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Messestadt Frankfurt

Frankfurt has been well known for its trade fairs for over 800 years. 
In the Middle Ages, merchants and businessmen met at the “Römer”, 
a medieval building in the heart of the city that served as a market place; 
from 1909 onwards, they met on the grounds of the Festhalle Frankfurt, 
to the north of Frankfurt Central Station. The first Frankfurt trade fair 
to be documented in writing dates back to 11 July 1240, when the Frankfurt 
Autumn Trade Fair was called into being by Emperor Frederick II, 
who decreed that merchants traveling to the fair were under 
his protection. Some ninety years later, on 25 April 1330, 
the Frankfurt Spring Fair also received its privilege from 
Emperor Louis IV. And from this time onwards, trade fairs were held 
in Frankfurt twice a year, in spring and autumn, forming the basic 
structure for Messe Frankfurt’s modern consumer goods fairs.

This weekend Christmas is back in town!

Christmasworld is the world’s biggest trend and order platform 

for the international seasonal and festive decoration sector.

OMG. This is just ... big.

King Kong.

One of those bands.

How far can you go ...?

Really, how far?
Maybe to Finland?
Well, in the Paperworld a few Finnish companies are present.

Absolutely the very best scissors in the world: FISKARS.

Wrapping and packing.


Lovi Ltd is a family run company based in Northern Finland. 
We produce flat packed 3D figures from wood, designed and patented by Anne Paso.

The products are 100% made in Finland and made from the highest Finnish quality, 
PEFC -certified birch plywood. 
The products are assembled by hands without any tools. 
The smallest Lovi products are envelope size and easy to send. 
Slotting cleverly together the beautiful Lovi shapes provide a sense 
of wonder as they take shape and come alive.

Yes, dishcloth is THE thing that sells.
And Susanna told me that Frankfurt fair really
is the place to sell, worldwide.

Morejoy is born to bring happiness by design. 
Beneath the fresh, playful patterns and the modern Scandinavian 
design lies even more. Above all Morejoy is a personal messenger 
to remind us about the most important thing in life – joy.


The wine products are also interesting:

Actually, I am missing the Finnish HIMMELIs from the fair.

This is my paper himmeli design back from 2016 or so.

Not even the Swedes have started the real himmeli business,
this link I found in a German hobby magazine:

Himmelis haben ihren Ursprung in Finnland als traditionelle Dekoration 
und wurden früher aus Weizen- oder Roggenstroh hergestellt. 
Wir fertigen unsere Himmelis aus gerollten Buchseiten.

Originally made of straw, himmeli is such a pretty decoration,
traditionally only for Christmas time.
Nowadays you can also make to of paper
as plastic gets more and more banned.

For our garden?

Give me a break.
Let's have Easter first!!!

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