maanantai 30. syyskuuta 2013

Shampus im Herbst


Champagner Quartett on the road again:
Ms Edie, Ms Sibie, Ms Sofie, Ms Odie

Actually there are no borders anymore in EU.

Bienvenue en Champagne!

The very first glass at the bed and breakfast.

Yes, bed and breakfast "Maison Bleu" in Crugny.
Cosy and classy house with huge garden.
Merci beaucoup FILI-Tiina for this recommendation!

A typical village street in the Champagne area.
Friday night ...

Of course, Epernay has much more to offer.
Like busier streets.

Our favourite village from last year: CHAMPILLON.
Bertrand Devavry.
Very nice people, as well, excellent service.
We learned that if the shop is closed,
you always can ring the bell,
and they open, if they open.

Amazing black petunia! Seen at Betrand Devavry.

The hills are very, very green, you have to look carefully
in order to detect the grapes. 

This is so Champagne.

This is so French lunch ...
We managed to get a table at La Table Kobus,
THE restaurant in Epernay!

Le décor de la grande salle est typique des plus belles Brasseries Parisiennes 1900. 
De petites tables en marbre, un superbe comptoir en merisier, 
de très belles peintures d’époques, rappellent l’ambiance 
des «Bistrots» chics de la Capitale.

How true!

Thank you sister for this tip:

Castellane shows the modern champagne making.

I have mixed feeling of the red emblem.
It has military background.

It's pretty amazing, this tower of Castellane.
(pic copied form internet)

From Castellane Tower you have great views over Epernay.
Please do notice that there is all kind of architecture
in the Champagne region, not only romantic villas. 

Wilson wanted to travel back to Germany with us.

A village road in the Champagne on a Sunday morning.
We saw very many of these roads. Empty.
Sunday morning, Saturda evening ... etc. etc. etc.

Christmas time is coming soon!

But before xmas we still have s few weeks autumn.

I bet the baguettes NEVER will disappear from France.
Never ever. Therefore:

Finnisch für Anfänger:

PATONKI = französisches Weissbrot / French bread

 And now we could start discussing of the form of Champagne glasses.
Flute, tulipe, coupe ... ?
No discussion, this is just another example.
Lunch champagne in Verzy.

"What one drinks champagne out of has often been dictated by fashion. 
The champagne coupe or saucer-shaped glass, while very popular, 
was never designed for drinking champagne. 
It is unstable and does not allow you to fully appreciate the benefits of the wine. 
There is a legend that it was modelled from the bosom of Marie-Antoinette."

Onni onnettomuudessa.
Glück in Unglück.
A blessing in disguise.

If this really nice guy from Mainz hadn't seen this 
weird bump in our tyre when we had a coffee break,
where had we ended up on the highway with 140 km/hour ...?
Now: we learned how to change a tyre.
And how hard it is to drive 80 km/hour (spare tyre max speed)
on a German Autobahn.
People tend to forget that the minimum speed allowed is 60 km/hour.

Ende gut, Alles gut.
Nice trip.
And many bottles of champagne in the fridge.

keskiviikko 25. syyskuuta 2013


Finnisch für Anfänger:

HÄMÄHÄKKI = Spinne / spider

September sun and spider.

Nice design. Nature design. Naturally.

Dinner ...?

Ohne Worte.

Lunch is the black thing this guy is just eating,
head down, so: spiders hang when eating. Hm.

Sorry but had to destroy your net.
Please do your networking next time a bit further away from our garden gate.

tiistai 24. syyskuuta 2013



Sound check in BETT,
VEND getting ready for the Monday night gig in Frankfurt.

Kalle is the guy behind most of the VEND songs,
designated drummer and backing vocals singer.
Also grounder and active member in Kemopetrol-band in Helsinki.

Olli is the other guy in charge of the songs,
lead singer and guitar player.

This is so Timo ... guess he can see his fingers!

Ville on guitar and designated driver on this tour.

Viltsu doing the keyboard and backing vocals.

Fodo by Fade.
My hubby had his funny moments when making pics!
In Finland we say: kikkaili kameralla.

 It was pretty easy to get nice takes,
no huge crowds blocking the ways ... another Fade Fodo.

At the bar Uwe, Sabine, Kirsti and Ode. FadFod.

It was good music! FaFo.

Olli, Timo, Kalle, Viltsu and Ville.

In the middle Günter, the boss of DFG Hessen and 
on the right Heike, in charge of DFG Frankfurt,
wearing Tallest Tree fan t-shirt.
NO, I do not know who the girl is.
But she loved it all, the music, the musicians!

Check more:

maanantai 23. syyskuuta 2013

Wonderful Wolfsgarten


Schloss Wolfsgarten between Langen and Egelsbach.
Only open to publich once a year:
Das Fürstliche Gartenfest takes place in September.

Power ladies with Indian roots:
Pashmina Rekha and Blaser Beatrice

Awesome colors.

Adorable materials.

Accurate handicraft.

Absolutely admirable.

Alles Plastik oder was?
Yes, these prices presenting wolfheads are made of plastic.
Best promoter, presenters, people are awarded every year.

Kind of scary if you ask me ...!

Beatrice's jackets look so wonderful.

Love them all.

This autumn's sales hit: BOMMELN!
Harebobbles. Rabbitbobbles.

Apples, hopefully sales hit in every season.

Tempting plants and flowers, it is a gardening happening, actually.

Shop until you drop.

Next Fürstliche Gartenfest will take place in Fulda in May 2014.