keskiviikko 10. tammikuuta 2018

Winterleben in Artá

Yes, it does rain in Majorca every now and then.

Time to stay indoors.

Somehow pretty, the raindrops.

Heavy rain.

And also, for the first time, realized that the Sahara sand 
has reached Majorca!

Well, three (!) rabbits have taken over our garden.
They always greet us when we drive home in the evenings.
Any ideas how to get rid of those fast runners?

Shabby chick. Of course, from our own garden.

This has been going on already for weeks,
the market square in Artá is getting better canalization.

Winter action.

Nevertheless, Tuesday is market day in Artá
and this is the compulsory lunch.

Tinto really likes our floor heating.

But he definitely does not like to be carried!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Oi, mikä skraba! Hyvä ettei silmä mennyt. Onhan sinulla jäykkäkouristusrokote voimassa? Ja jäikö Tinto ilman illallista?