lauantai 31. tammikuuta 2009

Interior Coach

Have you EVER tried to make pictures of your home? Your home sweet home, your cosy home, your home where you live. You live with a lot of objects, gadjets, clothes, books, papers and food and drinks. A couple of human creatures normally live in your home, too, and very often at least one animal. You clean up every now and then and specially when you get visitors, for the mother in law you need two days extra cleaning. You never, never, never have enough cupboard space and your dusting is a never ending task. Familiar? Good. It is normal. Now, make some photographs of that holy home of yours.

Result: desaster!
It is an eye opener. Really. And truly nothing, I tell you, nothing in your home looks like in the glamorous pages of Schöner Wohnen ... Should it be? THAT is the question. Homes are meant for living, so live in your home. Have fun with active living. Like collecting items. Any items. Some call it recycling, me too, just that the cycling has always the final end in my posession. Strange?

But, honestly, after skiing holidays I really have to do something with my creative room ...

Should you need any new home decorating ideas,
do not come to our home but
have a look into these pages:


keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2009

JANNIS in net

Geheimtipp in Ostend:
Cafe Jannis
Griechisch-finnische Gemütlichkeit.

"kotilääkäri" Tammikuu 2009 s. 76-78
Kuka se siellä kurkistaa? No meidän LEA, villalankakauppias Hakaniemen hallista! Taas näyttävä juttu Lean onnistuneesta yrittäjäelämästä. Hienoa.

sunnuntai 25. tammikuuta 2009

Dr. T 50!

DANKE Jürgen
für die tolle Party last nite! Schon wieder haben wir bis in die Puppen getantzt, war sehr schön.
Sein eindeutig Lieblingsgeburtstagsgeschenk: Hubschrauber!

Gefeiert wurde in Gemünden in dem Alten Bahnhof

... und übernachtet wurde in diesem nostalgischem Schlafwagen.

On our way home we visited Marburg, we even checked the museum inside the castle.

Marburg is a cute historical town with loads of old houses, a real treasure for people who love "Fachwerkhäuser".

lauantai 24. tammikuuta 2009


Gestern: ITE-Veranstaltung in Salon 13 in Offenbach, in den Räumlichkeiten des Bundes der Offenbächee Künstleee. Dirk Hülstrunk hat Vortrag über finnische ITE-Kunst gehalten, ein witziges Thema, indeed. Hier im Bild die kurze Ansprache von Organisatorin Katja M Schneider, Halbfinnin und Künstlerin.

War gutbesucht.

"One Evening Finland Exhibition"
What did the people bring with them? Fotos, pictures, maps, tickets, stamps, bonbon-papers - anything you could hang up with a needle.

We SISUs made our own installation with SISU-t-shirts and cd's of Tuija Komi and band UUSIKUU - yes, we even sold a few, thanks.

Mickey Mouse und Donald Duck sind doch interessanter als ITE-Kunst für Kiddies...

SISU DJanes had fun, too.

Especially when Hanna from Little Finnland - shop provided us with finnish food!

Organisers finished the evening with the "lecker Elchblut".

Dirk has learned a lot about Finland!

torstai 22. tammikuuta 2009

more jazz in frankfurt

In the HfMDK JAZZFEST 2009 Concert we heard Olivier Laiseney Quintet from Paris, we heard the school's Big Band and we totally enjoyed:

Sheila Jordan with Christoph Sänger Trio

Here Tuija's tutor Sheila Jordan, who does not deny her age, she is 80 years old. YES!

The show must go on, so we popped into Jazzkeller, every Wednesday there is jam session!

keskiviikko 21. tammikuuta 2009

JAZZ in Frankfurt

No, it is not a church, it is the "Kleiner Saal" in der Musikhochschule in Frankfurt. On the stage: TUIJA KOMI, Savon kultakurkku. She can be heard and seen again tonite at 21.30 hours on the same stage LIVE!!! After Sheila Jordan & Christoph Sänger Trio.

HfMDK JAZZFEST 2009 (Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Ffm). See you there!

