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Helsinki herbstlich

Four days in Helsinki.

Such a popular word.
Now even the Finnish cosmetic company LUMENE
has named a product series after the powerful SISU-name.

Lumene are proud to present the new SISU Urban Antidotes 
skincare range that combines the hydrating power of Pure Arctic 
Spring Water with Antioxidant-rich Nordic Pine Bark and 
Spruce Knot extract to help purify your skin, lock in moisture 
and shield your beauty against external elements. 

Always good exhibitions in Helsinki.
Ateneum showing von Wright brothers.

The artist brothers Magnus, Wilhelm and Ferdinand von Wright
 are known as painters of portraits, landscapes, and nature subjects, 
especially birds, and as creators of scientific illustrations of flora and fauna. 
New contemporary works by Sanna Kannisto andJussi Heikkilä 
complement this colourful major exhibition.

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Ja, ja, die deutsche Sprache ist auch zu sehen in Helsinki.
In the park of the Old Church of Helsinki,
designed by Carl Ludvig Engel and completed in 1826.

Vapaussotaan osallistuneiden saksalaisten sotilaiden hauta ja sankarimuistomerkki.


You can find all the names of the fallen soldiers here:

Wikipedia knows:

The park is sometimes colloquially called Plague Park (Finnish: Ruttopuisto) 
as over a thousand victims of the 1710 plague are buried next to the park. 
The park itself was a cemetery from the 1780s until shortly after the church's construction. 
Its use as a graveyard was discontinued when the Hietaniemi Cemetery was 
consecrated in 1829, although some victims of the Finnish Civil War and 
fallen Finnish volunteers of the Estonian War of Independence were buried there 
in 1918 and 1919, respectively. Some 40 gravestones and memorials, 
as well as the Sederholm tomb remain of the cemetery.

Open doors to Hotel Kämo in Helsinki.
Thanks Päivi ja Leena for joining.

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Luepa täältä lisää historiaa:

Oh, well, the drama position in my camera brought
out this pretty dramatic pic of the hotel stairway.

Mr. Mannerheim used to live long periods in Kämp.
This most luxurious suite is named after him.

Black and white bathroom not the pic.

Mr Sibelius was famous for spending severals days in the bar.

The Young Finns (the modern, liberal movement of the late 19th century) 
had gotten a firm foothold in Helsinki via Hotel Kämp's café, 
inspiring and supported by many Finnish artists, writers and politicians 
of the Finnish Golden Age, like: Eero Erkko, Akseli Gallen-Kallela, 
Jean Sibelius, Juhani Aho and Kaarlo Ståhlberg.

The Mirror Room.
INterested? Book you New Year's Eve here:

My cultivated friend Murtsikka recognized immediately
this artist: Risto Suomi.
Puput. Bunnies. Häschen.
And this lobby is not called Playboy Lounge, no.

Ladies and gents, time for JAZZ.
Maestro Iiro Rental was playing in the GLivelab
with Swedish guitar player Ulf Wakenius.

This club has been offering live concerts over a year.
Great location, urban feeling, excellent sound.

Iiro and Uffe kind of made a tour around Europe.

Photographing was kind challenging.

Yes, the toilets are behind the bar, downstairs.

Mosaics everywhere in the ladies room.

My favourite song on this CD is definitely "Palma".

All CD's sold out. who gets the money?

There was a heavy snow storm in Helsinki and Espoo a week ago.
The snow did not stay, only the reminders.
Welcome winter.

But first welcome Christmas shopping, like here at the Stockmanns.

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