perjantai 6. heinäkuuta 2018



Hello again ... yes, the little snake visited us. 
Tried to hide himself in the summer kitchen.

Well, we did try to make some noise to keep unwanted visitors away.
Boys just wanna have fun!

Summerly temperatures have reached Majorca.
Wonderful evenings, outdoor eatings.

Daytime action at pool: frisbee throwing!

Well, this was bought by Fikret for his little nieces.
Did a good job in the hands of teenie boys, too.
Hello Kitty!

These guys had started home building in the old chair.
I noticed them only after the first bite attack.

Of course the visitors need to test the beaches.
Canyamel was okay. Aguilla and Mesquida pretty good.

But the frisbee action at our pool is the funniest thing!

Always with big splashes.

Visitors always want to taste the local goodies.

Rests of the local goodies.

The awesome Capdepera Castello at night.

Visitors also got to test the potatoes from our garden.

Even more visitors, the Palma Clan came over for an afternoon.
Time for a POOL PARTY!

Great summer starter: water melon with feta cheese!
A big gracias to Marie for organizing the cooking.
And another gracias to Tortilla-Tiina.

Tiina's self made blueberry pie tasted wonderful, too.

Pipo dog is my favourite!

Pool noodles, so much fun, too!

There are rental cars and rental cars.
Yes, it was fun driving around with some loud music on!
Thanks for your visit M-J-C-L!

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