tiistai 31. lokakuuta 2017

Majorcan colours in October

Time flies. Days fly. 
Today we already have the last day of October!

Mid-October found this lonely almond blossom.

Decorative hibiscus going strong towards the winter.

Told you, decorative.

Hi guys, what are you staring at?
I am mantis, European mantis or just praying mantis,
in Germany they call me Gottesanbieterin.

Insects can be decorative as well.

But scary looking!

Question: which fruit is this?

Not yet ripe, I presume, after testing.

Good old neighbours.

In October the acorns of the Quercus ilex, the evergreen oak (Steineiche)
start falling ... and those trees do produce acorns.

These lucky neighbours are free, meaning,
their legs are not tied together as very often in Majorca.

So it is possible to combine exercise with eating.

Holiday makers exercise in the pool.
Yes, in October, and the water is heated only by the sun.

Earlier evenings.

Sunset at Artá.

Cosy street of Artá.

Meanwhile in Germany my friends are house-sitting
a friend's house and garden.

On a cloudy day a walk on a beach is also nice.

October in Majorca.

Catch of the day! Collectors on their way.

Still more Majorcan pics to follow in the next posting.

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