lauantai 29. maaliskuuta 2008


Ciao, we went to Venice! Two nights, one and a half days, one city, two weathers. Unfortunately my camera was not available when we landed, I had a wonderful view over the laguna , over the whole city of Venice and surrounding islands, just amazing. But the view from Accademia bridge is always worth showing, even if the cupola of Santa Maria della Salute is wrapped for restauration works.

The foto above shows the promenade Riva delgi Schiavoni, where many boats leave their loads of tourists, most of them in big groups, all heading towards Piazza San Marco.

Just less than 100 meters away from those crowds you can find these amazing places, where local venetians chat with their neighbours inbetween crocery shopping. This is the Campo dei Mori in Castello.

Enjoy the little alleyways and narrow canals (the water is extremely green this year), walk without destination, let your feet bring you around the next corner, let your eyes admire the charming surroundings, choose the sunny sides of the little lanes. Do get lost, that is fun in Venice!

After visited Venice at least for six times, I start looking further up, along the walls, and my little Canon finds always new interesting objects.

Like camelias, makes you feel like Greta Garbo as "Kameliendame", well, not really. In March there aren't that many flowers to be seen, you find joy of every single one you find.

We amused ourselves with memory, a very personal version for our brithdayboy! Who won? Birthdayboy's wife, again, she just knows the tricks!

In the evening we rushed through San Marco to our favourite fish restaurant Corte Sconta in Castello. They do serve vegetarian menu for not-fish-eating-people, lucky me!

Next day was rainy, very rainy, but the rain did not prevent us from our walking tours.

From Rialto brigde you get a good glimpse of the busy life, here you can see the boats delivering basicly everything, to shops, to restaurants, to private homes. We did see guys carrying a sofa through the tiny streets, wow.

This is one of the not touristy piazzas, called Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio. On the left side is the church, which is one of the oldest ones in Venice. Yesterday kids were playing football against the church wall and a family had a picknick where the tables are now getting wet in the rain, see foto below.

Sunny weather brings out all venetians, and not all of them are old. Population is getting older, but on the other hand wealthy foreigners are buying properties and bringing new blood to the ancient city.

If you have booked your gondel tour you have to make, expecially if you are from far east ...

In Venice you do go out for dinner but during the day you have to try all those tramezzinis and other fantastic snacks, always frish, with a lot of maionaise, but still tasty.

... uovi con seppie ... eggs with octopus ...

scampi ... cozze ... all those nice looking animals from the waters ... yammy yammy ...

Always frish, young vegetables, carciofi etc. And a must for all Italy fans: gelati!!!

Vino? Certo! And all kinds of drinks, campari cocktails, and the local aperitivo Spritze.

sunnuntai 23. maaliskuuta 2008

Visitor at night

Our cat has a new friend, or at least a curious neighbour, who visits our garden close to midnite, expecially during the full moon period. If he does not sit on the table, like above, he makes funny noices behind the window and Peps indise answers with even worse sounding effects.

We have named him Maximus Commodus as he is even bigger than our cat, pretty musculous, too. Who knows, maybe he is the bodyguard from the corner building Sudfass?

Why on earth this name? Well, we were watching the movie "Gladiator" last nite. Ten million dollar question to you all: WHY did that film win so many Oscars? Why? I am a film freak but never liked war/historical films, and this movie just confirmed my opinion - stick to what you like! Well, Russel Crowe I could watch again ...

And as you can see, Maximus Commodus is wearing a "kaulapanta*", so he must belong to somebody, to some human with a home. But his face looks like as if he did stick his nose to many places where it was not really welcome ...

*Finnisch für Anfänger/finnish for beginners:

KAULA = Hals /neck
PANTA = Band/band

and as an Easter goodie some latin:
KAULAPANTA = Halsband/Collar -> lat. collum = Hals/neck

Last night Maximus Commodus was pretty patient, stayed on the table so long that Peps got bored.

We, of course, hope that he is the only not-invited nite-time-visitor to our premises.

perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2008

Väriä kylmään pääsiäiseen

Kevät tuli
puro sanoi puli puli
pitkänäperjantaina rakeita tuli
Wer sagt, dass verwelkte Blumen nicht schön sein können?

tiistai 18. maaliskuuta 2008


New architecture in Sachsenhausen: minihouse - Camouflage. You can see it if you drive from our old place towards Alte Brücke and check the left hand side. Be quick, it is a small house.

(Französisch) camoufler

[1] Tarnung, Irreführung, Täuschung, Schminke, Make-Up
[1] Tarnkleidung, Tarnanzug, Tarnanstrich, Tarnkappe

(geklaut von Wiktionary)

Before you reach the Alte Brücke you have to stop and check the ground floor of the house in the picture to the right (on the left you can see Ikonen Museum).

This is the new showroom of Synart Art Gallery, which used to be in Westend but since March in Sachsenhausen, in the beginning of Brückenstrasse. GO and visit, opening hours can be found in internet: - nyrkkisääntö: Alkuviikosta Aikasin, loppuviikosta iltaa kohti ...

