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ABBA Museum in Stockholm

Boys and girls, ladies and gents,

That is just what happens when you visit the
One of Stockholm's most popular new sights.

Of course, I am not revealing you everything,
but to encourage you for a visit here some pics.

WATERLOO was the break through for the group ABBA 
in 1974 in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Those costumes ....

Did you ever check the details?

Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin,
as if the costume designer knew that ABBA
is gong to be a kind of icon later!

It is a museum, all kind of back stage stuff is shown as well.

It is an interactive museum, you can perform with ABBA!

Sit in the helicopter and the the ABBA feeling in Australia!

Puppet show.

 Björn, Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Benny = ABBA
How they met, what they did and when they split up,
you can learn all that but also much more,
get a glimpse of the history of popular music of those days.

Those costumes, fantastic work.

Worldwide ABBA was selling records like crazy,
of course in the Nordic countries,
and especially in Australia.

Yes, they were loved all over the world,
look at these record covers!

I like that cat prints even though I never noticed them.
I really wasn't an ABBA fan in those earlier days,
but now it is kind of retro music and wonderful to sing along!

Museumshop naturally provides with all necessary ABBA gadgets
and souvenirs and music and books and key rings ... just name it.
Watch out for that blue cat next time in Dar Ahlam!

Knit your own hat.

OMG, my photo album is soooo good.
This pic was taken 10 years ago,
and my self made hat kept on falling down ....

Am pretty proud how I got the guitar look pretty similar to the original,
using wall paper rests etc. recycle materials.

Here the original ABBA guitar!

The ABBA museum you can reach by foot
or take o tram, it is not far away from the city center.


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