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Puerto da la Cruz housing and browsing

Puerto de la Cruz.
Island of Tenerife.
Canary Islands.

View from our roof terrace.
As you can see, we were located in the heart of the town.
Wanna stay there? Check the link:

The famous mountain Teide stayed in the clouds the two first days.

You can get used to church bells pretty fast.
Every hour they give the louder time bangs,
every 15 minutes there is a not so loud announcement of the time.
I tell you, catholics.

Puerto de la Cruz is a mixture of architecture.
Delightful houses in-between some hotel blocks. 

Just round the corner of our stay this cute bar!
Yes, Finne love to spend their winter months 
in the sun of Canary islands, Tenerife is one of the favorites.

Finnish news.

Flags never missing from a Finnish establishment.
Unfortunately they did not serve meatballs this week.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

LIHAPULLA = Frikadelle / meatball
KASVISSOPPA = Gemüsesuppe / vegetable soup

The Finnish church is also present. Not catholic.

Pedestrian street with Christmas decoration.

The waves and the rocks.

Christmas decoration.

There definitely are more colorful houses in Tenerife than in Mallorca.

Looks pretty friendly.


Please use the gate, do not even dream about climbing over the wall!


Christmas decoration.


Cemetery, really worth visiting, very pretty.

This you can only have on the Canaray Islands.

If no heating inside ... let's try outside warming.

It's a gallery or something. Bigger signs were useful.

Cool art work.

Oderazzi's lunch tip: PIPO.
Very modest harbor bar but very good food.
If you like fish and seafood and garlic.
Reasonable prices.

This bugger is was eaten in Pipo.

This bugger is the Argentinian version in town.

I kind of liked these corn breads filled with whatever you like.

Down town, too.

Never too much kitsch.

Little chapel Ermita de San Telmo in the evening light.

I tell you, kitsch is in pretty in.
And the price for this xmas tree deco thing: €910,00.

At Plaza de Europa the Christman deco was ...


Action is part of Christmas celebration in Spain.

Here the camels!

More Christmas lights.

A quick visit to a shopping center outside of the city.
Great playing grounds for kids outside.
Inside shop until you drop.

Oderazzi's lunch tip for the town of La Laguna:
La Venta de la Esquina.

La Laguna is pretty close to the airport (North)
and it truly is touristy as well, but most visitors are Spanish.

Very cute with pretty buildings and many pedestrian streets.

Veal's shit?
Somebody maybe found this combination of words just nice.
Luckily enough it is not a restaurant, more like a boutique.

Back to Puerto and those back streets.

They grow. And are let to grow.

Another tip!

Typical breakfast.

In Spain, churros can either be thin (and sometimes knotted) or long and thick, 
where they are known as porras in some regions. They are normally eaten for breakfast 
dipped in champurrado, hot chocolate, dulce de leche or café con leech. 
Sugar is often sprinkled on top. (Wikipedia)

OMG, when I went to the botanical garden I almost thought I am in India!

Waves! And swimmers.

Street of Puerto de la Cruz.

Street art.

Street art, totally.

On the way to the Playa Jardín there is this Castillo San Felipe.

Playa Jardín.

Puerto de la Cruz is the most popular resort in the north of Tenerife 
boasting one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, Playa Jardín. 
Stylish and distinctive because of its volcanic sand, this is a top spot 
for thousands of sun worshippers who journey to this 
charming seaside destination every year. 

Playa Jardín was landscaped for peace and relaxation 
by famed architect and artist César Manrique, 
it stretches for 3,274 feet (one kilometre) giving you plenty of space 
and comfort. It runs from the old part of town called Punta Brava 
to Castillo de San Felipe in the west of the town. 
Palm trees that sway in a gentle sea breeze 
surround the stretch of fine, dark-coloured sand.

Check the red flag on the left side of the pic.
That means that swimming is not permitted.
I wonder is the ocean ever gets calm.

Beach art.

Beach art and waves.



Stony sand.



More waves.


More water.

The camels in day light.

Twinkling lights can be decorative at day time, too.

If the next beach is only like 300 meters away
do you have to sunbathe here?
PS. PIPO bar in the back ground.

Real art.


Waves, what else?

Blue colour.


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