torstai 11. tammikuuta 2018

Baluard and CaixaForum

Artsy visit to Palma.

Palomas chilling round the corner of the entrance of the
Es Baluard, THE museum of modern art.

The views from the museum's roof are pretty amazing.

Check this, sunny and green.
The weather forecast promised snow,
but only for the Tramuntana mountains.

The refugee theme exhibition in the museum was pretty ...
depressing? Not even that.

Look at this, so much space.
Space for you thoughts, maybe.

In the museumshop I found these BLABLA-books!
How cool is this then, these books are really sold,
at least they are offered to be bought ...

There is this guy who has transformed books like
Kafkas The Metamorphosis, Pablo Neruda's poems 
and parts of the Bible to blabla-books.
Every syllable is translated to a "bla".

La Metamorfosis, de Franz Kafka, traducida del alemán 
sustituyendo cada sílaba con un bla.

Los veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada, de Pablo Neruda, 
traducidos sustituyendo cada sílaba con un bla.

El Génesis traducido del castellano sustituyendo cada sílaba con un bla.

No, I did not (yet) buy any of those blabla books.
If you are interested click here for more info:

Kind of spiderman selfie of the faun.

Even though the internet page of Caixa only in in Spanish,
in the exhibition you have information also in other languages,
i.e. in German.

Kunst und Mythos. Die Götter des Prado.

Die Ausstellung bietet einen guten Überblick
über die griechisch-römische Mythologie.
Die Hauptfiguren dieser Mythen waren in der ersten Linie
die Götter des Olymp, sie hatten das Schicksal der Menschen 
in der Hand und stiegen dabei auch zur Erde hinab, 
um sich unter sie zu mischen, dabei nahmen sie teils
menschliche Formen an, um so besser Zugang 
zu den Bewohnern der Erde zu haben.

La evolución histórica y artística de la mitología clásica, 
vista a través de una colección de obras procedentes del Museo del Prado. 
Ordenada bajo un criterio iconográfico, permite observar simultáneamente 
distintas representaciones de episodios mitológicos.

Upstairs you find works of a Spanisch artist:
Hermen Anglada-Camarasa 
(Barcelona, 1871 - Port de Pollença, 1959).

My favourite.

And here again the theme as so many times earlier: 
Why? Why such?

Go and see if you are in Palma,
visit the most beautiful building in town in Carrer de la Unió.

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