perjantai 23. maaliskuuta 2018



First a glimpse of the old times in the newly opened historical museum.

In 1848 or so ... so many pretty little houses.

After the WWII.

Total destruction.

After the war, before the post modern wave in Frankfurt
 the brutalist buildings from the 70es dominated the old town.

Historical Museum (on the right behind the small church) and 
the "Technisches Rathaus" (the three towers on the left)
are both gone today.
Come and see the new down town in Frankfurt!

is a light installation happening: 
Biennial for Light Art and Urban Design
 in Frankfurt and Offenbach every two years.

Showing light installations all over the city.
Unfortunately only over six evenings.
And this year the weather has been so bloody cold
that people hesitate to leave their warm homes.
You did read my posting about TAKATALVI, did you?


Finnisch für Anfänger:

LUMI = Schnee / snow

On Wed evening the air was clear.

Below some pics of Römer, Frankfurt City Hall building.

No wall needed for this image.

It was pretty funny, people getting pretty colorful as well.
And yes, there was background  music as well.

Check here for more information:

Similar light exhibition took place in Helsinki
in January under the name of LUX HELSINKI.

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