maanantai 25. kesäkuuta 2018

Nature pics

Tim etc check what's happening in the garden.

A Vier Finken
B Fier Finken
C Vier Vinken

Eine Finke.

Harvesting time, lavender.

Almost too late!

Andy best shot of today's butterfly.

Have this apple tree in the pot.

Just awesome.

The tree next door is kind of getting big.

Today there were three guys cutting it, a bit.
One was climbing and cutting, the other one collecting
and the third one taking care of the rests. 

That is kind of a cool job.

Using a hand saw.

And he is quite high up.

Hanging and sawing.

Well ... I guess it must have been the neighbor in the third floor only
who paid for this job of cutting off four branches.

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