maanantai 28. tammikuuta 2008


... edelleenkin nurkissa. Koska joka huoneessa täytyy vielä tapetoida, on muuttolaatikoiden kierros nurkasta toiseen, tilasta komanteen vielä meneillään. Sunnuntaisin ei saa porata, joten lamppujen asentamista täytyy jatkaa viikolla. Se upean iso kellari alkaa pikkuhiljaa täyttyä. Vaikka puutarhakalut ovat jo terassilla. HUH. Mutta maisemat olkkarista Mainille ovat mitä mainioimmat, sunnuntaisin jopa pieni juna puksuttaa olohuoneemme ohi.

No fotos, too much other stuff to do. Promise to publish the best views of the new corners soon, not only in the new flat but also in the neighbourhood. A great tapas bar just opposite of our building, and a tasty vietnamese place in the Ostendstrasse. It's cool to be an eastender!

sunnuntai 20. tammikuuta 2008


Wir sind umgezogen, jihuuuuuu!

... and I tell you, we have earned our beers ...

My hubby cleaned the fridge, and guess WHO put the first items in there ... jezzz, you got it.

This morning our dearest pussycat woke us up when climbing up to the top of the cupboard seen at the back of this foto - imagine, this cat ist almost 13 years old and he can make it ... of course, using his claws, and that was the noice that woke us up - at six in the morning. He also got down on his own, and is still alive.

We have survived until now: the wallpapers are NOT done, kitchen is NOT done, wardrobe is not finished, even the painter did NOT really get his job done, and to be honest, we are are NOT yet done with the unpacking. But we found the cutlery and are now waiting for the pizza delivery guy to bring us some FOOD. Somehow we'll get to the door ...

But we like it here, especially the view.

lauantai 12. tammikuuta 2008


HOMEOFFICE ODERAZZI on a moving day. More than four hours are gone and the flat is almost empty, some big closets have to be taken into parts, otherwise most of the furniture is gone. Onneksi kissa on asyylissa, sillä villaKOIRIEN määrä on uskomaton ....

E-mail connection will stay here until Tuesday morning, just for info.

Pepso nukkui viime yön sängyn alla asyylikodissa, kyllä se siitä tokenee.

keskiviikko 9. tammikuuta 2008


Hello, this is Sachsenhausen calling. The boxes are filling our flat. Where is the bottle opener? Packed. Where is the Japan guide? Packed. Where is the teapot? Packed. What a packing experience. And you know what: it's going on until Saturday. Danach ist Asylzeit angesagt für unbekannte länge.

Ei kehtaa keskisormee yksin kuvata ... I would not give you the middle finger alone, no way... and there would be no reason, Iactually do like packing. And Ihave had time enough for it.

Through these fingers the newspapers have flown, the FAZ, the FT, the HS, these fingers have seen more news than some of you readers have read in the whole year. And truly, I have not read any newspapers since weeks. Newspaper is the ultimate packing material, especially for kitchen stuff. These fingers also look like if they'd been in this world since 80 years - who can recommend a great hand lotion???

torstai 3. tammikuuta 2008

2008 uusi vuosi - new year

Get this: Currywurst in Berlin!
Finish your year with gourmet food.

Above the most popular versions: wait until the Wurst is done and then enjoy it either with a roll or with currysauce and roll or do the perfect lunch: Currywurst mit Pommes rotweiss. LECKER.

Berlin, THE Capital, is a great city, I would say it is the only CITY in Germany. It is a huge area, it has still remains of the eastern era and shows the most modern western trends, it is a mixture of new, old, hip and trash. Like Ostend in Frankfurt. How cool can you get ...

... and I certainly know now why Till has chosen the bar with these trees as his favourite place: discoballs, his wife's favourite elements, as tree decoration!

Kudamm looks great with the xmas lights, very romantic. Thanks friends that you have bought your great place place just off great Kudamm, what a great location.

In Prenzlauer Berg you still see many crains, that part of the city is the future hip place to live, already now cool guys have cool flats there. I definitely want to experience that part of Berlin in summer.

Berlin on the 1st of January 2008: SNOW SNOW SNOW, let is snow let it snow ... but who wants the snow when you have to travel ... ?

Our friends had to go to the airport and they tried to get back home ... it was a long journey, via Düsseldorf ... stand-by flying can be adventurous!

We stayed one day longer so that we could visit the "Eero Aarnio Exhibition", (Felleshus, Gemeinschaftshaus der Nordischen BotschaftenRauchstr. 1, 10787 Berlin-Tiergarten) showing those marvellous ball chairs, bubble chairs, and even an interview with the Finnish designer. But the show is only on until tomorrow, sorry folks ...

It was also nice to get a private audience in the Finnland Institute, just next to Friedrichstrasse station. Should you need any information about Finland, contact that place, they know everything.
Those "PASTILLI" chairs would really match in our new garden.

Next time I travel to Berlin in winter time I'll definitely take my skates with me, look at this posh corner where the Berliners can glide on ice!