maanantai 16. heinäkuuta 2018


Open air in Mainz: Melody Gardot.

Combination of Strings, guitars and drums.
And a special voice. 

We enjoyed it.

The concert was held in the citadel of Mainz.
This is the evening view from the citadel.
On the right hand side the "Parkahaus".

There are some really funny labels nowadays!
Wine from France.

I tell you, funny ones.
This comes form Germany, Pfalz und is "süffig"
(angenehm schmeckend und gut zu trinken).

Should you ever want to visit the Weinfest in Walldorf,
go there on Friday night or on Saturday.
Sunday I would call: tote Hose.
But of course, we want to support the local sports club.
ROT-WEISS Walldorf.

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