sunnuntai 22. heinäkuuta 2018

The ultimate Sommerwerft


ultimate theater festival on Ostend.
Music, dance, performances in tow tents.
Free entrance.

Great location, next to the European Central Bank.

The bank with some culturural effort, as well.

Tradition in Ostend.

Technically top.

Just before the opening.

On three Sundays: FLOWmarket.
Fleemarket for young and alternative.
Very creative.
Done that already a couple of time. Fun.

The storm did not come, just some summer rain.

This flea market is cool because it (officially) starts at 3 p.m.,
well, people start bringing their stuff already at 11:30.
It goes until night 10 p.m.,
but  most sellers go home by 8 p.m.
You know, Tatort criminal time on tv on Sundays at 20.15.

Two more Sundays to celebrate the FLOWmarket.

Check the boats on the river.

Or just enjoy daily the SOMMERWERFT program.

PS. BÄNDI at SOmmerwerft in Beduinenzelt on 29.7. at 16:10 hrs 
playing Finnish tangos on their own, funny way.
BÄNDI in SISU-radio on the same day at 11 hrs.

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