maanantai 15. heinäkuuta 2019

Support your locals

This posting definitely includes some product placement.

Popped in to Palma's beautiful old town 
and did some window shopping.

Well, did some shopping, too.
KANELBULLAR! Cinnamon buns. From a Swedish bakery. Tasty.


And the boy behind the counter was Swedish, so we spoke Swedish.

Next time have to get the belle de Carlos ... whatever that might be.

Alldeles vid Plaça Mayor på Calle Sindicato 2 ligger det nyöppnade 
bageriet Fika Farina.Här hittar du surdegsbröd, rågbröd, kanelbullar, 
småkakor och liknande svenska produkter.

Okay, now we know where to get BLACK PRINT in Palma.
If we do not carry it from the duty free shoot at FRA airport.

Pretty cool interior decoration shop but the name ...
welcome to my slimy home ... oh no!

Finnisch für Anfänger:

LIMA = Schleim / slime

Spanish for beginners:

LIMA = Limette, Feile / limette

Another home decorator just on the other side of the street.
And both shops just a few meter from Zara Home.

After praising all those gins from Finland it is time to taste 
the price winning Majorcan gin: GIN EVA.

GIN EVA ist ein handwerklich gemachter Dry Gin aus Mallorca. 
Seinen Duft und sein Aroma verleihen ihm klassische Gin-Botanicals 
wie Koriander und Engelwurz, mallorquinischer Wacholder aus den 
Dünen von Es Trenc, einheimische Zitrusfrüchte und Kräuter.

This (German owned) shop Can Gourmet is selling all possible
Majorcan products, and you can order everything to your home.
Be fast, make your order until the end of July (minimum 100€)
and the delivery is free!
No I do not get any money for promotion.

Yale, I do buy things because I like the look of them.
Like this olive oil in Carrefour supermarket.
Let's hope that the taste is okay.

Check their cool production video:

Finally I got the Finnish chairs!
Well, have been checking them already quite a few years,
the company is coming to Frankfurt Tendence fair since many years.
Had been clever to buy the chairs a bit earlier,
now the price has gone up pretty much.
But, the local shop has to profit as well - support your local tradesmen!

Was also lucky to have a 13 years old assistant to assemble the chairs.
And remembered how friends told how important it is to
read the instructions carefully.
The main idea is: there is only wood and rope, no screws.
We managed the work with one go!

And now we are happy Eco Furn chair owners.

Shop until you drop.
Drop into the garden.

The wild fennel.
Foeniculum vulgare var vulgare

Bitterfenchel in der Küche

Gleich wie der ihm sehr ähnliche Gewürzfenchel bildet er keine essbare, 
oberirdische Knolle, doch schätzt man sein frisches, filigranes Laub, das 
nach Anis schmeckt, und vor allem seine reifen Früchte, die sich aus den 
gelben Doldenblüten entwickeln. Beides wird zum Würzen von Speisen 
und Getränken verwendet.

Sein Laub und seine Blüten werden roh über Salate, Gemüsegerichte, 
Suppen, Käse und Fisch gestreut. Kochen würde das Aroma zerstören.
Die Früchte des Wilden Fenchels schmecken, wie sein weiterer Namen 
„Bitterfenchel“ andeutet, durch ihren hohen Gehalt an Fenchon bitter-süß, 
aber auch aromatisch würzig. Sie werden u. a. zum Würzen von Würsten, 
Brot und eingelegten Weintrauben verwendet.

lauantai 13. heinäkuuta 2019


Remember my post of 1.1.2016:

Well, every now and then those snakes wander around the finca.
Today I was lucky, that youngish reptile seemed to be exhausted by 
by the heat, as many of us humans as well,
and I had quite a nice photo shooting session with him (her?).

The first reaction: he was on his way to the watering point.
I was walking by ... we met ... he immediately turned around.
Elegantly, as snakes do.
I took off my gardening gloves and picked up my iPhone.

He escaped into the stonewall - but I could see him!
And after watching him for a while
I tested what happens when I pour some water on the wall.
Well, that was a nice thing to do: he was thirsty!

To give you the dimension, it really was not a big snake.
He is hanging there next to that wild tree trunk.

