keskiviikko 17. tammikuuta 2018

Karvaiset kaverimme

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KARVAINEN = haarig / hairy
KAVERI = Kumpel / pal

Very fast you get true friends.
Feed one, get two siblings/cousins/friends along!
Tinto is the cool one, the small one.

Here the shy guys, the hungry shy guys.

Next time I go to the garden shop I have to remember 
to take some old bread with me, for these guys!

I cannot tell why there are so many of these donkeys
in the garden shop.

Next to te parking lot they also have other animals,
birds, goats etc.

And this shop seems to produce some agricultural stuff
as well, so it is not only a shop.
It's kind of a "Wundertüte" for all needs in your
house and garden.

Usted puede visitar la tienda de Cadena 88 en Sant Llorens D'Es., 
donde se les ofrecen los productos y servicios de la más alta calidad 
del todo el sector del bricolaje o ferretería: 
artículos para construcción, carpintería, fontanería.

In the industrial town of Inca
there is now an exhibition of a Mallorcan artist: 

His hairy friends.

Check more in this link:

Our hairy neighbours are back!

Always with kiddies.

Always staring at this black camera.

Always outside in the sun.

Not so hairy but hard:
wood been collected all over the town (Artá)
for the fires of the Sant Antoni celebrations 16-17. Feb.

Next year we have to remember to book our return flights
after this big party!

See the devils dancing:

(kuvakaappaus facebookista)


Well, at least we could enjoy some winterly sunsets.

Kitsch pure.

Hairy indeed: Oleander seeds.

Yes yes.

Watch out with these hairy fellas,
seen in Montuïri - more pics to follow.

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