lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2007


GUTEN RUTSCH niinkuin saksalainen sanoo! Älkää liukastelko, missä lie liikuttekin vuotta vaihtamassa. Meikis pyörähtää Berliiniin, ja sitten taas pakataaaaaaan.

sunnuntai 23. joulukuuta 2007


Oderazzi Odelius toivottaa joulurauhaa kaikille pakkauslaatikoiden keskeltä!

It's cold in Frankfurt, someone would say we have snow, well, I would say we have frost.

Keep your fingers crossed that my olive tree will survive this chilly weather! And if not, you know what we'll need for housewarming ...!

The Schmitt Kids Trio
performing last nite in Petterweil,

be sure to hear them next xmas time, too!

torstai 20. joulukuuta 2007

Ice skating AGAIN

Have I ever revealed that in my former life I used to be a russian ballerina? Like other people were hunting dogs or kings or camels ... I was a ballerina. With royal russian backgrounds. Today anything close to those ballerina skills can only be seen on ice, madame O gliding slowly but surely over the ice ... holy cow. Maybe in my next life I'll be a cow in Udaipur?

What a wonderful December day it was yesterday, sunny and clear, crispy ... no cows around ...

... just a couple of horses were let out - can you believe this is Frankfurt down town?!!!

We "girls" had a good time on the ice, we were all wearing our crowns and felt like little princesses...

... especially little Annie, who is a talented ice skater - when she wants to be ...

Her big brother Basti is a fast guy on the ice, guys just do not hesitate, they just let it go!

PS: Helsingin Sanomat kirjoittaa jouluna: Luistelu keksittiin Suomessa!

Oldest Human-Powered Transport: Skates Made From Animal Bones

"In a recent paper, published in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Dr. Federico Formenti and Professor Alberto Minetti show substantial evidence supporting the hypothesis that

the birth of ice skating took place in Southern Finland,

where the number of lakes within 100 square kilometres is the highest in the world."
“In Central and Northern Europe, five thousand years ago people struggled to survive the severe winter conditions and it seems unlikely that ice skating developed as a hobby” says Dr Formenti. “As happened later for skis and bicycles, I am convinced that we first made ice skates in order to limit the energy required for our daily journeys”.

keskiviikko 19. joulukuuta 2007

Joulupukki Okelissa

How to make money? Send your funny fotos to the newspapers! My friend earned with this action picture nice pocket money. Clever girl indeed!

"Ilokseni huomasin, että joulupukki on palannut ilahduttamaan meitä ja kaikkia Oulunkylän aseman ohi kulkijoita , oltuaan poissa pari vuotta. Kiitos ! (Iltasanomat) 18.12.2007 klo: 00:00"

tiistai 18. joulukuuta 2007

Get the Rockefeller Feeling!

Eislaufen vor Frankfurter Hof, ja, direkt gegenüber von Commerzbank Hochhaus.

Frankfurt shows its Mainhattan Quality Side: Ice skating in the city, just like in Rockefeller Center:

Eislaufen mit Stil. Nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit ...

Ab 01. Dezember ist Frankfurt um eine Attraktion reicher: Mitten in der Innenstadt entsteht auf Frankfurts schönster Terrasse eine exklusive Eisbahn. Bis 27. Januar 2008 können Sie hier Ihre Runden drehen wie vor dem Rockefeller Center in New York. Lassen Sie hier Ihren Tag mit heißer Feuerzangenbowle und herzhaften Snacks winterlich ausklingen und genießen Sie die exklusive Eisfläche auf der Ehrenhofterrasse des Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof.

Montags: After-Work on Ice, 18:00 bis 22:00 Uhr, mit DJ
Mittwochs: Skating Deluxe, 18:00 bis 22:00 Uhr, mit DJ
Samstags: Clubbing on Ice, 18:00 bis 22:00 Uhr, mit DJ
Sonntags: Brunch and Ice, 11:00 bis 15:00 Uhr Curling on Ice, 15:00 bis 22:00 Uhr
Nikolaus on Ice, Promi-Curling, Young Lions on Ice, New Years Eve on Ice, Lions on Ice.Die Termine werden rechtzeitig durch unsere Medienpartner bekannt gegeben.

Eislaufbahn ist Montags bis Freitags von 15:00 bis 22:00 Uhr geöffnet.
An Wochenenden und Feiertagen haben Sie von 11:00 bis 22:00 Uhr das Vergnügen.
Der Eintritt beträgt 5 € pro Person, gerne leihen wir Ihnen Schlittschuhe zu 4 €.

Diese Eisprinzessinnen hatten soooooo muuuuch fuuuun, really, I tell you, it was really, really nice. Not too crowded, not too cold. Absolutely EMPFEHLENSWERT, auch für Leute Ü40.

And now we need the Central Park version, too, what about Ostpark or Grüneburgpark or Günthersburgpark - now that the temperature is on minus side, let's do IT!

Ich habe eine Elferkarte für die Eissporthalle, da hat man halt mehr Platz für die Bielmann Piruetten.

maanantai 17. joulukuuta 2007

Finnischer Tango mit BÄNDI

BÄNDI had a CD-release party last nite in a tiny bar called Main Cafe, this is actually almost the whole space you can see here. This bar is so tiny that they had to leave the bass player at home. In summer time this bar is the most famous meeting point at river Main, because you can sit outside and you have a fabulous view to the skyscrapers and afternoon sun.