The gallerist, Mr. Myllynen is, of course, a finn, and he is mostly showing finnish/nordic art. The new gallery in the Brückenstrasse was opened with "Turbulent Landscapes" of Bo Haglund:

" ... eine Projektserie von halbabstrakten Zeichnungen mit Mischtechnik (...) auf Papier. Dabei handelt es um einen intuitiven Zeichnungsprozess während dem mikroskopisch kleine Fragmente zu grossen organischen Mengen und Gruppen auf- und zusammenwachsen. Ein Kampf zwischen Utopia und Dystopia*."

Jezz. Those works are really great, no doubt about it. But why is it so that some people manage to produce abstract drawings and make it to a fantastic piece of art? Don't we all do intuitive drawings when talking on the phone or listening to something boring? If we put all those scribbles together, could it not become an organic grown battlefield ...? I guess not, otherwise we'd all be on our way to NYC Museum of Modern Art, like Mr. Haglund is going to be very soon. Good luck to him! Ja Myllyselle hauskaa matkaa Moskovaan, älä unohda supiturkkilakkias!

*A dystopia (from the Greek δυσ- and τόπος, alternatively, cacotopia,[1] kakotopia or anti-utopia) is the vision of a society that is the opposite of utopia. A dystopian society is a state in which the conditions of life are extremely bad, characterized by human misery, poverty, oppression, violence, disease, and/or pollution. (Wikipedia)

And this is how I treat art ...

Sun was shining this afternoon, but the weather in Ostend is still chilly, this years spring is coming very, very slowly, as if teasing me - my little garden is still waiting for my eager fingers to get started.

Pepso has his little cushion and wishes everybody: miauuuu, Happy Easter !

sunnuntai 9. maaliskuuta 2008

Naistenpäivä ... meni jo - International Women's Day

Elämän EI pitäisi olla matka hautaan tarkoituksena saapua perille turvallisesti viehättävässä ja hyvin säilyneessä kropassa, vaan ennemminkin pliukastelu* poikittain, suklaapatukka toisessa kädessä ja viinilasi toisessa, vartalo totaalisesti loppuun kaluttuna ja huutaen: "JESSH WAUTSI mikä kyyti!

(Kiitti Maarit suomalaisesta versiosta, muutin vain tuon : liuku/luistelu*).

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screamig: Yezzzzz what a ride!

So many words
put together
and still so alone

Okay. Stop dreaming. The answer to my quizz of 01.03.08 is: PURSE HOOK /käsilaukkukoukku*.

*Finnisch für Anfänger/finnish for beginners:

KÄSI = Hand/hand
LAUKKU = Tasche/bag
KOUKKU = Haken/hook

keskiviikko 5. maaliskuuta 2008

Taas jotain keltaista

Keltaiset kontit saivat väistyä sinisen vessan kera, nyt on kaivurien kulta-aika.

They started the street works at the other end of our street maybe year ago, because this end was occupied for the construction works of our house. Now the house is ready and the street can be digged. Very soon, let's say after the last snowfall ... the trees will start blossoming, if you enlarge the foto you can recognize the first little pink flowers!

This is the time of the year when the first flowers start blossoming in the south side gardens, and all gardeners are getting ready for the season to start. In our street you get the hint of the forthcoming easter time: yellow "decoration".

Could be my next quizz question: what is it that is been put underneath the streets? Would you answer even if you knew? My tip is: the ECB building to be (at the end of our street) will have so many toilets that the underground shit delivery needs thicker pipelines. Of course, we all know that women do not fart and shit, but I guess the balance between the EU bankers is pretty much fifty fifty and men do ... well, they have healthy body functions. Did you know that Charlotte Roche, the autor of the book "Feuchtgebiete" - a book about pretty normal but often denied body functions - will be presenting her book in Frankurt next week. But the tickets are sold out - if you have any extras, let me know, please!

lauantai 1. maaliskuuta 2008

Värielämyksiä - living with colours

Quizz of the month: Was ist das? Metall und Gummi, praktisch, leicht, passt in jede Handtasche. Für Kaffeehausgängerinnen und Barflies who do not want to loose their ... post your answers in this blog!

Hello Peps Fan Club: kitchen is almost ready, Steckdose fehlt noch, we are getting settled in this new flat.

Get this: wall papers, leftovers, what do you do? You use them as wrapping paper! Watch out, all future birthday people and housewarmers!

This tip is free.

Get the colours, get the combinations, get the magic feeling. Sorry to say, but flash light always fades the real colours, but gives you an idea.

THE COLOUR COMBI of the year. Unbeatable. Great.

Another faded colour but here you get the structure.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * VOILEIPÄKAKKU* !
Hello world, this is the FINNISH party dish, salty cake, you can get it made of meat or of fish, this one is made of meat, meaning ham and other stuff, creamy cheese and mayonaise and ... tastes great. You learn to like it, if you grow up in Finland. You have to like it, if you live in Finland. You eat it when your mum has her 85th birthday, for sure.

*Finnisch für Anfänger / finnish for beginners

VOI = Butter / butter
LEIPÄ = Brot / bread
KAKKU = Kuchen / cake