maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2018

Mr. Röntgen

My friend told my to buy a röntgen apparatus for the house
so that I do not have to drive every week to the hospitals ...

As already posted I took my friend to Manacor to the hospital
as there was no possibility to get a röntgen pic of her ankle.
Yesterday spent a couple of hours in Son Servera vet clinic
as the tiny Tinto has major problems with his back part.
Cannot walk properly.

The vet says nothing is broken so let's hope for the best.
Young cats can recover pretty fast.

Mr Tinto Röntgen.

Wikipedia knows:
Radiography's origins and fluoroscopy's origins can both be traced 
to November 8, 1895, when German physics professor 
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen 
discovered the X-ray and noted that, while it could pass through human tissue, 
it could not pass through bone or metal. Röntgen referred to the radiation
 as "X", to indicate that it was an unknown type of radiation. He received 
the first Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery.

Finnisch für Anfänger:
röntgen= Röntgen / radiography / radiografía 

But have nice things to report as well, there was a great concert
in the caves of Porto Christo on Saturday evening.

You have to, or rather you may walk through the caves
in order to reach the concert area.

Very interesting.

It took almost 25 minutes to reach the concert area.

And there they were, the gay guys singing,
accompanied by drums, guitar and piano.
All kinds of songs, many of them in Malloquin,
like Big Spender - so funny!

Der Mallorca Gay Men's Chorus, 
Spaniens erster Schwulenchor von der Insel, 
bietet ein breit gefächertes Repertoire durch alle Stilrichtungen, 
von Klassik über Pop bis zu Musicaltiteln. 
Die Show besteht aus Gesang und Tanzeinlagen.

Das Benefizkonzert findet zugunsten der Krebshilfe Aprop 
in den Höhlen am See Martel statt.
(Mallorca Magazin)

Unfortunately I did not carry my big camera with me.

But the iPhone pics came out nicely.


The Cuevas del Drach were already known during the Middle Ages 
and were explored in 1880 by M. F. Will and in 1896 by E.A. Martel, 
who discovered the cave containing the lake that bears his name.
Between 1922 and 1935 the cave was conditioned to be visited 
by opening a new entrance, building paths, stairs, etc. 
and, above all, by installing electric lighting.

Read more:

Go and visit these caves as well, then we can discuss
which one is better, Artá or Porto Christo.

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