maanantai 28. huhtikuuta 2008

Bordeaux - Cantegrive - Toulouse

ROTWEINFRAKTION in Bordeaux!!! A votre santé! KIPPIS!

Folks, if you love red wine you have to visit Bordeaux. It is the capital of wine. LH flies directly from FRA to BOD, so go ahead. But if you have time, travel by car, preferably by a big car so that you can bring cases of wine back home ...! And you do not have to spend hours at a boring airport because your flight got cancelled... hm.

This view is from our hotel's breakfast room, overlooking the Garonne river with Pont de Pierre. A wonderful location to start your city walks in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Have a break at Maison du Vin, with wine tasting, just in the hearth of the city.

The best view over the city we got from the Tour Pey-Berland, crowned with the golden statue of Notre Dame d'Aquitane. Bordeaux is the administrative capital of the Region of Aquitane, has around 220.000 inhabitants plus some 50.000 students, says my new guide book "blue guide, Southwest France".

The view from 47 meters was perfect, and we still had sun. By the way, the blue worm is the new tram, those trams are really cool.

Tartaruga on tartaruga* ... where do people get those funny nick names from?

*Finnisch for beginners: KILPIKONNA = Schildkröte/Turtle

Aprilwetter! ...sagt der Deutsche. 30 minutes sun, 30 minutes rain, 30 sun, 30 rain.

Bordeaux blossoming ... without the wind and rain it had been absolutely great!

Papaver bordelais in April. Do I also have to love this flower because it is called "Türkenmohn" in German ...? And UNIKKO in finnish (uni = sleep).

Another MUST for winelovers: SAINT-EMILION! About 30km east of Bordeaux, a perfect day trip destination.

"The richly endowed town of St-Emilion stands confidently on a limestone escarpment surveying the vineyards on which it depends. Beautifully turned out, it has many interesting buildings solidly built in the local cream-coloured stone...." (blue guide Southwest France).

RWF girlies, we missed this: in the Maison du Vin in St-Emilion we could have sticked our noses to many fragrancies.

If you stick wrong things into your nose, like papaver ... you might get artistic ambitions ... but this is simply a decoration of a dessert, sweet sauce, powder sugar on a black plate, which most probably was a piece of "Schiefer", you know those black tile kind of stony plates to cover roofs.

Our rental car took us to the next destination, about an hour's drive to the west: Arcachon, a cute town at the Bassin d'Arcachon, and that is an inland sea of 155 sq km. Due time lack we did not make it up to Cap Ferrat, so we must come again.

Arcachon is the oyster paradise, not to forget all the other stuff that you get from the waters. And from humid places ... snails are a speciality as well... bon appetit!

How can you eat those pretty fellows with those pretty eyes??? I tell you, salads were pretty good, too. More about french food at the end of this section ....

RWF girls returned back home and my hubby joined me for the rest of the holiday. We hit the road towards east, past Bergerac ...

... and this is where we stayed the following three nites: CANTEGRIVE. Cosy country cottage in the Dordogne valley, in the Périgord area ...

The view from our bedroom in the morning, can it get more idyllic???

And this is the view to the opposite direction. Finns, you'll love this, NO neighbours in sight! Other nationalities: you'll love it too!

Get more info in the internet:

Check where local markets are held and get local groceries, like these amazing artichokes. Get the taste of France. Enjoy the tasteful white wines of the area. Relax.

This Périgord area is really full of French history, especially medieval history. Along the valleys you'll find old castles, like this Chateau de Castelnaud, where there is also a museum introducing all kinds of brutal weapons with which the mediaval guys tried to cut off the heads of their enemies. Like the english, who already in those days wanted to conquer those pretty landscapes. Nowadays tourism from UK is extremly expanding and the brits also buy property in southern France, Périgord is actually getting very international.

This building is already in the sunny city of Toulouse, here you find the tourist office and from here you are just 10 meters away from the center of the city:

Place du Capitole, that is where the action is, day and night.

Toulouse is known as the pink/red city, because of the numerous brick stone buildings and churches. But there is also someting mediterranian in this city, look at the foto here above. It is taken at the square where we had our last dinner, outdoors, of course.

French cooking: St Jaques, what an imaginative way of presenting seafood!

Yes, we did eat it. Fois gras. We eat it every now and then, it tastes nice. Accompanied with sweet white wine ... delicious. We did hear several stories about the methods how the birds are fed. Dear friends, if you oppose to fois gras, do not visit the little medieval town Sarlat either, all they sell there is fois gras. It is almost hysterical!

We bought some fois gras to take home from a recommended local farmer.

Of course I ate also other things, like cheese. A lot of french cheese. My main course one night was this warm Camembert, with nut topping and some goose meet and ham and potatoes on the side. A bit salty, but luckyly I do like cheese.

