torstai 19. lokakuuta 2017

Das neue historische Museum in Frankfurt


Das Historische Museum!

Many of my visitors had to see this already,
this is how Frankfurt looked like ca 200 years ago.

After the Second World War nothing much was left over.

The "new" museum shows different perspectives.
Refreshing, indeed.

And a lot of stuff. A lot.
My first visit was just a quick glimpse,
but I definitely shall return, many times.
That museum has soooooo much stuff,
you need many visits. 

And don not tell anybody: there is also a cute looking coffee place.

The re-opening of this museum was only in the beginning of October.
Read more in all kinds of publications,
like ArtKaleidoskop.

And this is a real iPhone pic.
October can be so gentle to us.

Let's hope that the banks will stay gentle as well!

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