perjantai 10. marraskuuta 2017

Get the camels

Yezz, we finally made it to Petra.
World heritage site.
This country, Jordania, really is quite dusty, sandy and rocky.

It took about 3,5 hrs from Amman to Petra by car.

 And Petra truly is a tourist attraction.
Which is nice, people are interested in history.
It is a lot of walking in this ancient city.
But you can try other methods as well:
horses, donkeys and, of course, camels.

These guys are happy to have break!

Mostly people enjoy riding camels. It's not fast.

I mostly like makin g pics of camels.

Their mimes interest me.

Look at this!

And those teeth!

Having a break.
Hopefully a longer one.
What is it with that hole on its side?

Souvenirs, indeed. Everywhere.

All forms of camels as well.
Let's see how many we'll drag home, or to the holiday home.
Best regards from Petra!

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