perjantai 30. marraskuuta 2007


EIJAS BAZAR - what a nice tradition! And so much fun, get together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Look at these creative peoples' work! The best ist: it was a present for me. FOR ME. I am sooooooooooooooooooo greatful that I cannot express myself. So sorry Kaisa!

And then the BOYS came and played for me, a birthday serenade. What a cool surprise. And they did not just play one song, they played over an hour, that was sooooooooooo cool. Thanks so much Thomas and Adrian.

Actually, why did I not sing? Why did nobody sing to those nice melodies? We just were tooooo busy with ...? What? Shopping, gossiping, eating, drinking .... I suppose. It is nice to meet nice old friends.

And, of course, it is soooooo nice to get these little suitcases, especially when they are filled with money.

Bazar is bazar and you have to be sure if you want something or not. Or you'll loose it. Or you loose one end of it - and the other one is still available...

Friends and talks , that is all about it, isn't it? It was very nice, thanks for coming, all you friends!
Leipäkori on leipäkori, hattu olis hattu. Huttu juttu tai hattu kori... mutta joka hiuksena koriin laittaa se leipää ehkä taittaa ... ööööööööh?

Ja, Kind(er) war(en) auch da, diesmal schon gross, Aki geht schon in die Schule.

Houdini goudini tsimsalabim traladimdimdim und wir sind alle Magier.

Time to say goodbye - see you next year in Ostend, maybe at Easter bazar ... ?

keskiviikko 28. marraskuuta 2007


Siis jotkut osaa tietsikkataiteen tosi upeesti - get yourself inspired by fabulous SISU-radio mugs! Mugs still availabalbe at the finnish x-mas bazaar on 1st and 2nd of December in Dornbush.

tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2007

THANKSGIVING in Berlin this time


it was also a house warming party
in our friends' magnificent new apartment
thirty guests and a great jazz


The big bird is ready, the wine bottles are opened, let's start the party!

We start with the soup, decorated with little turkeys, of course.

And we finish with the pumpkin pie and other sweet temptations.

In between we had the delicious turkey with all the traditional stuff: stuffing, smashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, red cabbage, not to forget the gravy. And who cooked this??? Our super kitchen wonder Susan! Thank you sooooooo much!

Before the dinner the band played some cool jazz, and later in the evening we heard also some piano solos, in this flat there really is space for a whole orchestra.

Germans are learning from Finns: shoes off at home. Visitors without house shoes get warm socks ...

Warm everything was needed in the night, it was SNOWING in Berlin.

Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt ...nach Berlin

Es weihnachtet wieder! Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt wurde in Anwesenheit von hohen Gästen eröffnet: MURMUR flew from Helsinki to this great german event ... guided by local artguide Miss KK.
And what a culinary experience this trip must have been for Murmur ... well, next time we'll really concentrate on fancier restaurants, prooooooomise...

After thanksgiving you need a break before all that x-mas junk will be stuffed into your body.

torstai 22. marraskuuta 2007

Finally the BA fotoreport

" An increasing number of visitors to Buenos Aires aren't here to eat steak, dance tango or stroll down Avenida Correntes. They're here to get bigger (or smaller) boobs, whiter teeth, a straighter nose and a more curvaceous butt. BA is now one of the world's cut-price capitals for cosmetic surgery.(...) Argentina ranks third in the world, after the US and Mexico, in the total number of cosmetic surgeries performed. That's a lot of plastic."

Time Out Buenos Aires for Visitors 2007 page 7

And you still ask why people celebrating their round birthdays travel to South America ...?!

We actually did do all the compulsory things: tango, steaks, red wine, Boat tour in Tigre, gaucho tour "Día de la Tradición", trip to the Iguazu waterfalls on Brasilian side, and we even spent two nights in Montevideo in Uruguay. And we did get a glimpse of Paraguay, but no stamp in our passports.

Tango in Boca, the oldest part of Buenos Aires, today a total tourist trap.

Tango in San Telmo, where every Sunday the flea market takes place.

Tango at the airport ... made of the Rosa des Inkas, the pretty tacky pink stone...

These are MATE cups. Mate is the national drink in all over the area, we first saw mate drinking in an uruguayn movie "Whiskey" and got curious. It's like herbal tea.

