska & Anita in marimekko look.

Women kneel down in front of Harri...

Hillevi loves reindeers.

Minisauna with all extras.

Salmiakki cake. Yammy.

Karjalanpiirakat munavoilla and rye bread ...

... salmon ...salmon ... salmon ...

Miss Finland.

sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2009

Messuvieraita ja muitakin

Hakaniemen hallikauppias visited handcrafts fair in Cologne with her top designer Marita, and also spent a sunny and succesful shopping day in Frankfurt, including selected sight seeing like the famous Römer square.

This is how Frankfurt looked like after the 2nd World War. Not funny.
This and more can be seen in the historical museum at Römer square.

The newest attraction in Frankfurt Zeil:
MyZeil shopping paradise, locally known as Thichter.
Honestly, there are more desirable paradises in this world than this ...

The architectural input can be discussed.

Or the architectural input can be meditated.

Frankfurt am MAIN.
On the way to Tandure, THE turkish/kuridish restaurant in Sachsenhausen.

This is how a designer arranges her starters in a turkish restaurant ...

Kismet. Schkicksal. Kenpä tietäis sen, ken kertoisi huomisen ...?
Kaffeesatz lesen ist Kunst an sich! And it was funny!

° ° °
März Empfehlungen
(ohne Kaffeesatz, nur mit Nachmittagstee):

von Fotografin: "GUT gegen NORDWIND" von Daniel Glattauer

von Kunsthistorikerin: sich massieren lassen in Baden Baden

von Jogalehrerin: Kundalini Yoga,
demnächst Dienstag abends in Bornheim, Petterweilstrasse 47

perjantai 20. maaliskuuta 2009

Lichter Filmtage

Malte, the moviemaker.

Der Soldat Jon Hendricks (DOKUMENTATION, D 2009)

Regie und Drehbuch: Malte Rauch
Produktion: strandfilm/ Frankfurt
Sprachfassung: englisches Original
Dauer: 78 min.

All of you who like good films: go and see this, official first nite should be at the end of May in Frankfurt. It's about jazz, racism and war. A lot of cool music, plenty of pleasant talks, some nostalgic war scenes.

Glückwunsch, Malte, wieder ein guter Film fertig ... oder fast fertig ...!

keskiviikko 18. maaliskuuta 2009


Ja, ja, jetzt bin ich Mitglied der Finnisch-Deutschen Handelsgilde.
Warum? Warum nicht.
Nette Gesellschaft.
Heute hat sich Suomi Travel GmbH vorgestellt, im Foto oben der Cheffe Juha Haapanen mit Prof. Dr. Alexander Riesenkampff, Honorarkonsul Finnlands in Hessen.

Zu Hause: Konsulanus Generalissimus Maximus Commodus, auf dem Terassentisch.

tiistai 17. maaliskuuta 2009

Airline industry

Where are we going to?
... and how?
Airports are getting more and more interesting places, read the news:
Finnish Woman Lived at the Airport for Two Months

A woman from Finland, who is believed to be mentally disturbed, is at large in Berlin after living at Tegel airport since mid-December. Finnish doctors and family members want to bring her home, but German authorities say she refuses to return.

Finnish and German authorities are squabbling over what to do with an apparently disturbed Finnish woman who lived in Berlin's Tegel Airport for about two months. "I'm very worried about this woman," said Kai Henttonen, a pastor at a Finnish church in Berlin. "She's disturbed and can't assess her own situation anymore."

Berlin's Tegel airport: Home away from home?Henttonen said Finnish doctors flew to Berlin last Friday carrying paperwork to admit her to a Finnish psychiatric hospital. But a clinic in Berlin had already released the woman on the basis of a German psychiatric report saying she posed no threat to other people or herself. Now, since she spends nights in a homeless shelter, some Finnish news outlets have accused the Germans of "failure to assist a person in danger."
The roughly 40-year-old woman, who speaks no German, became a familiar sight to employees at Tegel -- wearing curlers in her hair, flip-flops on her feet, and always pulling the same rolling suitcase, according to a saleswoman in a pastry shop.

"It seemed strange to me, but I didn't know she lived here," the saleswoman told the Tagesspiegel newspaper. The Finnish woman had coffee and cake every afternoon, "and always paid for it herself," said the saleswoman. She also reportedly ate several scoops of ice cream a day at an airport restaurant.

The Finnish woman, in fact, rejected the kindness of strangers. When a clerk at Starbucks tried to give her a free cup of coffee, she yelled -- in English -- "Nothing in life is free!" according to Der Tagesspiegel. And a hairstylist said the woman turned down a free haircut and wash.

