tiistai 17. lokakuuta 2017

Time to say goodbye

Hyvästi äiti, nyt pääsit ikuiseen lepoon.

Thank you cousin Liisa for this picture.
Espoonlanden kirkko - church of Espoonlahti.
My mother was an active member in the missionary work.
Here I also would like to say thanks to all our cousins
and other relatives and friends 
who came to honor the memory of our mother.

On Sunday we had time for a walk, as it did NOT rain in Helsinki.
Finally checking up the famous LÖYLY.
It is a public sauna in Hernesaari area,
from this distant quite ... modest ...
considering how much it has been praised as an architectural jewel
in international publications.

(kuvakaappaus internetistä)

The project started from the city of Helsinki initiative. 
Hernesaari is a former industrial area on the Helsinki seashore 
that is being developed into a residential area. New uses are being 
developed for the area, while waiting for future changes to come. 
There is a cruise ship harbor in Hernesaari and the city wanted to 
activate the area with new functions and to serve visitors with new attractions.

Yes, it is a sauna and is situated at the seashore,
so people DO go swimming! Also in October.

The architectural idea is simple: there is a rectangular black box 
containing the warm spaces that is covered with a free form wooden “cloak”. 
Instead of being mere decoration, the sculptural structure made of 
heat treated pine has several functions. It provides people with visual privacy. 
However, the lamellas don’t limit the sea view from inside it, rather 
they function like venetian blinds and blocking the views from outside. 
There are sheltered outside spaces between the warm mass 
and cloak to cool down in between sauna bathing.

Very relaxing.

Very cool.

Helvi's nameday afternoon turned out to be 
a fantastic sunny autumn day.

Our mother in her self made national dress.

Hesingin Sanomat 15.10.2017

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