LOMO. lomo. L O M O . The steaks in Argentina are worth while eating. They are great. The best in the world. Excellent. If wanted "al punto" you get it just right, crispy outside but juicy inside. Okay, after ten days lomo you long for pasta, which is excellent as well - Italians were the biggest immigrant group after Spaniards in Argentina.

Here is Confiteria Ideal, a traditional coffee house, really quiet in an afternoon, but gets busy in the evenings with tango shows.

November is the time for jakaranda blossoms, what a purple city Buenos Aires can be. Here also another fenomen of BA to be seen: a dog walker. Those guys have a great job, taking dogs out. Cool. And the building behind is the modern art gallery, Malba. Worth visiting, too.

This can be art, too ... In San Telmo the flea market not only offers antique and crap for sale, it is also a funny show of costumed people, mostly Ü60, like this guy ... hilarious!

Let's get serious, this is the most famous sight in Buenos Aires: Recoleta Cemetery. Amazing place, it's like a real city. Here the wealthy people get their final rest in those family thombs. Yes, Evita can be found here as well.

Book shop in an ancient theatre, what a great idea. And what a good selection of books, cd's and dvd's: El Ateneo in the Avenue Santa Fe.

This is the rubbish bin, and it is positioned so high in order to keep off the dogs. There are pretty many straydogs in the cities.

We did this boat trip in the Paraná River Delta. Despite the really brown water it was amazingly green area, and people do live there, in little houses, it's similar to Venice, no cars (and no bikes ...) and peaceful.

No wonder that the water is brown, it is not just mud in there, why do these people leave all those old ship wracks hanging there? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Tradition Day Festival happened to be on November 10th, how lucky we were to see some great rodeo and other horsemanship skills shown in Areco. A lot of horses, a lot of gauchos.

This is a game where the gauchos try to pick a ring with a stick while riding as fast as they can. Maybe one of at least twenty riders was skillful enough to get the ring. Truly a hard thing.

In BA you hardly get to see the great river Rio de la Plata. This view we had from the domestic airport, when taking off to the "North".

Not only the waters get clearer, the sun came out: welcome to Brasil! This is the pool area where I again burned my skin, some people never learn ... so here we are, in the North = northern Argentina so to say.

And here the world famous Iguazu waterfalls, seen from the Brasilian side of the river. It is an amazing place, it is not only one waterfall but is is like a collection of several smaller and bigger falls, huge area, very loud and closer to the water also very wet. Yes, the water here is also brown, I think it has too much iron or something, please feel free to google for more details!

The three days in Brasil offered us two hot and sunny days and one rainy experience. Nevertheless, we took a car and checked the place where three countries meet: Argentina, upper left corner, Brasil, down, and Paraguay further back to the right. Actually the Parana river has pretty clear water, the brown and muddy one is coming from Iguazu.

Welcome to Montevideo, capital of Uruguay!
Portenos (people of Buenos Aires) call this city a village. Well, it definitely is much smaller than BA, but still an interesting city to visit. Has a huge harbour and beautiful sandy beaches just along the riverside.

On a nice day even the ugliest buildings look okay.

The old town holds several precious old buildings, but unfortunately they seem to be in such a bad condition that I wonder if they ever can be saved. What a pity.

The best place in Montevideo is the old market hall, which is full of MEAT. Grilled meat, barbequed meat, whatever, but it tastes just GREAT. It is only a lunch time experience, but who needs any more meat in the evening anyway....?

Finns have built a paper factory in Uruguay, facing Argentina. Good for Uruguay, but now the Argentinian people get all the smell, you know this smell of pulp, think of Oulu or of Imatra ... it's like old eggs ... I was not so sure to be proud of being from Finland ...
Final tourist spot for us was a visit to Colonia del Sacramento, 177km west of Montevideo, the first place where Europeans landed. Like in the 17th century. Do googling for further details. We took a ferry from here to get back to BA, it is only an hour's trip.

There is a bar called Vessa in BA. They should have done their googeling in order to find out, that vessa is the finnish common word for WC, toilet ... good grief.

Kyllä, heti ensimmäisenä lomapäivänä Buenos Aires Heraldin etusivulla oli näyttävä otsikko "Student kills 8 at Finnish high school" eli näin Suomi ylitti koko maailman uutiskynnykset! Valitettavasti.

"Was wissen Sie über Buenos Aires? Tango, Verschwundenen, Maradona" - Manuel Vazquez Montalban: Quintett in Buenos Aires, Ein Pepe-Carvalho-Roman - meine passende Reiselektüre!