This little princess spent a nite in our flat on Monday, came with her parents Lode & Joshu from Finland and is going to live in Switzerland the next six months, have fun in Alpenland kleine Line-Lotte!

sunnuntai 18. tammikuuta 2009

Pupujen tuhoja

Such nice sunsets we could admire last week.

I tested my tele. Not bad.

In the mornings the views were not funny at all: those hungry beasts from river banks celebrated nightly feasts in our little garden and destroyed even our beloved french olive tree! This is how it looks like when a there is no hope anymore, when the bark is gone. Trees can survive if one third of the bark is left, but not if the whole thing is in the stomachs of hungry hares.

I still have some branches left, should I stick them to the earth or should I put them in water?
... and the song goes: should I stay or should I go .......

PS: All Germans in Hessen: geht wählen heute!

torstai 15. tammikuuta 2009


Last nite we went to the traditional music Club in Frankfurt: Sinkkasten. There we saw the show THE POPS with their "DER POPOLSKI SHOW". WOW, that was action!!! It was like really funny, like Leningrad Cowboys type of making fun of all favourite pop hits with heavy polish accent and excellent musicians.

It is a big combo on stage, so next time in Frankfurt, 16.5.2009, they can be seen in Batschkapp Club, where their heavy sound can have more space. Read more of this crazy group in:

WARNING: do not learn German in those internet pages, it is supposed to be FUN only!!!
Thanks ANZANI crew for recommending!

lauantai 10. tammikuuta 2009



So, finally the hares from the river park have found their way up to our garden. They seem to be hungry, they have already started to damage our bushes ... I have to go and buy some "Hasenzaun". It's too cold to leave the cat outside to chase the hares. Or should I call them rabbits? Hasen? Kanickel ... Jäniksiä ne on suomenkielellä.

One more question: is hareshit good for the lawn?

torstai 8. tammikuuta 2009


There are things that you can only produce in winter when the air is freezing: like these JÄÄLYHDYT*, in Finland they are really popular, guess how many days freezing air do they have up there ... hahaaaa!!!! And those design candles were handmade in Petterweil 2007 ... thnx so much Maria & kiddies!

* Finnisch für Anfänger:

jää = Eis
lyhty = Laterne/
yksi lyhty = eine Laterne
/one lantern
kaksi lyhtyä = zwei Laternen
/ two lanterns
lyhtyjä = mehrere Laternen
/several lanterns

maanantai 5. tammikuuta 2009

let is snow let it snow let it snow ...


in our garden

sunnuntai 4. tammikuuta 2009

... angry Inch?

New year,
new actions:

DJANES K & O in action, must bring satisfaction ...!!!

Nigel Francis started his promotion tour in SISU-radio today. COOL.

perjantai 2. tammikuuta 2009



We decided to escape Mainhattan for the new year, so we flew to ...

... no, it's not Rome, even if it has more than 100 churches ...

... no, not really Vienna even though you can get a ride on these Habsburger thingies ...

... no, no, not even Venice, even though the main Square is almost as large as Piazza San Marco and there are pigeons to keep the kids busy ...

The square is called Rynek Glówny.
And in this picture it is getting ready for the SYLWESTER party. With the row of toilets.
The city is called:

Krakow / Cracow / Krakova / Krakau

It is Krakova, where you should visit the historic Jewish quarter Kazimierz.

Take time for a daytrip to Auschwitz.

Sylwester night in Kraków has all colours...

... until the midnite fills the whole square...

... with fireworks and 100.000 people




Most of the sights everywhere in the world are closed on new year's day, so take a look into those fabulous churches, they are open for public. Or just take a walk in the fresh air, this city is made for walking.

You can admire the cuppolas of the castle and cathedral complex of WAWEL.

Free tip for winter travellers:
As it was freezing cold, like minus 10 at least, and windy, grrrrr...
so we found the hot bar Roosters with the waitresses wearing red HOTPANTS.

It can be so cold, no wonder that even squirrels have their own houses!

Polish for foreigners: wiewiorka = squirrel = orava = Eichhörnchen

PS. Nest time we visit Krakova, we'll focus on the world famous JAZZ clubs, on street cafes, jazz clubs, museums, jazz clubs, Auschwitz, of course, some jazz clubs, Klezmer music, jazz ...

maybe even: