tiistai 6. maaliskuuta 2018

IDA in Mallorca

I have been looking for a suitable work of art
for the garden of our holiday home.
Was actually searching for a camel.
Unfortunately no camels running around.

But now we have IDA standing at the driveway.
Checking out who's coming and going.

Why IDA?
Because I inherited some money from my mother, Ida,
who passed away last September. She never made it to our holiday home.
So now she can be here all the time!

My mother was a small but tough woman, with big hair.
I must say that sometimes my mother had
temper like some hot Cuban women!
The artist actually named this one: ÑAÑIGO,
has something to do with the black people in Cuba.

Ñañigo is kind of linked with the freemasonry in Cuba.

La Sociedad Secreta Abakuá, o Ñañiguismo, 
es el nombre por el que se conoce popularmente en Cuba 
a una sociedad secreta masculina Abakuá, 
la única de su tipo existente en el continente americano. 
Ñáñigo es el nombre que reciben sus miembros.

I bought this sculpture here in Artá from a local artist
Miquel Sarasate
whose sculptures decorate many roundabouts and public places.
We pass his gallery every time we drive to Artá downtown.
He himself delivered the art work today (with three strong helpers).

There is not so much about him in Internet.
But then I checked the English speaking pages.
Voila: he is in facebook!

And now I am confused again,
Miquel or Miguel?
In Mallorca you just have get used to it
that names, street names, people's names 
are written in many ways. Use your imagination!

Am sure IDA is enjoying the views over here!
Like this morning view from our bathroom.

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