Before she disappeared in Finland, she received walk-in psychiatric care. Her Finnish doctors and members of her family now want to bring her home

Berlin police were called more than once to deal with her erratic behavior at Tegel. At one point, she was found wandering about aimlessly in a tunnel on the road leading to the airport with her blue suitcase. Police brought her to safety and then showed her the way -- back to the airport. In mid-February airport authorities also called Henttonen, the minister, for help. "My wife and I have tried three or four times to speak with the woman and convince her to go home," he said -- but in vain.

Still, Henttonen finds it "totally absurd" that the Germans won't force her to return. "On the one hand the doctors admit she's disturbed, on the other hand the woman is supposed to decide for herself where she wants to live?" he says. "She is a well-dressed, very beautiful woman, but she's wandering around Berlin."

A spokesman for the Finnish embassy in Berlin, Leo Riski, said, "We can do very little because the woman has not been made a ward of the state."

sunnuntai 15. maaliskuuta 2009

Pyöreät juhlat

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today dearest EIJA!

Gestern Nacht gab es wieder eine Megaparty in Odenwald, mit live music,

Vassilly hat uns super unterhalten.

Mit Akkordeon wurde auch getantzt!
Thanx for the great PARTY!!!

Sirpa just missed the funny party, but we'll see her more often in Frankfurt in close future. Welcome!

tiistai 10. maaliskuuta 2009

DUBAI experience

Our "base camp" seen from the airplane, check the blue lighted houses (Denim Tower a.o.) close to the Palm Island, there about is the Marina, where we stayed.

The view from the balcony: Dubai Marina including Yacht Club.
yes, it's real, the sky scrapers, the yachts, the blue sky and the turquoise water.

And that balcony is in the third building from the left.

DESERT experience.
It was next to our building, also a view from the balcony. We did not do a desert safari.

Our friendly host ALI loves to rock!

Ali took us to some wonderful places, we had fantastic brunch and hot disco night at the newly opened Atlantis Hotel, he recommended us the bar Calabar at Address Hotel, we enjoyed sheeshas and drinks after a stroll in the souk at Madinah Jumeirah, we spent a sunny afternoon at the pool at Mina A'Salam ...

He also took us to the bar 360 from where we had a superb view at sunset.
That bar was rated as one of the top locations: cutest girls in town!

Probably not the cutest boys in town, but definitely some of the most working boys in Dubai build this enourmously fast growing city, day and nite. Do not ask for which conditions. Look at how many men there are alone at this building site!

Dubai's next wonder: the highest sky scraper in the world. Burj Dubai. Not yet ready, but already dominates the skyline.

In front of the pic the monorail track, train should start operating next year. A new era of public transportation in Dubai. Hopefully. Today you can travel by taxi anywhere with the price of an European tram ticket.

The view from the Palace Hotel in the middle of the city. Artificial, yes.

Talk about artificial!

In the Mall of Emirates this skiing experience is the attraction.
Maybe it is necessary for all the expat kids, or the rich emirati children. Maybe.
By the way, we did not shop ANYTHING.

Actually there is an old town in Dubai, too, it is on both sides of the Creek, which you can cross by funny little wooden boats called abras.

Oh yeah, and we did even visit the Museum of Dubai.

In the elder parts of Dubai, like in Deira, you can find souks, but for heaven's sake do not compare them with the Istambul grand bazar ... these souks are quickly walked through, you might be able to make bargains if you were looking for Indian scarves or t-shirts. You might. The nicest souk was the spice souk.

Well, we did not really suffer, did we? NO! But it was interesting: even the luxury hotels were not allowed to serve any alcohol during this birthday holiday. Alcohol is anway a bit of a tabu theme in Dubai, it is an islamic country indeed. A country that wants to have tourists. Tourists want to celebrate on holidays ... the solution is to admit special alcohol licenses to the hotels. That is also where you find ALL ex partiots in their free time, spending ridiculously much money on drinks.

Another matter is no tolerance when drinking and driving. I guess the wealthy muslims get their kicks out of expensive cars, they do not need whisky to get high. I have never ever anywhere seen so many expensive luxury cars like in Dubai!

Did we like it? Of course, we had such a luxury holiday.

Did you know there is no crime in Dubai? You can leave your appartment doors unlocked!

Did you know there is a huge lebanese community living in Dubai? They are very nice people indeed, and make extraordinary tasty lahmacun until early morning...

Did you know it will be too hot to travel there in the summer months? Nobody can stand out 50° heat.