PS. I'll add bits and pieces later on to this report, time is running our of my hands ... should go back to Cantegrive to get enough sleep ...

lauantai 26. huhtikuuta 2008

Die lange Nacht nach der langen Reise

Hi fans!

Sorry, did not make it to tonite's "Lange Nacht der Museen" - our flight from TLS was cancelled and after spending a long day at the airport ... grrr ... we arrived home pretty late. Hope you had fun.

Travel pics from France will be inserted to this site soon, hopefully tomorrow.

sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2008

Ostend sceneries

We have lakes!
APRILWETTER. Heute ultrakrass: Gewitter, Regen, Donner, Regen, Sturm.

We have rice fields!
I really do like japanese gardens, and even the chinese gardens with their stones and harmony appeal me. I do like to see things grow. Like grass in our garden. But what happens to all those seeds of last week? They will all vanish with the rain ... and the scenery resembles a rice field. A rice field with a lot of water. I wonder if the water in the far east is as cold as it is in Ostend and the rice still can grow? Should I try with rice?

And we have art!
To lighten the rainy day: our newest object. Art. Any questions? Any objections?

Die Objektkunst ist eine aus der Assemblage besonders seit Ende der 50er Jahre des 20.Jahrhunderts weiterentwickelte Kunstform, die einen oder mehrere vorgefundene Gegenstände – teilweise auch bearbeitet oder verfremdet – zum Kunstwerk erklärt. Ein Objet trouvé (franz. für ‚gefundener Gegenstand‘) ist ein Kunstwerk
bzw. Teil eines Kunstwerks, das aus vorgefundenen Alltagsgegenständen oder Abfällen hergestellt wird. Readymades werden sie genannt, wenn der Künstler am vorgefundenen Objekt keine oder kaum Eingriffe vornimmt. (Wikipedia).

Die letzten Frühlingstulpen glänzen im wärmenden Kerzenlicht.
Sie drehen sich gleich nach der Sonne, wenn die Regenwolken vorbeigezogen sind.
Enjoy spring! Frohe Frühlingstage! Iloista kevättä!

torstai 10. huhtikuuta 2008

Murphy's law

No foto. I did not have my camera with me. I did not have my mobile with me. And the main thing: I did not have my keys with me. Not to mention that I did NOT have my hubby with me, he is out of town, he is on business trip in Bavaria. I did have a friend with me, her mobile phone had credit for EUR 1,36. Could send a few sms. And the cat was locked in the bedroom because of the carpenters bulding up a cupboard in our kitchen. Have you ever heard of cats which can open doors when locked away themselves? Me neither. So no foto. So sorry folks.

PS: Notice: I did get in ... MAGIC!

PPS: Mrs Murphy, best regards to you in NYC. What did you do to have your name on this impossible law thing? Won't see you in April in Petterweil, so send me a mail.

lauantai 5. huhtikuuta 2008


*Finnisch für Anfänger

Kirpputori = Flohmarkt/Fleamarket

Today, as every Saturday in Sachsenhausen, it was fleamarket time between the Eiserner Steg and Holbein Steg pedestrian bridges.

Let me introduce to you the fLeighmarket Lady number one:

But this is only how she treats good friends with cameras, otherwise she is really cute and fantastic with customes! fLeighmarket lady is the specialist, the absolutely best sales woman in Rhein Main area. She knows how to sell and selling with her is great FUN!

Do not let the rain depress you, make the best of it, light conditions for macro fotos can be excellent!

Fleamarket at the "Museumsufer" next to the Museum für Weltkulturen gives you a sort of feeling of cultural importance, a newzealander and a finn selling chinese and other international products to turkish and asian, indian, east european, even to german people is exactly what Frankfurt is all about: MULTIKULTI. Be a part of it, be a frankfurter!

Finally the rain stopped and we had more customer space when the umbrellas were down. Despite the horrible weather we managed to sell well, we were very satisfied with our EUR results. Our goal was to cover the stand costs, but we made even better, we made profit. Who needs to win in Lotto anymore ...?

Next time we'll just choose a sunnier day.

tiistai 1. huhtikuuta 2008

New boat

This is the new boat my hubby purchased in Italy last week, isn't it a beauty?! Now we urgently need a couple of guys to help us to get the boat from Venice to Ostend. Anybody interested please write your timing wishes to the comment part of this blog. There will be generous catering during the trip, and accommodation will be organized in minimum 5 star hotels along the way, and the route is pretty flexible: pop in to Malta, check St. Tropez, curve towards Mallorca, or do the turkish tour and Donau, whatever, but just bring this boat to Ostend.

The boat will be named after today: April.

PS. Finnisch für Anfänger: APRILLIPILA = Aprilscherz / April fool