perjantai 6. huhtikuuta 2018

Green biking


Mallorca, what else?

ODE connecting people.
This time tyttönorssin tyttöjä, ihmisiä ne on nekin.
Siinä luettiin kronikkaa ihan ajatuksella.

Finally got to test the biking route between Artá and Son Servera.

The Manacor-Artà Greenway follows the path of the railway 
that used to serve the easternmost part of the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. 
The result is a new, easy and safe trail that runs through the interior of the island, 
where traditional crop fields alternate with Mediterranean forest on the hills 
that the old railway line used to skirt around in its quest for a flatter route to follow.

Mountain bike is not everybody's darling.

But Ritva was lucky, got the very last city bike.
Finally we got on tour, my cousin Pasi, his wife Tuula and
the birthday girl Ritva from Frankfurt.

Easy riders.

Thanks so much dear cousin,
without you my tour had turned to a walking tour.


These ladies did a good job, both not really in biking condition.

The route is getting there, new trees and plants along the way.

And some elderly plants as well.

The locomotive hall which never made it.

Artá's cemetery along the road.

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