And he felt himself cosy in his hiding place so much that I could easily 
get my bigger camera from the house and he had not escaped.

And was lucky to get some nice shots.

Pretty cute!

He also seemed to be hungry, constantly trying to cath some ants
with his long tongue.

His elegant movements were mesmerizing.

After getting used to me standing there with my camera
he started climbing up to the stone wall again.

Again, very elegant. I think I could have touched him,
slow as he was, but, well, maybe next time.

Looks long.

But look here, he is much thinner than the hose!
And maybe 50 cm long. 
Hid himself again in-between the stones.

keskiviikko 10. heinäkuuta 2019

Paella time!

Show time in Oderazzi's kitchen.
Who is cooking? 
My trusted Palma Finn Tiina with her Valencia connection.

Check this: no onions, no garlic, no seafood.
It's gonna be meat paella.

The second pan exceptionally not for me.

You need to know the cooking times for different ingredients.
Add them carefully in correct order.

Like the green beans before the peas,
the white beans (garrofón) ever earlier.

This is the solution for people who cannot cope with rice:

Both look the same, paella is with rice, fideuá with those funny noodles.
As you can see, it was tasty.
Our German visitors liked it as well.
And, in theory, I am pretty well informed how to make paella.
Now it is only a question of motivation. 

And yes, you may use. whatever you prefer in your own paella.

So let's see where. these goodies end up,
today's harvest!

tiistai 9. heinäkuuta 2019

Summertime, and the nature is getting wilder


Ants, ants, ants.

Roses, roses, roses.

Hibiscus, hibiscus, hibiscus.

I tell you, Harz, Harz, Harz.
On the almond tree trunk. Should I get worried?

Finnisch für Anfänger:

LUOVUUS = Kreativität / creativity

I tell you: with kids you can experience the most creative moments.
With very simple methods.
And some nail polish.

And here on of the sheep pics, more to follow, too,
Eppu, iloitse jo nyt!

I told you, the nature is going wild, too, with the heat.
Today I was fighting against these "Buchsbaumzünsler",
they kill all the "Buchsbäume". Of which I do have only four,
which is not very much and they are no trees, just bushes.

Cydalima perspectalis or the box tree moth

Read more here:

sunnuntai 7. heinäkuuta 2019

Seitsemäs seitsemättä


Finnisch für Anfänger:


Meanwhile ... behind the pool chairs ... some horses gathering ...

Lady Hazy Heatherhead with her unicorn Unimousinity 
on the top of the mountain.

All the horses of the village were becoming restless,
dark clouds were covering the forest, something was going on.

Up on the mountain the most famous unicorn of all times,
Unimousinity, kept an eye over the valley, over the fields,
over the campo, over the pool area, the shadows growing.

Unbelievable gossips were going around,
something very unexpected was going to happen, for sure!

Keep cool, Unimousinity, Lady Hazy Heatherhead 
has everything under control, as always.

Who knows the truth, who can tell the true story?
The secret was hanging over the horses like a cloud,
changing every second with the wind, with many faces, 
characters. What was going on?

Behind the green forest there were noises to be heard ...

Unimousinity wants to jump down, but Lady Hazy Heatherhead 
warns him: Valerio is mewing the lawn in any minute, we have to 
stay on the mountain, otherwise the red tractor, sponsored by the 
Russian Vertriebsassistentin, is going to cut us in pieces!

And here they come, the Lady in red without Chris de Burgh.
But with her newest investment, the newborn foal, called the Goal.

And the Russian spy from Saint Petersburg, officially known as the
Vertriebsassistentin of the company ACATIS,
hiding herself behind the mane of her horse Milky Vodka.

This situation is taken care of the most amazing Lady Mallorca 
Sobrasada, wearing the Mediterranean turquoise polo shirt and giving 
smart instructions: keep cool everybody. Here we are 
greeting good friends, healthy horses, no bad gossips at all.

Hello you spy, you can get off now, the situation is clear.
USA is going to win the ladies soccer match,  the Dutch players look
nice in the O-coloured (O like Oderazzi) outfit, but the Americans
show strength and will to win. 2-0. At the moment.

Alles klar?