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One of the prettiest old churches in Southern Finland:
Pyhän Laurin kirkko, also known as Helsingin pitäjän kirkko.

Saint Lawrence chapel / Church of St. Lawrence

The Church of St. Lawrence was built around the year 1450, 
though records suggest that a wooden equivalent stood in its position 
as early as 1401. Prior to the Protestant Reformation and the introduction of 
Lutheranisminto Finland, the church served the Roman Catholic Church. 
It was built as the church of Helsinki Parish, well before Helsinki, 
the city, was founded in 1550. The parish village with its church was
 favorably located on a coastal road between Turku and Vyborg. 
A branch of the salmon-rich River Vantaa ran through the village as well.

Helsingin pitäjän kirkonkylässä sijaitseva Pyhän Laurin kirkko
 on Tikkurilan seurakunnan ja Vantaan ruotsinkielisen seurakunnan pääkirkko. 
Noin vuonna 1452 valmistunut keskiaikainen harmaakivikirkko 
on pääkaupunkiseudun vanhin rakennus ja Suomen suosituimpia vihkikirkkoja.

Today we left the remains of our mother there as well.

What an exceptional sunny November day in Helsinki,
also in Vantaa, of course.

Read more about Vantaa in Wikipedia:

Vantaa has a rich history that dates back to the stone age.
Before Swedish colonisation of the area after the so called 
second crusade to Finland in the 13th century the area was inhabited 
by Tavastians and Finns proper.

Prior to the name Vantaa being taken into use in 1974, 
the area was known as Helsingin Pitäjä (Swedish: Helsinge; "Socken of Helsinki"). 
The earliest record of the area is as Helsinge in 1351 when 
king Magnus II of Sweden granted salmon fishing rights on the river Vantaa 
to the Estonian Padise monastery. The rapids of river Vantaa were known 
as Helsingfors, from which the current Swedish name of Helsinki derives. 
Early settlement in Vantaa was centered around the river, and from it 
the city's current coat of arms derived its imagery.

(Foto: Wikipedia)

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