Kristina is a multi talent, she palys not only piano/keyboard, but also accordeon and she is the female voice of BÄNDI.

Here are the boys of BÄNDI - missing the bass player, unfortunately ... the one on the left also passionately sings a few tangos, like the one with the grandmother's pelargonia.

Kristina always wears colourful costumes, no marimekko but similar prints. The yellow decoration on the wall is the new CD! I wish these guys good luck. And shall play their music next year in SISU-radio, whenever I have my show time.

Click this to hear BÄNDI:

NO, they cannot speak Finnish ... but they would like to learn ...

sunnuntai 9. joulukuuta 2007

Jaana SISUssa

Jaana tuli taas vuosikäynnillensä tänne Frankkuun ja muisteli haikeena vanhoja aikoja.

Haikeus kyllä katosi kun päästiin radio X:n studiolle, siellä toimittaja veti suvereenisti erikoisohjelman suomalaisesta Lauri Tähkästä, se on joku eteläpohojalaanen rokkitähti. Nyt siellä rokkitähden kotisivuilla käydään kuumaa keskustelua ulkomaankiertueesta:

Ja, Lauri Tähkä ist in Finnland ein heisser Name, Rocksänger, und dazu noch gutaussehend! Vielleicht kommt er nach Frankfurt demnächst - wenn wir Sponsorengelder auftreiben könnten ...

Lähetyksen jälkeen kierrettiin joulutoria pikkujoulujen merkeissä, Tähkän Frankun-konserttia mietiskellen: mistä saatais sponsorit ...?

Iloista adventtiaikaa vaan kaikille! - Frohe Adventszeit an alle fans!

lauantai 8. joulukuuta 2007


Itse Tehty Elämä, ITE art is basicly very common, it exists in every country, in every village we find people, who - mostly after retirement - start working as artists, often on recycle basis, using used, trhownawy objects, creating amazing artworks, and also living a life of oursiders, and never ever giving any thoughts of what other people might think or say.

In Finland ITE art has developed in the last decade to become an independent branch of art, and it actually is on the edge of being accepted as "real" art. Erkki Pirtola, movie maker, art expert and art lecturer and teacher has specialiced in ITE art, and his work in form of video installations can be seen in Frankfurt in Mousonturm until Christmas Eve.

In the foto above you can see Erkki reading a catalogue text with Gaby, a german artist, whose LP (yes, no cd) with snow music can be heard in the exhibition, and who in this foto is demonstrating the versatility of an another art work made of ... FILZ.

Yesterday I travelled to Wiesbaden, where a very cute and cosy xmas market "Sternschuppenmarkt" takes place in the pedestrian area. Close to the market there is a fantastic cinema called Caligari, where Christoph Schuch's documentary movie "Self-made paradise" had opening night.

Chris is a well known movie maker from Hessen and his roadmovie introducing five finnish ITE-artists can be recommended. It shows us weirdo finns doing weirdo things wearing weirdo things saying weirdo things ...

One of the weirdo artists was present last night, Mr. Tykkyläinen, who was accompanied by his wife and two girls from Pudasjärvi. This guy started his art business with wooden sculptures but has ended up with colourful fotos showing mainly "virkaenkelit", women who are dressed in business costumes but who stand in the middle of swamps ... his main idea is to questionize the role of EU, especially as so many finnish women fly weekly to Brussels to those important meetings ... but he also calls himself feminist - I would say his work is a finnish man's cry for help, men are absolutely run down by those energetic, intelligent finnish women!

The opening nice was a great success, Caligari was fully booked and the audience was laughing at right places and afterwards eagerly discussing in the aula - where the loudspeakers were not working, leaving DJane Outi jobless ...

"Self-made Paradise" will start in german cinemas mid-January. Go and see how and where the finnish ITE artists have found THEIR paradise.

maanantai 3. joulukuuta 2007

Thanx girls!

THANX GÖÖÖÖÖLS, what a nice surprise, what a great dinner, what great friends you are, thank you sooooooo much! People, I tell you, round birthdays are worth having, celebrations never end.

sunnuntai 2. joulukuuta 2007


Miten luodaan joulutunnelma? Tänä viikonloppuna tämä kysymys juolahti kaikkien niiden mieleen, jotka kävivät Frankfurtin suomalaisen seurakunnan joulumyyjäisissä. Siellä nimittäin EI ollut joulutunnelmaa. Edes joulukuusta ei oltu koristeltu, miksi se yleensäkään seisoi sielläl salissa? MIKSI kaikki koristelu puuttui? Sitä sopii kysyä. Onko luterilaisuus raakannut pois kaiken kauneuden?

Miten joulutunnelma luodaan? Mitä kuuluu joulun kuvaan? Kaikkihan sen tietää: kynttilöiden lempeää valoa, kuusen tuoksua, vihreitä köynnöksiä, punaisia koristeita, joko tonttuja tai vain palloja, olkipukkeja kenossa. Hopean kimallusta, miksei kullakin. Mausteisten pipareiden tuoksua. Tiukujen kilinää joululaulujen taustalla.

Koska mitään tätä ei ollut viikonlopun myyjäisissä, minulla ei ole kuvaa tähän viestiin.

Yhteen olen tyytyväinen: SISUn paitoja ja mukeja meni hyvin kaupaksi.