torstai 14. elokuuta 2014

Best of Frankfurt


Best of Frankfurt are, of course, the people living here.
Showing you the surroundings.
Here Eisener Steg, pedestrian bridge with a lot of love locks!

Best of Frankfurt is the location at river Main.

Best of Frankfurt: views from the Main Tower!

Best of Frankfurt's banking area.

Best of Franfurt are the happy tourists.

Best of Frankfurt are the Finnish artists 
arriving to check the exhibition halls 
and giving interviews to SISU-radio - thanx Miina Savolainen.

Good luck with your show
"Maailman ihanin tyttö - The Loveliest Girl in the World".
Vernissage in the Ausstellungshalle1a on Sept 25th, 2014.

Best of Frankfurt botanical wise is the Palmengarten

But to be honest, best of Palmengarten is the resting area!

Best of Frankfurt are the cooking visitors!
Here some seldom seen objects in Ode's kitchen.

Best seldom seen object's in Odes kitchen soon to be barbecued.

Best of Frankfurt is the visiting cousin who is a golfing champ.

Best of Frankfurt is the short distance to the wine areas.
Rheingau on a rainy day.
View from the Germania monument.

These girls definitely have the best views!

It is also called Niederwald monument.

Forget google, just read the info posters.

And enjoy the views.

Panorama is the new black …ääääh … it's in.

Artsy moments.

iPhone cover remodeled.
Yes, so it became art.
Best of Frankfurt!

Best of Frankfurt is buying xmas gifts already in August.
Rüdesheim am Rhein is the place of inspiration.

Best of Frankfurt is to have skyscrapers on both sides of the river
and only on one photograph: panorama makes it possible.

Best of Frankfurt if you are looking for Italian food:
A Casa di Tomilaia.
Unfortunately the extreme loud music everywhere in the restaurant
can spoil fantastic cooking.
Yes, we did communicate at our table via what's app
as normal conversation was impossible!

Someone was really disappointed:

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Miina Savolaisen kirja ja kuvat ovat upeita. Mutta niin ovat sinunkin kuvasi.


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Mersiitä Murtsikka! Pidetäänx yhteisnäyttely Grandissa joskus mummoiässä? HAH!