keskiviikko 30. heinäkuuta 2008


These days I noticed a funny thing: there are a couple of german words which all reflect negative feelings and they all start with "STRE"

STREIK .....lakko
STRESS .....stressi
STREIT ......epäsopu, kahnaus, kiista, rettelö, selkkaus, tappelu, välienselvittely, etc.
STREBER ..hikipinko, pyrkyri
STRENG .....ankara, tinkimätön, tiukka, tuima etc.

So now I wonder why a german designer chose the name Strenesse ...?! I tell you: the family is called Strehle.
By the way: the last LH Uniform was designed by this company.

tiistai 29. heinäkuuta 2008


Yes I saw it:

If you hate musicals, ABBA songs, love stories, weddings, happy ends, Greek islands: STAY HOME.

Otherwise, go and enjoy the most hilarious film since ages (since four weddings and a funeral). Really. Of course, Meryl Streep is the shining star and she acts most convincingly even in a musical, she should win an Oscar for this crazy job. And she CAN sing. Mr Bond Brosnan cannot really sing, and his acting can be rated widely, but he is an attractive male (for certain aged women) and I think he did this on purpose, he had fun making a fool of himself = singing! The rest of the crew is just funny, clichees more than needed ... but the screaming american women are not really clichee, they are like that ... cheers Trish and co! In some cinemas apparently people get up and dance while watching the movie, and singing along, for sure. we did it, too, in the shy finnish way.

This film is just pure fun, actually my friend commented it as Bollywood style (hilarious) and it makes you feel like packing your things together right away and getting a cosy place on a greek island.

Critics? Well, this is a West End musical put on screen, and sometimes is stiff, it looks like a play on a stage, instead of a real movie where cameras are zooming and fading.

The reality strikes just around the corner of the (best) cinema (showing original versions) in town: I've always been wondering and admiring these balconies. Isn't it amazing what a difference it makes to have a few plants on your balcony?!

This is for the cat fanclub: morning view in Ostend, Peps watching Mietze to do her daily thing in the biggest Katzenklo in the area ... hmmm... in the picture Mietze is already going her direction.

torstai 24. heinäkuuta 2008

Wörthsee Festivals - Finissage

These finnish girls had such a good time the last days celebrating Hena's 50th birthday with program including hiking, dining, wining and a lot of singing with family and closest friends in Bavaria. I missed the hiking to the mountains, too bad, and I missed the perfect dinner party on Sunday, too, which is really bad, but finally I joined the finissage on Monday where most of the party people and holiday makers were still present. Somehow it was very finnish, with pancakes on the grill...

MONSTER DOZEN had also fun when celebrating D's birthday next day in München's Brenners!





muu maa mii


Dining was good, location nice, seems to be a popular place down town, in THE Maximilianstrasse where the wealthy arabs park their Porsches and other expensive looking sports cars.

Finally the sun came out and the exhausted girlies could relax! At least for half an hour, bavarian summer can be very similar to the finnish summer, wheatherwise at least, you need pullovers in the evenings and mosquito repellent all day round!

Kiitos taas Tuovisklaanille hauskoista hetkistä ja erinomaisesta kestityksestä!

keskiviikko 16. heinäkuuta 2008


Hi folks,
summer makes a rainy break here in Ostend, leaving time for blog updates. And the police time for money collecting.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

sakkolappu = Strafzettel, Knöllchen / Ticket, fine (not fine as good but an order to pay!)

Being a member of the German biking association I receive regularly a copy of the local paper "frankfurt aktuell". In the latest number (4) there was a very interesting theme: Radfahrer befuhren auf der Flösserbrücke auf der für Gegenverkehr nicht freigegebenen Radweg auf der linken Seite Strassenseite. That is the way we always use for our grocery shopping tour -do not tell this anybody. Amazing but true, at the Sachsenhausen end there was police writing tickets, Knöllchen, for 15 Euros for bikers who rode along the wrong side.

Fair enough, those Knöllchen were cancelled, but WOW, what an action. Ain't me happy to be a member in this club and get some real info! You can find the complete article in and click frankfurt ...and find:

Druckfrisch: FRANKFURTaktuell Ausgabe Juli/August 2008download PDF ca 2,3 MB
pages 3-5, including Leserbriefe.

Another Knöllchen story happended today, my friend wanted to pick me up and almost got a ticket for blocking the bikeline! All of these cars got one, for sure.

So dearest fans, when you visit us by car, watch out that when you park, do it along the street and by no means block the biking line. Actually, I think that is for everybody much better, because now many bikers ride just in front of the entrance door of our building and that can be very dangerous. But let's thinkpositive: sooner or later the messy building site is gone and there are plenty of beautiful trees decorating the streets and broad biking lines are free. Nobody can afford to drive a car anyway if the prices go up the way they are rising now.

sunnuntai 13. heinäkuuta 2008


Camping? No, no camping but grill party for 30 people. Preparation for the long nite.... this was the late 100 years celebration for a special group of friends, and a kind of house warming as well.

These settings are called "Apfelweingarnitur" in German, and they look really elegant when covered with white table clothes.

Everybody wanted to be seated in the "tent" even though the rainy midday weather turned out to be a sunny, mild evening. Weren't we lucky.

Thanx Ulla for your masterpeace, candle light looks great through your desing.

torstai 10. heinäkuuta 2008

Pollock goes grey and green

Our "Hommage a Pollock" has got his thrid layer, the new colours of our new home.

Why did Jackson Pollock begin to drip paint? What was the source of his inspiration? The question has preoccupied artists, critics, and art historians since the drip paintings first appeared in 1947. Stories of his "discovery" are legion. According to one, he was working on paper when a recalcitrant pen began to "dribble and blob". Most of the stories involve an accident of some sort: thinning the paint too much, spilling paint, throwing a brush in anger. (...) most Bonackers tended to credit the far simple explanation that Jackson discovered the drip when he was drunk. (Jackson Pollock, An American Saga - Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith).

Detailed fotos show, though, how the old colours still come through every now then. And the mysterious old structures.

This foto became my favourite: it shows (accidentally, of course) a black lady sitting in a garden ...

In the garden the green colour continues, but in a bit darker shade. My preference are white flowers, like these white roses, which turn their beauty towards the children's playground - that is the southside where the suns comes from.

But not only white blossoms, also scenting english roses have found their way to our place.

Pink looks pretty nice in front of the white building. Oldfashioned.

keskiviikko 9. heinäkuuta 2008

Juli - Sommerloch?

Juli ist Urlaubsmonat aber keinenfalls Sommerloch! Es gibt einiges zu tun, beim guten Wetter auch nichtstun ... blog Seite muss manchmal warten. Sorry fans.

Die drei vom BÄNDI, die deutsche Gruppe aus Frankfurt, die finnische Tangos spielt. Mit Leidenschaft. Es gab Gartenfest in Bockenheim bei K & T, vielen Dank für die Einladung!

Viele Leute haben mitgespielt und mit unterschiedlischten Instrumenten. Klasse.

On Sunday morning Frankfurt was overruled by IRONMEN. 3000 people first swimming, then biking and finally running marathon ... running took place at river Main and we had the great opportunity to listen to all the names of the runners from the oppsite side of the river, those loudspeakers were LOUD. Last runners finised their ironman competition just before 11 P.M. They must be made of iron.

Ennen oli miehet rautaa, laivat oli puuta hiiohoi, nytten ovat laivat rautaa, ja miehet ...? Hiiohoi!

These pictures might become valuable, who knows how long the Sudfass complex still stands.

Little Lea visited us with her mum, the piano attracts all kids, and adults, by the way, too. But to practise? What a fatal attraction.