perjantai 26. lokakuuta 2018

Grey is the new pink

Neue Ausstellung im Weltkulturenmuseum in Frankfurt!

Momentaufnahmen des Alterns

A pretty cool exhibition about getting older.
Like really old.
There are pics of people who are older than 100 years.


One of the brilliant photographs. One. Many good ones to be seen.

presents diverse ideas and models of ‘age(ing)’ from the perspective of 
cultural studies and the visual arts, as well as personal and individual experience. 
Like fragments in a lifetime’s memories, the exhibition combines into an 
anthology of aging the individual ways of dealing with such topics as lifestyle, love 
and sexuality, transmission of knowledge, longevity, illness, health, and death.

In the exhibition ‘age(ing)’ is explored internationally in photographs, videos, 
literature, drawings, as well as large-scale and multimedia installations 
and performances both in the work of scientists, artists and poets, 
as well as younger and older people from the general population.

These guys came from Berlin to join the opening of the exhibition.
Instagram stars big style.

Model and social media star. Born 1945.

Advanced Influencer in instagram. Born 1951.

Yes, cutting boards. With messages.

How to live longer?

Much more in the museum, get your bones to the Museumsufer!

26.10.2018 - 1.9.2019

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