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Finnisch für Anfänger:

JUHANNUS = Mittsommer / midsummer

Midsummer is the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, 

and more specifically the northern European celebrations that 

accompany the actual solstice or take place on a day between 

June 19 and June 25 and the preceding evening. 

After midsummer most of the Finns have their summer holidays,
ond most of them spend their holidays in their summer cottages
in the middle of nowhere, in the forests, at the lakes.

This year the week before midsummer offered quite a lot of action
for Frankfurt Finns and Oderazzi as well.

On Monday there was the official inauguration of the exhibition
"Climate change in Lapland's nature".

This extraordinary exhibition has been created by
Dr. Stéphanie C. Lefrere, French scientiste,
who works since 20 years in Finnish Lapland.
Here surrounded by Finnish ladies:
Ritva, Päivi, Kirsi (back row) Raija and Ode in the front.

You still have s chance to visit the show until 29.6.2018.

Well, then on Tuesday the big night for Kate.
"Punainen piru ja musta enkeli"
Kaarina Grifft presented her very first criminal story.

So the author, journalist, PR person, therapist to be, mother, animal lover ...
Kaarina Griffiths arrived on time in Frankfurt.
Blonds have more fun!!!

Oderazzi in between visited the Dome in Frankfurt,
Afghan refugee women were shown the the story of the St. Bartholomew.
Here in the pic you can see how his skin was taken away,
yes, from the live body.

Some of Bartholomew's alleged skull was transferred to the Frankfurt Cathedral

Yes, I did learn something.
A church can only be named after a holy person 
as long as there is some kind of remain of that person in the building.
So in Frankfurt it is part of Bartholomew scull.
Not easy to make a photo of it, so sorry, by iPhone.

After the church visit I transported Kate, the author to the place of action.

The bar keeper, oh, sorry, the barista Sven,
who is working very hard in order to open his very first own coffee shop
in Sachsenhausen in August: Under Pressure Coffee.
Thank you that SISU-radio was able to organize the literature night
in this cool location.

The Finnish flag is the best sign ever for any Finnish happening.
And people came, it was a lovely gathering,
some reading, a lot of talking and of course, 
Finnish ice cream was served again!

3 kaverin jäätelö.
3freunde Eis.
Soon you can buy it in Germany,  look for those bright orange packages.

Next stop Berlin!
Yes, SISU girls Kirsi and Ode travelled to Berlin on Wednesday.
This view is from the terrace bar of our hotel Motel One.
Absolutely great, central location.

And walking distance to the Finnish Embassy,
where we celebrated midsummer.

This could, indeed, be a Miss Smiley pic, but no,
just taken in front of the Nordic Embassy area with
Hannele, our ultimate party girl from Hannover.

Here the Finnish girls from Berlin, Sofie and Essi.
Wearing self made flower garlands.

At this stage Kirsi did not know how very important person 
was sitting at the flower table.

The lady in red: Taina Huutonen is the follower of
Merja Sundström, the lady in blue, who took care of 
the press connections and cultural matter in the Embassy
the last five years.

The Embassy parties are always really nice.
The food mostly typical Finnish - so this is what I ate.

Blogger-René tried to feed me some fish!!!

Kirsi liked these shots!

This is the sauna. Yes.
And we did test it, was hot!

With VIHTA / VASTA, whatever, the birch whisk thing.

It was such a warm summer night, a night cap on the terrace
of our hotel was a must.

Next morning we needed some healing stuff from the pharmacy.
Some really bad insects had suck the blood from our feet the night before.
Those backflies do not stich, they bite.
And those bites itch like hell!

At home Kirsi tried to cool down her feet.

I was busy dealing with Kate's books.
Can you imagine, two parcels sent 8 days ago
first got lost and then arrived far too late.
Very, very bad service dear Finnish and German post.
Very bad. I just recommend not to send anything important
via postal services, prefer other methods.

On Friday I spent a cool afternoon in Uferkunst.
Pictured here Reinhold's newest piece.

On Saturday the party continues,
SISU-team as trio at the Finnkiosk midsummer celebrations.

The last midsummer in Louisa,
next year somewhere close to river Rhein.

In the evening the Renderer X Perience band was playing in Niederrad.
Until the game Germany versus Sweden started.
And then it got so cold that we had to ride our bikes back home.

Yes, it is a Finnish Carelian pie topped with
Frankfurt green sauce. And it matches pretty well!


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