tiistai 22. toukokuuta 2018

Shots in May in Malle

Time for Mallorca.
May, the spring month, not yet summer, can be challenging.

The the view over the island is always awesome.

Things growing in our garden.


Strong colours.

Big birds.

Rose mix. Of course, from our garden.

Oh, those colours.

Ode heitti talviturkin!
My first swim this year.

Aidan toisella puolen ruoho on vihreämpää.
Tai muratti makoisampaa.

Our sweet neighbours.


In Capdepera middle age happening over the weekend.

Not only Germans love sausages!
Check this BBQ heaven.

Sky over Mallorca.

Thanks girls, the jam became really nice.

Little fish in Cala Gat.

Cala Gat.

Friday's biking tour starts at the "station" of Artá.

People, did you draw these circles when you were kids?
I did.


View in Valdemossa.

But honestly, if the main attraction in a park
does not function, can you get your money back ...?

No money back, there are other objects to be seen!

And the atmosphere is charming.

This Saturday the Royal Wedding charmed us all.
Watching the streaming with cucumber sandwiches Finnish way.

In El Molnar you have cosy corners.


Every Sunday you can find treasures in the huge Consell flea market.

Or check the birds in Santa Maria del Cami at the Sunday market.

The month of May can be tricky weatherwise.

There is always enough stuff to be cleaned in the garden.

After gardening a G & T tastes really good.

Another boring garden pic.

Birdies. Daily visitors.

Kust a random green pic.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

UNIKKO = Mohn / poppy

My favourite pic this week.

Zucchiniblüte after the rain.

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