sunnuntai 29. huhtikuuta 2018

Friends are the best

We do have this very good friend who is the most creative person 
in the t-shirt design.

My hubby and I got as present t-shirts with the text above.
The thing is, there is a saying in German:
Du alter Sack.
Meaning ... you old sack/bag.
Actually I do not really know why the Germans use it.
It's not so bad, not offending, kind of cute whatever.
But when you translate that saying in other languages,
like here in Finnish and Turkish,
it does not ring any bell.

We love you too, Jörg-Stefan.

Yes, we did invite our closest Frankfurt friends for a boat tour.
Sight seeing on the river Main.
How exciting is that then ...?!

Well, it turned out to be a GREAT boat tour!
And why?
Because our friends are truly cool and great and awesome.
Party animals. Dancers!
Thanks friends!

Of course, Ode's Bastelstudio was pretty busy the days before.

Tables with themes.


Also in Petterweil people were busy:
Brittney Spears alia Maria baked some cool bisquits.

Isi did the decoration - thanks so much!

For all our party people: check the 6060 dropbox site,
we sent you a personal eMail.

Betonieren, betonieren, ich gehe auf ein Schiff!

Maestro Roberto did a good job.

Our DJ Ralf of radio x.
Excellent job, well done, thanks so much Ralf!
Multitalent Ralf can also take pics:

And the disco sound equipment we got from
sound for friends
"Ihr freundlicher Eventdienstleister im wahren Herzen von Frankfurt"
I tell you, this company is in Heddernheim ... kind of heart of Frankfurt?
Nice guys, good stuff, contact them if you need loudspeakers etc.

My dearest and only nephew took
the kind of official pics of the party people. 
Do check his internet site as well:

And his cool girlfriend also studies photography:

And people, the young students are permanently looking 
for a photo studio or a famous photographer to offer them
Languages spoken: Finnisch, Swedish, English - fluent.
Let me know if anybody is interested!

Of course, we had the great honor of listening to 
Kiitos Tuija, and welcome to Frankfurt again in October!
Check out Tuija's gig list here:

Oooops ... we did it again ...!
Britney Spears in double pack!
How can my hubby handle this???
Just enjoy the American glamour.

Yes, we liked this smallest boat of Primus Line, 
everything worked out nicely.
Even the weather was friendly with us, such a mellow night.

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