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esa excursion


Did you know that the European Space Center is in Darmstadt?


Darmstadt is a city in the state of Hesse in Germany, located in the southern 
part of the Rhine-Main-Area (Frankfurt Metropolitan Region). 
Darmstadt has a population around 150,000 (2013). 
The Darmstadt Larger Urban Zone has 430,993 inhabitants.
Darmstadt holds the official title "City of Science" 
(German: Wissenschaftsstadt) as it is a major centre of scientific institutions, 
universities, and high-technology companies.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. 
Its mission is to shape the development of Europe’s space capability and 
ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits 
to the citizens of Europe and the world.

ESA is an international organisation with 22 Member States. 
By coordinating the financial and intellectual resources of its members, 
it can undertake programmes and activities far beyond 
the scope of any single European country.

ESA's headquarters are in Paris which is where policies 
and programmes are decided. ESA also has sites in a number of 
European countries, each of which has different responsibilities:

EAC, the European Astronauts Centre in Cologne, Germany;
ESAC, the European Space Astronomy Centre, 
in Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain;
ESOC, the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany;
ESRIN, the ESA centre for Earth Observation, in Frascati, near Rome, Italy;
ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology 
Centre, Noordwijk, the Netherlands.
ECSAT, the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications, 
Harwell, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.
ESA Redu Centre, Belgium.

ESA also has liaison offices in Belgium, USA and Russia; a launch base in French Guiana and ground/tracking stations in various parts of the world.

Here in Darmstadt you can walk around the premises,
there are new information placards.

But also mini satellites and the stuff.

And walking around, reading and listening ... you realize ...
there are so, so, so many things going on the the space
and you have no, no, no idea ...

But the guys who work there are professionals.
They'll definitely calculate if any meteorite 
is approaching the planet earth. Or so.

Satellites hanging everywhere.
Very interesting indeed.

ESOC, the institute in Darmstadt, celebrated this year 50th anniversary.

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